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Dear White Supremacists: Stop trying to “help” candidates



Dear White Supremacists Stop trying to help candidates

Extremist groups do as extremist groups do. They pick an agenda they believe promotes their extremist views. Then they attach themselves to it, thereby “helping” whoever or whatever supposedly aids in achieving their own agenda.

Such is the case with white supremacist groups who either promote one candidate, usually a white Republican, or oppose a different candidate, usually a minority Democrat. This ill-conceived strategy was “allegedly” applied to Andrew Gillum, the African American Democrat running for Florida governor.

I put “allegedly” in quotes because it’s very hard to believe anyone other than the least intelligent people on earth or Gillum’s own supporters would think their racist robocall was a good idea. I’m not accusing Gillum or his supporters by any means since the former scenario is much more likely, but even Gillum’s campaign manager would have to admit this robocall does more to endear him to voters in Florida than do any actual harm to his campaign.

Mainstream media is, of course, all over it and giving Gillum a huge platform to speak out against racism in the campaign and in general:

Racist robocall targets Andrew Gillum in Florida governor’s race 78-second prerecorded message, obtained by CNN, is narrated by a man speaking in a caricature of a black dialect with cartoonish jungle noises in the background. It ends with a disclaimer that it was paid for by The Road to Power, a white supremacist and anti-Semitic video podcast hosted by Scott Rhodes of Idaho.

The same neo-Nazi group recently sponsored robocalls in Iowa, using Mollie Tibbetts’ death to attack Latinos and promote white supremacy, the Des Moines Register reported. There have also been reports the group previously targeted local officials in California, Virginia and Washington state.

Buried in the story is an important note that should have probably been mentioned in the first couple of paragraphs: Republican Ron DeSantis and his campaign denounce the robocalls.

Whether it’s white supremacists, Antifa, Westboro Baptist Church, Black Lives Matter, or any of the other extremist groups causing turmoil at their leisure, one thing unifies them. They are great cheerleaders for the groups they attempt to subvert. This latest robocall will make them feel good but will run counter to their goal of preventing Gillum from winning… if that truly is their goal.

A False Theory

Because so many of these groups do things that have the opposite effect from what they desire, what if they don’t really desire the effects they claim? After all, being in the “business of hate” can only thrive when the enemy is successful. Is it possible that deep down they want their enemies to succeed so they have a reason to continue to exist?

No, of course not. They’re not that clever.

The Truth

Groups like the one behind these robocalls aren’t the result of devious machinations to drive the opposite agenda from the one they espouse. They are just that dumb. They truly believe their hateful messages resonate with the masses. They think they’re winning.