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Time to admit Conservative campus organizations all suck



Time to admit Conservative campus organizations all suck

After finishing high school, a student is likely to go to college. In fact, a student is socially pushed into college, but I digress. Nonetheless, students with Conservative leanings assume massive amounts of debt to attend four year universities. These universities are great at allowing students to expand their interests. As Conservatives, we should have been very optimistic about the rise in conservative campus organizations. However, the rise of these organizations brings about a weak form of Conservatism, I refer to as Frathouse Conservatism, because of how perpetuated it is among these organizations.

But there is a more sinister motivation behind these conservative campus organizations. These organizations serve as a foundation for its founders and figures to climb the ladder to promote their own brand rather than Conservative causes themselves. These organizations each allow the narcissism of their personalities to hijack the organization’s credibility. This piece will take a look at handful of these organizations and publications

Human Defense Initiative

In 2018, the latest organization was founded called the Human Defense Initiative. They aren’t a widespread campus organization but they ant to be. The platform was designed to empower millennial (though really Gen Z) pro-life voices. The ambition is fine; however their methods are more divisive than their cause. Abortion is a life or death issue, it is known, but the organization has made an effort to promote a “culture of life”. The organization can find people who can all agree on how abortion is wrong, but defining life affirming reveals a true divide among the worldviews HDI seeks to unite. The goal of promoting a “life affirming” culture is futile, due to human nature. It’s equally as futile as ending bullying, crime or poverty. It also creates a new cause that will inevitably splinter the group because who can truly agree on what is life affirming. Is death penalty life affirming? Are bikinis(yes, serious question) because their founder Devin Sena doesn’t think so. And what about same-sex adoptions? On August 18, HDIs “communications director” Koree Fellows published The Case For LGBT Adoption. This is exactly where the life affirming quest begins to fizzle in controversy. The article is also accusatory:

Openly advocating against same sex adoption turns thousands away from the pro-life movement and our cause. It sends women into the unloving arms of the abortion industry to end the lives of children who could be loved and cared for by people of all sexual orientations.

It’s rather ridiculous to suggest a woman undergoing an abortion made that decision with gay adoption at the forefront of her mind. To make matters worse, the article is accused of being stolen, from an organization’s former member.

The biggest problem with the organization is the redundancy. We have plenty of pro-life organizations. Why create one and say its for millennials? Here’s where we find the biggest problem. Devin Sena fancies himself as the loudest voice against abortion. HDI’s twitter along with the organization is merely an extension of his own voice. The organization serves as a megaphone for himself. This is why the organization is largely inseparable from its founder. The organization is doomed to fall with Sena’s credibility and thus sucks.

Liberty Hangout

Liberty Hangout is perhaps the most annoying of them all. Libertarians are often thought of as confused conservatives. The hyperfocus on weed and the inability of the movement to agree on a necessary function of government are certainly points of inferiority. Liberty Hangout takes these confusions to the next level. Liberty Hangout boast hot takes with very little depth. Take for instance, their main star, Kaitlin Bennett. She is actually less than just mediocre, at best, hot takes. From the desperate plea for attention with the proposition to arm wrestle David Hogg, to the reckless activism for campus carry, she is quite the setback for Conservatism. She is a wannabee model using Conservatives as a backdoor way into the industry. Why else would she post so many pictures deliberately taken by someone else? Personally, I don’t find her attractive enough for this to be a long term strategy, but on a deeper level, it is morally wrong to be so dishonest about one’s truer intentions. Nonetheless, the organization promoted her to such status, likely because she brings them attention in the face of TPUSA, a main competitor. Thus, Liberty Hangout sucks.

Turning Point USA

This is the largest of the conservative campus organizations I am covering. They are also the most sinister and deadly to their own movement. The big personality behind TPUSA is Charlie Kirk. He’s a big time twitter personality. His organization, however, promotes Frathouse Conservatism. When I wrote my piece on Frathouse Conservatism I addressed how this ideology rejects a pillar of the Conservative worldview articulated by John Locke.

