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If ‘The Creepy Line’ trailer doesn’t scare you, you’re not paying attention



Search engine and social media manipulation isn’t news. The fact that most people realize they’re being manipulated and continue to use services like Google and Facebook is a condemnation on our own sensibilities. Most of us are willing sheep, but we’re not being led to the slaughter. They’re pointing in the right direction and we’re walking there on our own.

I haven’t seen this movie but the trailer is enough to make me want to see it. The trailer above, released today, may already be enough to spook many people. I hope so. I was concerned before, but now I’m downright scared.




Google’s social justice warrior workforce is making demands about ICE, CBP



Googles social justice warrior workforce is making demands about ICE CBP

A petition created by Google employees is circulating through the big tech hallowed halls calling for the company to cease any engagements with ICE, CBP, or any government agencies that “engaged in caging and torturing vulnerable people.”

It’s just the latest group of progressive employees at a tech giant making demands of their employers regarding the government clientele they service. Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook have had similar situations regarding government contracts, particularly with the military. This is the first one to be hit with demands regarding border patrol and ICE law enforcement agencies.

“Google has repeatedly advertised its commitments to implementing ethical guardrails on its tech. Google’s AI Principles state that Google will not build technologies ‘whose purpose contravenes widely accepted principles of international law and human rights,'” the Googlers posted in a statement. “By any interpretation, CBP and ICE are in grave violation of international human rights law. The company has also pledged to create a diverse, inclusive, and psychologically safe workplace for all its workers, including immigrants and Latinx people — the very populations whose communities, families, and friends are being terrorized by CBP and ICE.”

In that single paragraph, one can easily discern the misplace passions these leftists are experiencing. The whole document is laden with logical fallacies. In this paragraph, they’re “begging the question” by saying “by any interpretation” ICE and CBP are committed human rights violations. This is, of course, not even close to the truth. It’s not by “any” interpretation. It’s only by a very narrow interpretation of the necessary actions ICE and CBP undertake in order to keep us safe that anyone can consider these human rights violations.

Google employees accuse Border Patrol of ‘torturing’ immigrants, refuse to work with agencies

Google employees launched the petition after CBP announced it was accepting bids from private companies to provide cloud services for the agency. Over 700 Google employees have signed the petition, along with over 50 former employees and others.

The petition compared Google working with the immigration agencies to IBM working with the Nazis. The petition cites Google’s principles for developing artificial intelligence and staying within “ethical guardrails.”

Keep in mind, many of the people signing these petitions have power over the information and news we’re presented online. As Google continues to claim to be unbiased, their own employees are telling a very different story.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Twitter is against conservatives. Here’s how conservatives must fight back.



Twitter is against conservatives Heres how conservatives must fight back

There’s an easy answer to the question of how to hold Twitter accountable for its anti-conservative policies that often purge, silence, or censor its users who are committing their version of thoughtcrimes. Just delete your account. Unfortunately, this answer is insufficient when we consider the tremendous clout Twitter holds over the media and much of the population. It’s where many Americans get their news (and #FakeNews). It’s also a cesspool of rhetoric, and while I’m personally opposed to wading into cesspools of any sort, I recognize Twitter is still an important tool in the fight against socialism.

So, we’re stuck with it.

But that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and let the “algorithm” virtually silence us. Today, I participated in a “bootcamp” for conservatives, many of whom are new to Twitter, on how to be better virtual patriots. It was a refreshing experience; it had been too long since I engaged in teaching outside of my writing on NOQ Report. But one question sort of stumped me. It’s not that I didn’t have the answers, but Twitter is a platform of brevity and the answer to the question wasn’t possible to communicate briefly.

In short, the question was how can conservatives overcome the roadblocks that Twitter imposes on us? Here are the answers:

Know your goal

It’s surprising how many people join Twitter with the goal of showing support for President Trump. I ask them who they’re “showing” their support to. They usually reply with “everyone” or “my followers,” at which point I inform them that they’re probably not reaching as many people as they think, if any at all.

Reach is everything on Twitter. It’s like a tree falling in an empty forest. If a Tweet is sent out, and nobody reads it, was it really a Tweet at all?

