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Trump’s Labor Day celebration: Attack labor, the rule of law, and the Constitution



Trumps Labor Day celebration Attack labor the rule of law and the Constitution

While most of America spend the Labor Day weekend enjoying the company of friends and family with barbeques and other festivities, Donald Trump chose to spend his time doing what he loves to do . . . sending out Twitter rants attacking anyone he considers disloyal to his reign.

His Labor Day started out innocently enough after he praised himself for creating a world where “the American worker is doing better than ever before” thanks to his magnanimous leadership. A few hours later, after getting his morning intel from FOX News, Trump attacked unions and their leadership for “doing so poorly.”

Yep. Trump attacked labor . . . on Labor Day.

But that was nothing compared to his Labor Day attack against Jeff Sessions for upholding the rule of law. You read that correctly.

In a tweet considered by Judge Andrew Napolitano to be fodder for the Mueller investigation, Trump blasted Sessions for not protecting two GOP Congressmen: Reps. Duncan Hunter (CA) and Chris Collins (NY). The two men are Trump loyalists facing felony charges, but Trump is more concerned about their re-election chances than he is about justice.

Do you remember when Trump would bloviate during his 2016 campaign about how he would end corruption by draining the swamp?

Feeling well rested after passing up the opportunity to engage in his normal weekend routine of playing golf and pocketing millions of taxpayer dollars for Trump Properties, Trump was in prime Twitter form yesterday as he leveled another threat against his all-time favorite enemy, the so-called “Fake News” media.

As usual, Trump indicated his willingness to void the First Amendment to silence those he refers to as the enemy of the American people. This time the target was NBC.

Trump’s rant clearly demonstrates his threat to freedom of the press, but it also displays his ignorance of the law. You see, network news isn’t licensed in the US, and even if it were, there’s that darned First Amendment keeping him from shutting them down. At least, that’s the opinion of FCC Chair Ajit Pai the last time Trump issued this threat back in October 2017.

“The FCC does not have the authority to revoke a license of a broadcast station based on the content. The FCC under my leadership will stand for the First Amendment.

“On Twitter, for example, seemingly on a daily basis, people regularly demand that the FCC yank the licenses of MSNBC or Fox News or CNN or any other number of news outlets because they disagree with the opinions they may have seen on one of those cable news networks.

“Setting aside the fact that the FCC doesn’t license those cable channels — kind of an important technicality when one is thinking about these things — these demands are fundamentally at odds with America’s cultural and legal traditions.”

During the Obama presidency, Trump was a critic of Obama’s frequent golf outings and vacations.

Considering his criticism of Obama along with his claim that he would be too busy doing his job to take time off, Trump’s record-breaking time on the golf course — 25% of his days in office — is the epitome of hypocrisy.

But to be honest, I almost wish he had played golf this past weekend. At least then he would have only been picking my pocket instead of working to destroy the rule of law and my Constitutional rights.

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David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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Arizona Republic endorses Democrat (again) because the Republican was mean (again)



Arizona Republic endorses Democrat again because the Republican was mean again

Mainstream media, or should we say “meanstream media,” has been in the process of lurching to the left for a while. Even Fox News, while backing the President, often rails against conservatives while embracing moderate Republicans who practice Democratic orthodoxy. That’s not everyone at Fox News, but some prominent show hosts really love to align in the center.

The Arizona Republic, which was counted on for a while to lean right during elections, made a shift in 2016 by endorsing Hillary Clinton. Now, they’re going to the left of Clinton by endorsing far-left Democratic Socialist Kyrsten Sinema. Her 9% Liberty Score makes her by far the biggest leftist in the state. Now the Arizona Republic wants her to be their next Senator.

It isn’t just her voting record. Her ideas are extremely dangerous for America and particularly a southern border state like Arizona:

Kyrsten Sinema’s dangerous ideas do not belong in the Senate’s a very distinct difference between defense of personal freedoms, a conservative staple, and desiring no repercussions for people who intend to kill Americans. As with many far-left activists, they don’t care about the lives of others if they don’t agree wholeheartedly with their worldviews.

This wasn’t the only statement getting Sinema into hot water with voters.

The paper’s endorsement of Clinton in 2016 can be chalked up to the Trump effect that hit many conservatives in their funny bone. It should be noted that I didn’t endorse nor vote for Trump, but I definitely didn’t endorse or vote for Clinton. My write in vote wasn’t even running. Oh, if only Thomas Sowell had stepped away from academia to lead the country for eight years, but I digress.

When the paper goes for two leftists in a row, we can call it a trend. With Sinema in particular, there needed to be a tremendous excuse that allowed the editorial board to abandon any sense of conservatism and embrace the far-left socialist values she has espoused her entire adult life.

Nope. Their excuse is as weak as anyone could possibly imagine:

Arizona newspaper backs Democrat in dead heat Senate race than pointing to particular policy positions in the endorsement, the editorial board pointed to how the candidates have handled themselves during the race.

“We need to get back to a saner time, when senators didn’t call each other names — or if they did, they could put it all aside after the vote and go get a beer together,” the paper’s editorial board wrote. “There is too much ‘us and them’ in D.C., and it hurts how we are governed.”

“The real Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema know that,” the board argued. “But Sinema is the only one willing to say it (repeatedly) from behind her mask.”

The editorial board argued that McSally has gone further than Sinema in attacks on her opponent.

The paper tries to justify their decision by claiming McSally is center-right (which she is) and Sinema is center-left (which she is not). One needs only to look at her 9% Liberty Score to realize she’s the most radical representative in Arizona. It’s not even close.

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Thomas Sowell nails the fact versus feelings problem



Thomas Sowell nails the fact versus feelings problem

There are many reasons why Thomas Sowell is my favorite conservative thinker. This ideas resonate so clearly with the right mindset. His arguments are practically irrefutable.

This particular quote from whoever runs his Twitter account rings so true today. Mainstream media’s programming has affected both the left and the right, but this component of their onslaught on leftist sensibilities is arguably the biggest problem with the progressive movement today.

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Hilarious video: Bombshell, the beginning of the end, walls closing in, the tipping point



Hilarious video Bombshell the beginning of the end walls closing in the tipping point

Most leftists remember it like a previous generation remembers when they heard JFK was killed. It was the moment they realized Donald Trump would become President of the United States. Since then, mainstream media has been incessant in their proclamations that his days are numbered.

Perhaps it’s comforting to them to continuously hear about how the latest bombshell means it’s the beginning of the end because the walls are closing in on a presidency that has reached a tipping point. Or something.

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