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Time to admit Conservative campus organizations all suck



Time to admit Conservative campus organizations all suck

After finishing high school, a student is likely to go to college. In fact, a student is socially pushed into college, but I digress. Nonetheless, students with Conservative leanings assume massive amounts of debt to attend four year universities. These universities are great at allowing students to expand their interests. As Conservatives, we should have been very optimistic about the rise in conservative campus organizations. However, the rise of these organizations brings about a weak form of Conservatism, I refer to as Frathouse Conservatism, because of how perpetuated it is among these organizations.

But there is a more sinister motivation behind these conservative campus organizations. These organizations serve as a foundation for its founders and figures to climb the ladder to promote their own brand rather than Conservative causes themselves. These organizations each allow the narcissism of their personalities to hijack the organization’s credibility. This piece will take a look at handful of these organizations and publications

Human Defense Initiative

In 2018, the latest organization was founded called the Human Defense Initiative. They aren’t a widespread campus organization but they ant to be. The platform was designed to empower millennial (though really Gen Z) pro-life voices. The ambition is fine; however their methods are more divisive than their cause. Abortion is a life or death issue, it is known, but the organization has made an effort to promote a “culture of life”. The organization can find people who can all agree on how abortion is wrong, but defining life affirming reveals a true divide among the worldviews HDI seeks to unite. The goal of promoting a “life affirming” culture is futile, due to human nature. It’s equally as futile as ending bullying, crime or poverty. It also creates a new cause that will inevitably splinter the group because who can truly agree on what is life affirming. Is death penalty life affirming? Are bikinis(yes, serious question) because their founder Devin Sena doesn’t think so. And what about same-sex adoptions? On August 18, HDIs “communications director” Koree Fellows published The Case For LGBT Adoption. This is exactly where the life affirming quest begins to fizzle in controversy. The article is also accusatory:

Openly advocating against same sex adoption turns thousands away from the pro-life movement and our cause. It sends women into the unloving arms of the abortion industry to end the lives of children who could be loved and cared for by people of all sexual orientations.

It’s rather ridiculous to suggest a woman undergoing an abortion made that decision with gay adoption at the forefront of her mind. To make matters worse, the article is accused of being stolen, from an organization’s former member.

The biggest problem with the organization is the redundancy. We have plenty of pro-life organizations. Why create one and say its for millennials? Here’s where we find the biggest problem. Devin Sena fancies himself as the loudest voice against abortion. HDI’s twitter along with the organization is merely an extension of his own voice. The organization serves as a megaphone for himself. This is why the organization is largely inseparable from its founder. The organization is doomed to fall with Sena’s credibility and thus sucks.

Liberty Hangout

Liberty Hangout is perhaps the most annoying of them all. Libertarians are often thought of as confused conservatives. The hyperfocus on weed and the inability of the movement to agree on a necessary function of government are certainly points of inferiority. Liberty Hangout takes these confusions to the next level. Liberty Hangout boast hot takes with very little depth. Take for instance, their main star, Kaitlin Bennett. She is actually less than just mediocre, at best, hot takes. From the desperate plea for attention with the proposition to arm wrestle David Hogg, to the reckless activism for campus carry, she is quite the setback for Conservatism. She is a wannabee model using Conservatives as a backdoor way into the industry. Why else would she post so many pictures deliberately taken by someone else? Personally, I don’t find her attractive enough for this to be a long term strategy, but on a deeper level, it is morally wrong to be so dishonest about one’s truer intentions. Nonetheless, the organization promoted her to such status, likely because she brings them attention in the face of TPUSA, a main competitor. Thus, Liberty Hangout sucks.

Turning Point USA

This is the largest of the conservative campus organizations I am covering. They are also the most sinister and deadly to their own movement. The big personality behind TPUSA is Charlie Kirk. He’s a big time twitter personality. His organization, however, promotes Frathouse Conservatism. When I wrote my piece on Frathouse Conservatism I addressed how this ideology rejects a pillar of the Conservative worldview articulated by John Locke.

Conservative worldview hinges on accepting the premise that mankind is fallen. One need not be religious to accept this premise. Many Conservatives unknowingly accept fallen nature to be true while others fully embrace this premise. The Frathouse Conservative supplements this premise if not outright rejects the notion altogether. Instead of mankind being intrinsically flawed, the state is intrinsically flawed. This substituted premise often results in the same conclusions as far as policy goes, but rejecting a fundamental pillar of the Conservative worldview is the root of Frathouse Conservatism’s inferiority.