But there are other worthy goals for patriots. “Trolling” is often frowned upon, but it’s actually a very powerful tool if used properly on Twitter. By trolling, I’m not a fan of personal attacks on anyone. But trolling policies and politicians in the face of their claims is often enough to get supporters or potential supporters to ask questions or research it for themselves. Let me go troll someone real quick and I’ll post an example…

…stand by…

…okay… done…

You don’t have to have a single goal. You can focus on multiple things depending on how much time you put into Twitter. But you must have at least one. If you’re here to support the President, decide how you want to show your support and work towards achieving that goal. Without knowing what you want to accomplish, you’ll likely accomplish nothing.

Follow those who like your stuff

When someone follows me, there’s a chance I’ll look at their Tweets and follow them back. But if someone likes or retweets me and they’re conservatives, I’ll almost certainly follow them even if they’re not following me. Interaction with content I post is far more important than following.

This isn’t an egotistical decision. It’s based on the algorithm. I’m sure you’ve noticed just because you’re following someone doesn’t mean you’ll see their Tweets in your feed. But if you like a post, retweet it, comment on it, or a combination of the three, there’s a good chance you’ll see what they Tweet and retweet in the future.

I follow those who interact with my posts because if they follow me as well, they’ve already engaged with my content. As a result, they are already more likely to see my posts in their feed. With reach being the goal, following people who have interacted with your posts and getting them to follow you back makes the most sense.

Replies are often more powerful than standalone Tweets

When we post a standalone Tweet, it has an opportunity to be seen by our followers and the followers of those who retweet us. When we reply to someone else, it has an opportunity to be seen by the same people as a standalone Tweet PLUS those who follow the person we’re responding to. Though fewer of our followers will see a reply than a standalone, there’s a chance to reach a different audience.

As noted above, I often troll those whose views I oppose. But sometimes I’ll reply to people I agree with wholeheartedly. There’s no rule about who you reply to, though I strongly recommend being cordial. The left gets unhinged. It’s incumbent on patriots to keep our cool, take the high road, and express our indignation intelligently. Just as we laugh at unhinged progressives, so too do they laugh at unhinged conservatives. But when we’re cordial and thoughtful, their only complaints can be about substance.

Guess who wins the substance debate? Conservatives. Why? Because we have the truth on our side.

One way to “double dip” is to retweet your reply. They don’t appear in your primary timeline otherwise and by retweeting it, you give it even more opportunity to be seen by your followers.

Don’t Tweet in batches unless it’s a thread

Don’t spread your Tweets thin. Tweeting one right after another reduces the chances of your Tweets being seen because Twitter usually only serves a few of your Tweets and retweets to followers at any given moment. Thankfully, The Twitter feed moves quickly, so it doesn’t take a long “cooldown” between Tweets. 5-10 minutes is fine.

The exception to this rule is with threads. There’s no time limit. I’ve seen threads that are a dozen Tweets long posted in a matter of seconds. I’ve seen threads extend for days at a time. With a thread, you have the opportunity for multiple Tweets to be seen as people click the “Show This Thread” button.

If I retweet a lot, I’ll often wait the 5-10 minutes before posting a fresh Tweet. This isn’t necessarily a rule of mine. Just habit, I suppose.

Keep in mind, some are able to take advantage of massive followings and Tweet constantly. This is only recommended if you’re regularly getting hundreds or thousands of retweets already.

Assume bias and proceed accordingly

Arguably the most important advice I can give any patriot wanting to make an impact through Twitter is to not take it too seriously. I know many people who put so much effort into Twitter that they have little time for other acts of patriotism. Twitter is important, but it’s not important enough to take away attention from other things.

I’ve been there. Before a strange algorithmic banning and a pair of long hiatuses from the platform, I would regularly get hundreds of retweets, sometimes thousands. I wasn’t nearly as popular as many of the strong conservative accounts today, but I had my share of semi-viral posts. But Twitter took that away. I helped by not paying enough attention, allowing my account to go stagnant. I’m embarrassed that some of my posts get literally zero interaction, but I don’t worry too much.

After all, it’s just Twitter.

