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Kelly’s and Mattis’ quotes (and subsequent denials) should be taken with a grain of salt



Kellys and Mattis quotes and subsequent denials should be taken with a grain of salt

Throughout his life, Donald Trump has been called terrible things by his employees. From airline executives at Trump Air to “educators” at Trump University to finance experts for Trump Mortgage, his career as a leader has been littered with subordinates saying he isn’t a very intelligent man or good decision-maker.

This is why the “bombshell” quotes in Bob Woodward’s book are all ingredients in a big nothingburger. We already knew he is “an idiot,” as Chief of Staff John Kelly said. We aren’t surprised to hear that Defense Secretary James Mattis said Trump’s level of understanding was that of “a fifth- or sixth-grader.” It might be harsh, but former National Economic Council director and Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn said Trump has the I.Q. of an inbred tanning bed.

None of this is news. Neither are their denials (though Cohn hasn’t denied anything yet).

It behooves Kelly and Mattis to deny, deny, deny. They have nothing to gain by throwing away their careers other than the sanity that would return to their lives when they get fired. They have plenty to lose, including their assumed roles in the “resistance” that is allegedly protecting the nation from the whims of the President.

Regardless of what you think of Bob Woodward’s leftist politics, what should not be questioned is his accuracy as a journalist. There are likely plenty of negative things written about the President in his book that can all be easily sourced and confirmed. There’s no need to make up quotes from high-ranking officials in the administration. Their quotes might be more inflammatory than others, but there is still plenty of fodder for Trump’s critics to enjoy without Woodward doing what he has never been known to do before.

In the whole scheme of things, this book is meaningless. It’s a “gotcha” moment for leftists and NeverTrumpers to feel vindicated in their decisions and it’s another example of fake news for Trump supporters to condemn. No votes will be changed by the book. No opinions will be swayed. You either already know Trump’s an idiot or you’ll never believe it.

Hold it together, folks. We have at least two more years of unhinged leftists and false conservatives in charge. Judging by the debacle the Democrats have become, we’re probably looking at six more years. Crazytown is here for a while.