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Andrew Klavan’s opening monologue on Kavanaugh would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad



In the first 1 minute, 48 seconds of episode 582 of the Andrew Klavan Show, I found myself laughing out loud four times. By the end of it, I was actually saddened by the humorous opening monologue because as outrageously satirical as it was, the unfortunate truths of this situation were still present.

It stung a bit.

Brett Kavanaugh is probably going to be confirmed as our next Supreme Court justice, but not without a great deal of pain inflicted on him, his family, the families of the Democrats’ pawns in this situation, and the average American intelligence level. This has become a soap opera, and as much as I’d like to blame Democrats alone, Republicans have done their fair share of making this whole ordeal a mockery.

After the first couple of minutes hook you, go ahead and watch the rest.

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Ilhan Omar goes after Ben Carson. Big mistake.



Ilhan Omar goes after Ben Carson Big mistake

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) decided to pile on the insults being thrown at HUD Secretary Ben Carson following his OREO “gaffe.” To call it a gaffe is really overkill, but it made for a humorous moment in an otherwise boring oversight hearing.

Nevertheless, the freshman Congresswoman decided to insult him. Why not? She’s made a habit out of insulting any Americans who are not Muslim women of color, so Carson was an easy target.

Carson, a mild-mannered non-politician who hurled himself in the fray in the 2016 presidential election, is not known for hitting back on Twitter. This likely played into the Congresswoman’s decision to go after him. But he surprised many with his retort which has gone viral.

Omar and nearly every other Democratic lawmaker has taken a hardline stance on abortion this year, calling for no restrictions to allow abortion-on-demand as a form of culturally acceptable birth control. Their war on the womb has grown even more unhinged in recent weeks following laws passed in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Ilhan Omar may want to pick her targets more carefully. Those who are smarter, more accomplished, and standing on the moral high ground may choose to ignore her unhinged insults, but not every time. Not this time.

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Conspiracy Theory

Bilderberg 2019 location remains secret less than a month out



Bilderberg 2019 location remains secret less than a month out

Any time an article invokes “Bilderberg” in the title of the article, many assume it’s going to be a conspiracy theory involving the Illuminati and a push for population control. But what gets missed because of all the strange reporting around the annual meeting of the world’s elites is that there really are crazy things afoot in these meetings that have been reported on properly for years.

There are conspiracy theories, but there are also actual conspiracies. That’s essentially what he meeting is held for in the first place – so the elites can conspire. I’m not saying their conspiring is always a bad thing, but those of us who have been following the meeting for years (decades, in my case) are aware that some very controversial discussions are held that we know of and almost certainly that we don’t know of as well.

Last year, the meeting location was announced in January, giving ample time for all attendees and press to attend. But unlike past meetings, attendance of the press was limited. Have journalists and alternative news outlets lost their appetite for the event? Is it “old news” on the conspiracy theory front? If that were the case last year, this year is shaping up to be a reversal. That’s why it’s conspicuous that the meeting details still haven’t been announced and likely won’t be announced until days before.

I’m one of the carryovers from when The New Americana shifted content and stories to focus on NOQ Report. It was the right move and has been paying off. But one thing that’s been lost is any attention to conspiracies. Yes, most of them are false, but not all. If we’re being honest, I’d say most Americans believe in some conspiracy theories but the term itself has been so stigmatized and the art of investigative journalism has been so tainted that few are willing to admit it. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more on strange subjects in the future.

The folks over at Truthstream Media broke down last year’s and this year’s event as best they could with the limited information available. Bilderberg 2019 is going to happen, but nobody knows where or when.

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Gary Vaynerchuk never talks about politics, but he’s great when he does



Gary Vaynerchuk never talks about politics but hes great when he does

Language warning, in case you’ve never listened to Gary Vaynerchuk before. I have, and he’s great.

Those who know of Gary Vaynerchuk think of wine, social media, and digital strategy. The Belarusian American entrepreneur has been an outspoken advocate of all things “віно і маркетинг” for over a decade, but he rarely speaks about politics.

Recently, he did, and one prediction in particular caught my eye.

In an interview for Capitalism by Ryan Daniel Moran, Vaynerchuk said, “I believe we’re seeing the beginning stages of a four party system in America in the next 50 to 100 years.”

The way he sees it, both major parties are pushing to the extremes on the ideological scale, opening up spots for moderate progressives and moderate conservatives to have major parties of their own. This is the case in most countries; the United States is one of the few that has a true two-party system despite the fact that most of our founding fathers didn’t want it to turn out this way.

John Adams said:

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.

But Vaynerchuk, who has built a career around being write much more often than he’s wrong, says the opening is already being seen today. He railed against both parties, blaming both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama for poorly handling the financial crisis of the late 00s.

Millions have learned over the years to listen to Gary Vaynerchuk when he’s offering opinions. Though his political opinions are few and far between, there’s a wisdom to them you don’t hear from the pundits. It’s authentic, a rare quality indeed.

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