Conservative worldview hinges on accepting the premise that mankind is fallen. One need not be religious to accept this premise. Many Conservatives unknowingly accept fallen nature to be true while others fully embrace this premise. The Frathouse Conservative supplements this premise if not outright rejects the notion altogether. Instead of mankind being intrinsically flawed, the state is intrinsically flawed. This substituted premise often results in the same conclusions as far as policy goes, but rejecting a fundamental pillar of the Conservative worldview is the root of Frathouse Conservatism’s inferiority.

TPUSA is a Frathouse Conservative campus club. Charlie Kirk gets to build his own brand of Conservatism, with hardly the need to articulate ideals beyond 280 characters. But I get it, some people are better organizers than orators and writers, take Moses for example. But Kirk’s organization often uses and employs the same organization as the left: identity politics. While the organization isn’t alt-right, because their identity politics aren’t devoted to the white race, they do segment people the same way that the left does. They host a wide array of events celebrating diversity in the Conservative movement, a movement that cares not about diversity of skin color. One of their favorite personalities is Candace Owens. We get it. She’s black and she left the left. We don’t need to hear her life story like it some crappy Taylor Swift song. She’s not a Conservative voice, she just isn’t a Democrat. This isn’t wrong, but it’s dishonest to promote her as a Conservative when she mainly talks about why blacks don’t have to be Democrats and employs plantation rhetoric. They also promote Tomi Lahren as a Conservative.

TPUSA is perhaps the most salvageable of the conservative campus organizations, if only because of its size and ability to bring in legitimate Conservative voices.

Lone Conservative

Conservative college students have even founded their own publications. Young conservatives should be encouraged to write and read. I have admiration for Kassy Dillon for using this experience to develop a thriving career at the Daily Wire. Her publication, Lone Conservative for a while left a lot to be desired. It featured too many people seeking attention for not being leftist on college. After all, how does one “own the libs” while paying out the ass for college. They don’t. Depending on your belief about debt, it appears they are the ones being owned. But for a good while, that’s what the organization came off as thanks to its superfluously titled personalities. To it’s credit, my most recent browsing of the website left me impressed minus Managing Editor Amanda Kemp writing a piece that says parents should teach their kids social leftism.

Whether it be race, sexual orientation, or gender, we need to teach kids that all of these characteristics should be celebrated.

Thankfully, the number of genuine Conservative voices at Lone Conservative seemingly outnumber the phony attention seekers.


Young Conservatives should be weary of Conservative campus organizations. They exist largely to promote their founding members. They also promote a reckless, fiscally irresponsible, view of a college education. These campus level organizations encourage the youth to treat college like a summer camp and their political leanings like a spectacle. But in Conservatism, merit should take priority over demographical information one cannot control. It doesn’t matter how old your are, what color you are, male or female, or whether you are a natural born citizen. Young Conservatives would do well to network with that in mind. I find reading and writing to be the best way to develop young Conservatives. Publications dedicated to featuring younger Conservative voices are great to have, but I also recommend writing among a more mixed crowd. This is where I invite you to write for NOQ ReportThis publication likely has a larger reader base, thus more exposure than Right Outlook can provide.

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Top 5 ‘Bottomless Pinocchios’ of the national socialist left




Top 5 Bottomless Pinocchios of the national socialist left

That perfect paragon of journalistic ‘objectivity’, the Washington Post, introduced a new rating for lies. We applied them to the left.

The Washington Post has developed a new rating system – the ‘Bottomless Pinocchio’ – for a false claim repeated over and over. This is somewhat ironic since the leftist media excels in the practice. While we will try to keep this to the more egregious and discrete lies of the left, a few notes on their other types of lies are in order.

The labeling and language lies of the left

Even the labels they apply to themselves aside from being socialist are falsehoods. These are people who work against the cause of liberty on a daily basis while pretending to be liberal. It’s a post-modernism community that has the false front of being ‘progressive’, that would prefer to use the judiciary to impose their socialist national agenda rather than democratic means.

