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New House rule will punish conservatives for opposing the GOP



New House rule will punish conservatives for opposing the GOP

In 2010, Obama’s socialist-leaning policies gave rise to the TEA Party and other conservative groups who helped the GOP retake the House of Representatives by supporting the election of conservatives. This eventually led to the election of John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Boehner and the GOP embraced the conservative uprising, but for entirely selfish and political reasons. After receiving the coveted gavel of power from Nancy Pelosi, Boehner quickly returned to being the same recreant Republican he was when he was her whipping boy, immediately succumbing to Obama and the Democrats.

As is true in today’s GOP, Boehner — with help from Mitch McConnell — only worked with conservatives when it suited the party establishment’s agenda while simultaneously working to punish them whenever they failed to toe the party line.

Under Boehner, conservatives were stripped of committee assignments and party leadership positions. He also abandoned the Hastert Rule — a rule requiring support by the majority of the majority party before voting on a bill. This made it possible for Boehner to pass legislation favored by the Democrats but opposed by conservatives.

Boehner got so good at being a bad leader, the Democrats supported him when conservatives unsuccessfully tried to oust him as Speaker after the 2014 election. However, his cowardice eventually got the better of him, and he resigned as Speaker. Paul Ryan — essentially John Boehner 2.0 when it comes to conservatives — was elected to replace him.

So, why did I take you on this little trip down memory lane? Because Trumplicans in the House are considering a proposal that I’m calling the Boehner/Ryan rule, where conservatives who don’t vote along party lines or who support discharge petitions — a tool used to force a floor vote without leadership’s approval — will be punished for their impertinence.

The proposal was introduced by Representative Austin Scott (R-GA), a man first elected in 2010 as part of the TEA Party wave. Unfortunately, he has been assimilated by the Republican Borg collective since then. And he now fights for the machine instead of for conservative principles. That is, if he ever had them. Scott carries a Liberty Score® of 58% (F).

Unfortunately, passing a rule to silence conservatives doesn’t appear to be necessary. Even the House Freedom Caucus, the force behind the effort to oust Boehner and one of the last vestiges of conservative causes, has joined forces with liberal Republicans. HFC has fully embraced Trump’s non-conservative agenda, becoming the home of what I now call the Trumpservative.

Conservative Review Senior Editor Daniel Horowitz recently wrote a piece spelling out why more Republicans in Congress won’t change anything, and he’s right. But it looks like more conservatives won’t change anything either because they will either be assimilated by the collective . . . or destroyed by it.

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Conspiracy Theory

Were Obama and Biden at the center of the FISA Russiagate scandal?



Were Obama and Biden at the center of the FISA abuse scandal

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton has been seeking the truth about Russiagate since the release of the Steele Dossier following Donald Trump’s presidential victory. There have been many personalities involved Jim Comey and James Clapper to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC. But two people who haven’t been asked much about it are President Obama and his Vice President, Joe Biden.

One would think something as important as Russian meddling with a United States presidential election would get the attention of the Commander-in-Chief and his right-hand man. Yet, neither have been engaged by mainstream media about the incident, and most importantly how much they knew about the shady dealings their Department of Justice had those pushing the Steele Dossier as reason to approve the FISA warrants into the Trump campaign.

Fitton joined Sean Hannity last night to discuss the matter. They posed questions that need to be asked directly to President Obama and Vice President Biden. Could they have been involved in pushing the Russian hoax to embarrass their successors?

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The ‘CBP detains children at O’Hare’ story pushed by mainstream media is completely false



The CBP detains children at OHare story pushed by mainstream media is completely false

Outrage. Outrage! OUTRAGE! That’s the response from most Democrats and their mainstream media puppets following reports that three American citizens who are the children of illegal immigrants were detained by Customs and Border Protection at Chicago O’Hare Airport. But the story as reported by the press was misleading to the point that we can call it a direct attempt at propaganda to shift sentiment about CBP’s important job.

I won’t link to stories. If you’ve been watching the news, surfing social media, or checking mainstream media websites, you’ve likely seen at least the headlines. And they were all wrong, or at least spun in a way that told a story different from reality. The truth is this: Three children were “detained” by law enforcement because their parents tried to put them on a plane with a cousin who isn’t allowed to fly. Then, when called to come pick up her kids, the mother tried everything she could other than pick them up herself. As their legal guardian, the law requires she be the one to take custody of them.

In other words, there was literally no way to not “detain” the children without CBP breaking the law and possibly putting the safety of the children at risk. But judging by mainstream media’s portrayal and social media’s unhinged replies, one would think Genghis Khan had taken the children prisoner on the direct orders of President Trump. That would actually be more believable than some of the stories the media pawned off on the people.

