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How Kavanaugh should have answered Kamala Harris’ question about Gorsuch



How Kavanaugh should have answered Kamala Harris question about Gorsuch

Senator Kamala Harris thought she had a “gotcha” moment against Brett Kavanaugh when she pointed out similarities between him and Justice Neil Gorsuch, which the Senate confirmed last year. She was trying to say that this isn’t a conspiracy against Kavanaugh as he implied in his opening statement.

Kavanaugh had a perfect opportunity to point out that before the allegations against him were made by Christine Blasey Ford, he was treated extremely differently from Gorsuch. He had more questions submitted to him by the Senate Judiciary Committee than all previous Supreme Court justice nominees combined, including those submitted to Gorsuch. His confirmation hearing was turned into a circus by the Democrats, many of whom declared shortly after his nomination was announced that they would do everything to stop him.

The two confirmations were like night and day before the allegations were made against him. This goes against her narrative that the only real difference between him and Gorsuch is that Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault because their obstructions started well before the accusation was made public.

Instead, Kavanaugh pointed back to the evidence, as he did with many questions. It was a missed opportunity to point out the hypocrisy of the Democrats throughout the entire process.

Prior to sexual assault allegations, Democrats treated Kavanaugh completely differently than they treated Gorsuch even though they opposed both. The reason clearly wasn’t the accusation. It was simply proximity to the midterm elections that drove this circus.