Then there is the game of lying by language the left plays to excess. Time was, global cooling was the existential threat to woman and mankind, until it stopped getting cooler. Then global warming became the existential threat until it stopped getting warmer. Accordingly, they hit on the deception of working against it doing either, so no matter what happens, they can claim they are right because the climate has always changed. This also gave them a nice bonus in tarring any who opposes their control agenda as being a ‘climate change denier’ – even though no one actually denies the climate changes. Better yet, they have been able to shorten it up to the ultimate insult of labeling their opposition as ‘climate deniers’ as if people would actually deny reality itself.

These will be the top 5 ‘Bottomless Pinocchios’ of the left. These are lies that are recycled repeatedly by the left in their effort at distorting reality to the point where gun free zones actually keep people safe, no one is starting a conversation about gun confiscation and societal slavery can really work.

 Bottomless Pinocchio 5: People have a ‘right’ to health care

This is one of the left’s favourites in trying to reshape (or ‘reform’) reality. Like many other variations of the ‘people have a right to’ line, this stems from the concept of Coercive or Collective Rights, whereby people have the ‘right’ to force others to provide them with the vestiges of this ‘right’. These are contrasted with Natural Rights possessed by everyone, the right to self-preservation, the right to property, the right of freedom of expression.

Having a ‘right’ to health care, or ‘right’ to feel safe, or a ‘right’ to not be offended, generally entails that someone else has to provide for this ‘right’. In the case of healthcare, providing this ‘right’ would mean that medical professionals would be required to sacrifice their time and labour in this effort. Citizens would also be forced to contribute their property. There is a word for when people are forced to provide their time and effort to others. It’s called slavery.

In point of fact the phrase should really be people have a ‘right’ to enslave others. But the folks who pretend to support liberty can’t say that directly, hence they use the ‘right to’ lie.

Bottomless Pinocchio 4: Gun free zones work as advertised

This one is slightly different from the others in that even leftists know they will be laughed off the public stage if they said this out loud. Rather, they imply the idea with their policy agenda of incessantly working towards gun confiscation, supposedly rendering the entire world a global ‘gun-free’ zone such as the latest example in France.

Expanding what doesn’t work always seems to be a hallmark of the left. Never mind that something doesn’t function in one area, extend it elsewhere so it’ll work… somehow.

Anyone familiar with logic can easily see why these don’t work, since those bent on evil will tend to go where they will have little opposition. Unfortunately, as with the fact that there are only two genders, leftists don’t seem to be able to comprehend that which is bloody obvious. They seem to have the misguided idea that a rule or a sign will stop a mass murderer.

The facts bear this out given that most mass shootings take place in ‘gun-free’ zones. This has been the situation for almost 30 years.

The problem for the left is that they can’t actually admit to their absolute failure in this area. Were they to do this, it would mean an end to their whole gun confiscation agenda. Thus they perpetuate that it’s a myth that defensive gun uses exist or that a ‘good guy (or gal) with a gun’ will deter these tragedies. It means that they continue to put people at risk for the sake of their disarmament agenda, without the hint of guilt on their part.

Bottomless Pinocchio 3 : No one is talking about gun confiscation

Finding cases where leftists have demanded gun confiscation has become as easy as shooting fish in a barrel (pardon the pun Peta). The past few years have seen an increase in these demands from the left to the point that it’s occurred more than 70 times not counting excerpts, syndication and reprints. Repeating this lie enables leftists to keep the discussion to the next incremental step instead of their final solution to the liberty problem.

Still, the liberty grabber left persists in propagating this enormous lie. It does several things for them. It short circuits the negative effects of gun confiscation such as leaving the innocent defenseless against criminals and the government. It lulls some into a false sense of security as to the left’s long term goal for the cause of liberty.

This perennial lie is also necessary to get some to accept governmental overreach in controlling their personal property. They have used this same technique in getting people to register their guns accompanied by the solemn promise that they won’t use it to confiscate guns, after which their guns are confiscated.

