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Trump’s list of reasons to hate Jeff Sessions keeps growing



Trumps list of reasons to hate Jeff Sessions keeps growing

President Trump doesn’t like his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. He’s made that abundantly clear from nearly the start of his tenure shortly after the former Senator recused himself from the Russia election tampering investigation. As a result, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to probe the Trump campaign.

It’s been pretty ugly. It seems to be getting uglier.

During an interview with Hill.TV, the President continued railing on his top law enforcement officer.

“I don’t have an attorney general. It’s very sad,” he said.

Trump ups assault on Sessions: ‘I don’t have an attorney general’“I’m not happy at the border, I’m not happy with numerous things, not just this,” he said.

The president suggested that he had a personal blind spot when it came to tapping the former Alabama senator as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

“I’m so sad over Jeff Sessions because he came to me. He was the first senator that endorsed me. And he wanted to be attorney general, and I didn’t see it,” Trump told the news outlet.

“And then he went through the nominating process and he did very poorly. I mean, he was mixed up and confused, and people that worked with him for, you know, a long time in the Senate were not nice to him, but he was giving very confusing answers,” he continued.

“Answers that should have been easily answered. And that was a rough time for him.”

My Take

I wish I could defend Sessions but he really has been mediocre at best. His heart hasn’t really been in the job since he helped Trump win in 2016. As Trump noted, the confirmation hearings were terrible, putting an easy rubber stamp in jeopardy. Now, he seems like a broken man.

He probably should have delivered Alabama to Ted Cruz instead. At least with Cruz he would have likely had a better time in the cabinet. And longer. The President is expected to dismiss Sessions shortly after the midterm elections.