TPUSA is a Frathouse Conservative campus club. Charlie Kirk gets to build his own brand of Conservatism, with hardly the need to articulate ideals beyond 280 characters. But I get it, some people are better organizers than orators and writers, take Moses for example. But Kirk’s organization often uses and employs the same organization as the left: identity politics. While the organization isn’t alt-right, because their identity politics aren’t devoted to the white race, they do segment people the same way that the left does. They host a wide array of events celebrating diversity in the Conservative movement, a movement that cares not about diversity of skin color. One of their favorite personalities is Candace Owens. We get it. She’s black and she left the left. We don’t need to hear her life story like it some crappy Taylor Swift song. She’s not a Conservative voice, she just isn’t a Democrat. This isn’t wrong, but it’s dishonest to promote her as a Conservative when she mainly talks about why blacks don’t have to be Democrats and employs plantation rhetoric. They also promote Tomi Lahren as a Conservative.

TPUSA is perhaps the most salvageable of the conservative campus organizations, if only because of its size and ability to bring in legitimate Conservative voices.

Lone Conservative

Conservative college students have even founded their own publications. Young conservatives should be encouraged to write and read. I have admiration for Kassy Dillon for using this experience to develop a thriving career at the Daily Wire. Her publication, Lone Conservative for a while left a lot to be desired. It featured too many people seeking attention for not being leftist on college. After all, how does one “own the libs” while paying out the ass for college. They don’t. Depending on your belief about debt, it appears they are the ones being owned. But for a good while, that’s what the organization came off as thanks to its superfluously titled personalities. To it’s credit, my most recent browsing of the website left me impressed minus Managing Editor Amanda Kemp writing a piece that says parents should teach their kids social leftism.

Whether it be race, sexual orientation, or gender, we need to teach kids that all of these characteristics should be celebrated.

Thankfully, the number of genuine Conservative voices at Lone Conservative seemingly outnumber the phony attention seekers.


Young Conservatives should be weary of Conservative campus organizations. They exist largely to promote their founding members. They also promote a reckless, fiscally irresponsible, view of a college education. These campus level organizations encourage the youth to treat college like a summer camp and their political leanings like a spectacle. But in Conservatism, merit should take priority over demographical information one cannot control. It doesn’t matter how old your are, what color you are, male or female, or whether you are a natural born citizen. Young Conservatives would do well to network with that in mind. I find reading and writing to be the best way to develop young Conservatives. Publications dedicated to featuring younger Conservative voices are great to have, but I also recommend writing among a more mixed crowd. This is where I invite you to write for NOQ ReportThis publication likely has a larger reader base, thus more exposure than Right Outlook can provide.

Conspiracy Theory

Russian meddling is about dividing us, not helping Trump



Russian meddling is about dividing us not helping Trump

Russia is meddling with our elections. They’re meddling with our entire political system. They’re meddling in our culture, freedoms, and methods of communication. I once believed they were trying to help Donald Trump become President. Now I realize they are simply elements of chaos.

Today’s report of charges filed against a Russian agent working against American interests is striking for two reasons. First, the details they’ve been able to uncover about “Project Lakhta” are astounding. Second, their strategic goal was NOT to get one person or one party into office but to sow division among the American people regardless of their political ideology.

First charge filed against Russian for interfering with elections“The strategic goal of this alleged conspiracy, which continues to this day, is to sow discord in the U.S. political system and to undermine faith in our democratic institutions,” said G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “This case demonstrates that federal law enforcement authorities will work aggressively to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of unlawful foreign influence activities whenever feasible, and that we will not stand by idly while foreign actors obstruct the lawful functions of our government. I want to thank the agents and prosecutors for their determined work on this case.”

Russia didn’t want Trump or Clinton to be President. They didn’t really care who won. All they wanted and continue to want is that no matter who wins any given election, the opposition will be so hateful about the loss that they’re willing to act out more aggressively than they otherwise would have normally.

It’s finally becoming clear that Russia’s plan is much more subverted and, frankly, ingenious than anything mainstream media or the Democrats could have ever fathomed.

They are taking advantage of our freedom of speech and the technology that allows that speech to reach the masses. They’re theory is that if they can get people on both sides of the political spectrum to voice their opinions with hate rather than understanding, it will spread. Those who have practiced thoughtful debate are now becoming raving ranters. Those who once argued their points thoughtfully are now becoming trolls.

Russia is not the only negative actor in this and the trends were already pointing to this divisiveness taking hold and spreading like a virus well before Project Lakhta was conceived, but they have definitely added to the cacophony and harnessed our vilest emotional responses to be used against us.

