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PragerU: Left or Liberal?



Dennis Prager presents the reasons why there is a vast difference between Leftists and Liberals.

One of the most fascinating results of directly interacting with Leftists is the development of certain questions they cannot answer. This is not just an arbitrary supposition, but something gleaned from years of interactions with them. The reaction – or lack thereof – is very indicative of the worldview of the Socialist-Left.

Questions Leftists can’t answer.

Do you have the commonsense human right of self-preservation? [Yes or No]

Leftist can’t answer ‘yes’ to this one because it would negate their arguments for Liberty Control. They can’t answer ‘no’ because it would mean individuals have no value except as part of a collective. In essence, that is their underlying belief, but they can’t be honest about it in the least.

What is the legal justification for government control of private property with Intergalactic Background Checks?

They have no answer to this because there is none. This belies their belief in the collective ownership of property. Once again, an answer here would show too much of their collectivist belief system.

Are you a Leftist or a Liberal?

This differentiation between the two means that they aren’t interchangeable, despite that being the incorrect common usage. Leftists cannot answer as being Liberal because they realise that it has been shown that their use of that term implying support of Liberty is a ruse. Recent events have shown that they only use certain terms to obtain power such as their adding ‘democratic’ to socialism. These imply something that is not the case.

In light of this, the latest video by Dennis Prager of PragerU lays out the case for the major differences between the two terms:

What’s the difference between a liberal and a leftist?

This question stumps most people because they think liberal and left are essentially the same.

But they’re not. In fact, liberalism and leftism have almost nothing in common. But the left has appropriated the word “liberal” so effectively almost everyone—liberals, leftists and conservatives—thinks they are synonymous. But they’re not.