Bottomless Pinocchio 2: Failed socialist experiments weren’t really socialist

It would seem this little ditty began when the socialist-left started trying to claim that a certain National Socialist German Workers’ Party wasn’t actually a National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The Left actually tried to reverse reality, making a party with a collectivist ideology of the left to one of an individualist ideology of the right. The problem for them is that those on the pro-liberty, conservative right, by definition favour lower taxes and limited government. Hardly something the Nazis were known for.

Leftists will often times try to deflect the facts of the matter given the very name of the party: ‘Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiter-Partei’. But consider the words of the translator of Mein Kampf:

Finally, I would point out that the term Social Democracy may be misleading in English, as it has not a democratic connotation in our sense. It was the name given to the Socialist Party in Germany. And that Party was purely Marxist; but it adopted the name Social Democrat in order to appeal to the democratic sections of the German people.
James Murphy. Abbots Langley, February, 1939

Later on, they played this little game with virtually every other socialist regime. Miraculously enough, before these socialist regimes ran out of other people’s money the left labelled them as one of their own. Then in the blink of an eye, they would ping-pong from left to right almost overnight when they inevitably failed.

The problem for the left is that they have nothing on George Orwell. We’re supposed to simply ignore basic facts from history, beginning with the very words that socialists have used to describe themselves. These socialist regimes also followed collectivist precepts. But in an instant these facts are swept away, in favour of a new reality where Red is Blue and Blue is Red.

Bottomless Pinocchio 1: Socialism can actually work

This is a basic survival lie of the left. They cannot accede to the fact of 400 years of the failure of the ideas of their base ideology, so they must pretend it can work… somehow. Just as they can pretend to be liberal while working to tear down liberty, but that’s another subject.

Since their agenda of societal slavery has never worked, they have to deflect the argument with the aforementioned ‘socialism has never been tried before’ and ‘failed socialist experiments weren’t really socialist’ lies. Or pretending that non-socialist nations are really socialist.

The bottom line is that socialism can never work because it runs counter to basic human physiology. One will always see less of a behaviour that is negatively reinforced, while more will be seen with behaviour that is positively reinforced. The fundamental results of reward and punishment cannot be ignored, and yet this is what socialists have as the basis of their ideology.

Consider that the experiment of socialism has been conducted in situations around the world for over 400 years with the same result: failure. It should be obvious by now to most intelligent people that it cannot work, and yet the national socialist-left still persists in trying to turn that which is impossible into something that is possible, no matter who has to suffer and die.

The takeaway

In many ways the left should stay away from pronouncing judgement on falsehoods when they are so rife with them. Leftist lies keep them afloat in the sea of politics. We have shown that not only are they false, but they must be retold in order for the left to survive.

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Dr Paul Lim tells how he went from atheist to Christian… at Yale



Dr Paul Lim tells how he went from atheist to Christian at Yale

Universities aren’t usually considered likely venues for people to turn to the Christian faith. Ivy League universities rife with atheist professors are even less likely than most to yield a conversions to the faith. If anything, they’re efforts are often directly focused on converting Christians into abandoning their faith.

Dr Paul Lim tells a different tail. His personal journey from South Korea to California, then Pennsylvania on to Yale, is an exception to the rule. His journey is not common, but then again who’s to say what sort of journey to embracing Jesus Christ can be considered common?

It’s not too long, clocking in at just over 48 minutes, and much better than your average network television hour. If you already believe, it may help you open the eyes of others. If you don’t believe, your eyes may be opened.

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How likely is it that a single protein can form by chance?



How likely is it that a single protein can form by chance

To really answers the question of whether life was created or came about by random chance, we need to take a mathematical look at things. It may be easier to form our opinions based on something we read in a junior high science book, but there really is more to it than the surface questions asked and answered by scientists and theologians alike.

For the faithful, it comes down to faith. For the scientific, it also comes down to faith. Whose faith is more likely to be correct?

Part of the answer can be found in this short video. Those who think there’s no faith associated with scientific theories clearly don’t understand the mathematics behind the science they claim to hold dear.

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