Their goal is to push as many people towards the fringes as possible. They want the far-left and the far-right to grow. They want debates to turn into arguments, then arguments to turn into blind rage. From there, they speculated that we would be the initiators of our own destruction.

They may be right.

From the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation debacle to the illegal immigration debate to anything that has to do with gun rights, Americans on both sides of the aisle are becoming more passionate. That’s leading many to become unhinged. When enough people are unhinged, any hopes of civil discourse can be forgotten. We are getting to the point where we no longer discuss our differences. We simply try to shout our perspectives louder than those opposed to us.

The left is the easier target. I’m not just saying that as a conservative. I say that because their position on issues make it easier for them to be emotional when news breaks about an event important to them. This is why those who blame racism for everything are not only seeing racism in every aspect of American life but are feeling justified in practicing their own versions of racism.

We now see that Russia’s goal wasn’t to get Trump elected. It was to make one side or the other absolutely hate the outcome regardless of who won. They aren’t pushing a political agenda. They’re pushing a cultural apocalypse.

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The NPC meme triggers leftists so much because it’s too close to the truth



The NPC meme triggers leftists so much because its too close to the truth

Leftists have been called cucks, snowflakes, libtards, and a multitude of other names assigned to them by conservatives and internet trolls for years. These labels often annoyed them, but the latest popular insult has triggered them like no other. It’s the NPC meme and it’s spreading like wildfire across the internet.

Twitter has even started banning people using the meme because it is “dehumanizing.”

But here’s the thing: previous labels may have been funny or even harsh, but the NPC meme strikes so close to home that it’s actually becoming a threat. It is being called dehumanizing, but it’s the closest a label has come to hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the unhinged left of today.

A non-player character, or NPC, is a character in a video game that is controlled by the computer. Some are influential to the outcome of the game but most will wander around the video game’s world doing random things and generally taking up space.

The use of the NPC meme in reference to leftists is tantamount to calling them unthinking automatons that echo each other without understanding beyond the collectivist, Marxist vision they claim to share. This label is quickly becoming the ultimate insult because it is, for all intents and purposes, true.

Thoughtful conservatives have known for years that mainstream media and social media are echo chambers for popular leftist mantras and incessant anger towards the boogeyman of the day. For over two years, that boogeyman has been President Trump, who has made the left so enraged they cannot see anything other than the hatred they feel towards him and those who support him.

Anything positive he does is dismissed while anything bad he does is blown out of proportions. This destructive cycle is so rampant, the echo chamber is experience a feedback loop. They no longer hear or know anything outside of their collective.

They have become NPCs controlled by the leftist puppet masters.

If it didn’t strike so close to home, it wouldn’t be getting such a vicious response.

Image via Kotaku.

NPC Meme

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Elizabeth Warren releases DNA proof that she’s at least 1/1024th Native American. Twitter responds appropriately.



Elizabeth Warren releases DNA proof that shes at least 11024th Native American Twitter responds appr

There’s a strategist in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s ear who thought it was a good idea to release results of a DNA test showing a likelihood that one of her very distant descendants was Native American. The advice taken. The results were predictable.

The test shows she is at most 1/32nd Native American if she is six generations from her Native American ancestor. That’s her best-case scenario. At worst, her ancestor was as far back as ten generations which would make her 1/1024th Native American. To put that into perspective, if she were to honor her heritage by engaging in 1/1024th of a four-hour Native American Sweat, she’d be in and out of the lodge in 14 seconds.

Elizabeth Warren releases results of DNA test on Native American ancesty inherent imprecision of the six-page DNA analysis could provide fodder for Warren’s critics. If her great-great-great-grandmother was Native American, that puts her at 1/32nd American Indian. But the report includes the possibility that she’s just 1/1024th Native American if the ancestor is 10 generations back.

Undergoing the test and releasing the results reveal how seriously Warren is taking the attacks from Trump, who has been able to effectively caricature and diminish his national foes via nicknames and conspiracy theories. Trump pushed then President Barack Obama into releasing the long form of his birth certificate to prove what most knew was already true: He was born in America.

This publicity stunt was designed to let everyone know she’s serious about running for President in 2020. She wanted to be able to call out President Trump on his promise to give $1,000,000 to charity if she could prove Native American heritage. He won’t pay, of course, which will get plenty of headlines calling him a deal-breaking scoundrel, but was it really if for her to be the focus of even more jokes on social media?

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter. You decide:

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