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Help NOQ Report spread conservative news without spammy ads or media overlords



Help NOQ Report spread conservative news without spammy ads or media overlords

The internet is loaded with political news sites. Most fall into one of two categories: liberal mouthpieces or “conservative” clickbait sites. There are only a handful of high-quality right-leaning news sites out there today and most of them are loaded with spammy ads to keep them afloat.

We want to deliver a better experience for those who believe in protecting Constitutional rights, limited government federalism, lower taxes, the sanctity of life, and an overall conservative political worldview.

One of the biggest challenges faced by conservative websites is the necessity for one of two things. To pay the bills, they either depend on sponsorship from corporate interests or they plaster the sites with spammy (and often dangerous) advertising. Both of these revenue techniques make it harder to spread the conservative word because it prevents them from being properly listed on search engines or social media sites.

Donate to NOQ Report.

NOQ Report is already whitelisted in Facebook and listed by Google News. Either status is rare for conservative sites, but only a handful are able to achieve both. For this reason, we are properly positioned to reach more people with the right message and conservative framing they need in order to combat the leftist propaganda machines of mainstream media.

NOQ stands for News, Opinions, and Quotes. Add videos into the mix and we have a strong solution for today’s quick-consumption society. We can get the stories out to the masses in formats they can easily digest.

Our primary goal is to get as many full- and part-time content contributors as possible for the site, as well as experienced editors. There is no shortage of talent, but it isn’t cheap. By shifting these people to a venue that has a better opportunity to reach the masses than the spammy sites they currently write for, we’ll be helping them as well as our audience.

By contributing money, YOU’LL be helping them as well as our audience. Doing so means you’ll be helping America.

Our target operating budget is $300,000 per year, but we are setting this page up with a smaller goal that we can reset when we achieve it. Our model is based on experiences we’ve had with other publications. We’ve seen what they did right and what they got wrong in the way they supported their content contributors and we are certain we have a model that will allow us to compete with liberal news sites for a fraction of the cost. We intend to do so without the unwanted influence of corporate sponsorship.

New liberal sites like Axios have been popping up and making waves quickly, joining the long-standing progressives such as Salon, Huffington Post, Think Progress. and Slate. Add these to the mainstream media’s NY Times and Washington Post and suddenly it’s clear that we are behind in getting the conservative message out to the people.

Axios and others take corporate sponsorships to advance quickly. We will not allow that for NOQ Report. We depend on YOU to help us set America on the right course. Will you help?

Donate to NOQ Report.