We know the powers that be in big tech are determined to push the 2020 elections to the Democrats. We can give up or we can fight through it. I, for one, am choosing to push forward. There’s nothing worse than a quitter.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Meet Zach Vorhies, the Google whistleblower who exposed their anti-conservative bias



Meet Zach Vorhies the Google whistleblower who exposed their anti-conservative bias

Zach Vorhies took a great risk, perhaps greater than he even knew. He chose to take on the giant among tech giants, the biggest fish in the large pond of digital information delivery. He was a senior software engineer at Google who turned into a whistleblower of arguably the most important cache of internal documents ever released about the company.

But they caught him. Despite taking extreme precautions to hide his identity as he was revealing what he found to Project Veritas, it didn’t take long for Google to find him and start threatening him with demands for every computer, phone, and hard drive he owned. After acknowledging that he had the “smoking gun” internal documents that details Google’s policies, political leanings, and strategies to manipulate America, he warned them that he had established a “dead-man’s switch” which would trigger the release of the 950-pages of documents he had acquired if anything were to happen to him.

This compelled a scare tactic we wouldn’t normally associate with a tech company like Google: Having law enforcement shake him down. San Francisco PD verified to Project Veritas that Vorhies was called on for a “wellness check,” under which he was apprehended and screened for mental health issues that could make him a danger to himself or others. Ironically, this is not unlike so-called red flag gun laws, only Vorhies didn’t have his property forcefully confiscated.

Now, he has gone public. The documents were delivered to the Department of Justice. Project Veritas has revealed his identity and released the documents to the public. But it wasn’t an easy road that brought Vorhies to where he is today. Despite having a good-paying job of prestige and respect, he chose the need for the American people to know the truth instead of his own best interest.

“I always thought that when the time came to do the right thing in a big way, that I would always be the one that stood up and did the right thing,” Vorhies told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. “And I got tested because I was making a lot of money at Google.”

In the trove of data are things Google clearly wouldn’t want to be known by the general public. One part of the leak was a blacklist of sites that would never appear in Google Now, their quick reference recommendation engine. Google has denied having such a list. It includes sites belonging to Glenn Beck, Megan Kelly, and Steven Crowder. It’s telling that the list is made up of essentially two types of sites: conservative news sites and torrent sites for illegal downloads. That Google equates conservatives with digital thieves is funny.

But Vorhies didn’t simply dump documents and go back to work. He knew going in he would lose his job, but he believed it was more important for Americans to know the truth even if it meant changing his own quality of life.

“My yearly income from Google was $260,000, okay, once you factored in the stock. So I had every incentive in the world to stay at the company and just collect the paycheck,” he continued. “I know that’s the decision most other people would make, just to collect the paycheck, but I could never live with myself knowing that if Google was able to implement the plans that they were planning that I, at the moment of choice, backed out because I was selfish… I didn’t want to have that on my conscience.”

Another motivating factor for Vorhies was something many conservatives already know: Google is trying to have the best of both worlds. They want the protections given to them as a platform, but they also want the freedom to drive a particular narrative like a publisher. In the eyes of the law, a company cannot be both a platform and a publisher. If they’re a platform, they must not be biased in how news is delivered on their platform based on political ideology. If they’re a publisher, they’re liable for every piece of content shared on their sites and apps.

Vorhies noted that this wasn’t just about taking down Google or keeping the general public informed. This was an act of atonement; he participated in their nefarious deeds.

“I felt guilty and, you know, people are like ‘well, you’re brave.’ It’s like the feeling that I participated in what they were doing was actually worse,” Vorhies told O’Keefe. “I feel that when I’m coming and explaining that Google was doing this, it’s an act of atonement, okay, to make my conscience clear.

“If I didn’t do this then I’d have to live with myself for the rest of my life. People aren’t going to understand what I’m talking about until they see the documents because it’s really that bad. You know, they can stop, like, one or two of us but they can’t stop all of us coming out and explaining to the American public that this is what’s happening, that Google is not who they say they are.”

Now that Vorhies is out in public as the known whistleblower, will mainstream media talk about it? No. They have an agenda to push, and Vorhies’s story doesn’t jibe with their approved progressive narrative. The real narrative is hard to find in media, but we’re doing everything we can and we could use some help with that.

Zach Vorhies and his leaked documents make it blatantly clear Google is acting to suppress conservatives and influence the 2020 election. But it’s worse than that. They’ve become the digital thought police. Will legacy media cover this bombshell?

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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