CBP cleared it up:

But here’s the problem. The story has already circulated. Politicians like Representative Jan Schakowsky have gone to the airport for a photo-op. Leftist activists are sending out fundraiser emails about it (seriously). And if there is any retraction or correction in any of the hundreds of publications that falsely reported the story, these corrections will receive 1/1000th of the attention of the people. As designed.

Here’s what really happened, according to Bonchie at Red State:

Three children showed up at O’Hare with an adult cousin. The adult cousin (a Mexican citizen) was found not eligible for entry. This happens to thousands of people of all races and ethnic backgrounds every single day at ports of entry across the United States. There is a laundry list of reasons why someone might be found inadmissible and having a visa does not automatically get you through customs, nor does even having a U.S. passport for that matter.

At that point, CBP contacted the mother of the children. It is required by law that she or another legal guardian come take custody of them. Because she is an illegal alien though, she didn’t want to go to the airport. Instead, for the next 13 hours, she played games by sending a lawyer down there and eventually officials from the Mexican consulate. Some are trying to blame CBP for the kids being there so long, but it’s clearly the mother’s fault. She could have sent the Pope down there and the law still doesn’t allow CBP to hand children over to non-guardians.

Finally, after much negotiation, the mother herself decided to show up and the children were given to her. There was no trap and the children were not being used as bait. CBP were simply following the law. Furthermore, CBP doesn’t do interior enforcement, ICE does, so the entire premise was ridiculous from the beginning.

There are plenty of challenges with illegal immigrants. Not all of those affected by it, such as the three children at the center of this media firestorm, are to blame. But things are not going to get easier until Democrats and their mainstream media lapdogs stop trying to subvert CBP and ICE. The crisis at the border is real. The threat of illegal immigrants in the United States interior is real. Trying to change the subject and paint the heroes of CBP and ICE as the villains is not only counterproductive and disingenuous. It puts the whole nation at risk as our sovereignty becomes subject to mob rule driven by progressive lies.

This is how propaganda works. Even if it’s “corrected” later, the damage done from the initial stories does not get undone. The lies told about CBP are almost as bad as the lies told about President Trump. Leftist media can’t be trusted.

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It’s time to make it official: The dominant social media organs are publishers




Its time to make it official The dominant social media organs are publishers

Even Google considers itself to be a publisher, censoring the news and oppressing the Pro-liberty Right.

During the Senate hearings last Tuesday on the critical problem of censorship by the dominant social media organs, Ted Cruz presented internal documents that show that even Google thinks of themselves as a publisher as well as oppressing Conservative voices.

As reported on CNBC, he confronted the Google executive with internal documents that prove what we’ve already known to be the case. The dominant social media organs feel the need to tip the balance of power towards the socialist Far-Left. Interestingly enough, the documents show that these domineering organizations already consider themselves to be publishers, so why not make it official?

In his question of the Google executive Karan Bhatia:

Cruz showed a presentation slide that reads “Tech firms are performing a balancing act between two incompatible positions.” The slide included logos from Facebook, Twitter, Google YouTube (which is also owned by Google). The balance illustration described an ideal balance of “unmediated marketplaces of ideas” and “well-ordered spaces for safety and civility.”

Google 2018 internal document that shows tech firms’ balancing act.

Google 2018 internal document that shows tech firms’ balancing act.

The following slide showed a tilt toward censorship:

A 2018 Internal Google document brought out by senator Ted Cruz during censorship hearings at Capitol Hill.

In response to Cruz’s questions about whether the illustration was real, Bhatia stammered and admitted it was. But he said that he thought the internal documents came from marketing teams who were brainstorming and not reflective of the company as a whole.

The second slide presented by the U.S. judiciary committee hearing had headline at the top of the page that read: But Tech firms have gradually shifted away from unmediated free speech and towards censorship and moderation.

This slide had the tech firms Facebook, Twitter, Google YouTube on one side of the balance beam – tipping the scale to one side. The dominant social media organs pushing the scale down with the text underneath reading: Create well-ordered spaces for safety and civility with the words “Politicized” “Editor” “Publisher” beneath.

Clearly these tech titans want to tip the scale away from an ‘unmediated marketplace of ideas’ to one that is ‘well ordered’.

How is this democratic?

Our friends on the Far-left love to talk about direct democracy when it suits their purpose. However, they seem to forget the concept when it comes to the critical issue of influencing the electorate. They complain of oligarchies while they are perfectly satisfied with similar groups when it comes to their advantage.


Not only do they see their role as one of an arbiter in the marketplace of ideas – giving preference to their side. According to the text on the second slide, even they consider themselves to be ‘publishers’. The government should quickly grant them their wish.

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