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Andrew Cuomo’s sentiment is what drives the progressive movement



Andrew Cuomos sentiment is what drives the progressive movement

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did not misspeak when he declared America “was never that great” earlier today. In fact, his press office doubled down on the statement. What was a not-so-subtle jab at President Trump’s campaign slogan is quickly becoming the primary message of his reelection campaign.

The spin now is that his press office was attempting to walk back his comment, but that’s not the case. They’re now taking the faux pas and driving it into the heart of his messaging.

Andrew Cuomo shocks crowd, says America ‘was never that great“We have not reached greatness, we will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged, we will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping against women, 51 percent of our population, is gone and every woman’s full potential is realized and unleashed and every woman is making her full contribution,” he said.

Within hours, his spokeswoman tried walking it back. “The Governor believes America is great and that her full greatness will be fully realized when every man, woman, and child has full equality. America has not yet reached its maximum potential,” Cuomo’s press secretary, Dani Lever, said in a statement. “When the President speaks about making America great again – going back in time – he ignores the pain so many endured and that we suffered from slavery, discrimination, segregation, sexism and marginalized women’s contributions. The Governor believes that when everyone is fully included and everyone is contributing to their maximum potential, that is when America will achieve maximum greatness.”

Here’s the problem with all of this. It’s a notion that’s deeply embedded in the body of the progressive movement. They look at America’s history and see only flaws. There have definitely been bad times in America from slavery to the horrid treatment of native Americans, but in a progressive’s mind it was generally all bad. Capitalism, for example, has been to progressives what makes America evil instead of the engine upon which our nation has driven past the rest of the world.

The past that progressives see is one filled with hatred and intolerance. Yet, they do not see their own lack of tolerance for America’s past that contributed to our former greatness. They want to eradicate everything that’s not new, including Judeo-Christian values. Perhaps especially Judeo-Christian values.

There’s a reason right-leaning media outlets are jumping all over the comments while left-leaning ones aren’t too concerned about them. To the right, Cuomo’s statements were just shy of blasphemous. To the left, his words were a bold statement of their personal truths. They do not think America was great. They believe the only way American can ever be great is if we abandon the very things that made us great in the first place.

We should be a Christian nation. That’s not to say we need to abandon religious freedom or embrace a theocratic model, but to disregard the contributions of Judeo-Christian values for our nation since its founding is idiotic. Unfortunately, those values are seen only as roadblocks to the progressive agenda. This more than anything else is why they often openly denounce these values. They just don’t fit the progressive narrative.

Cuomo’s words won’t be fully walked back because he and so many other progressives hold his words as truth. Spinning it the way they are is only being done to suspend disbelief from moderates. For the progressive base, these words are part of their doctrine.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. DParker

    August 16, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    It’s always fascinating when the nation’s Left drops the mask, revealing what It truly believes.
    We witnessed the same when Santa Barbara City Councilman Jason Dominguez made the following with regard to banning plastic straws: “Unfortunately, common sense is just not common,” he said. “We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”

    He walked that back later on, but it also revealed something of the inner psyche of the Left.

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Culture and Religion

Why does the national socialist-left overreact to the proper labeling of the Nazis as being far-left?




Why does the national socialist-left overreact to the proper labeling of the Nazis as being far-left

A recitation of basic historical facts will bring forth all manner of vitriol and condemnation from the left. Why is this the case?

Properly labeling the Nazis as a far-left National Socialist German Workers’ Party will bring forth a stunning overreaction from the nation’s socialist-left. Why do they overreact denying their past? Why is this one of the worst aspects of the cultural civil war being waged by the left?

Overreacting to history

The past few years have seen the Left become increasingly detached from reality with logical arguments verging further and further from their grasp, seeing them having to compensate for their abilities and lack of practical solutions with ad hominem attacks or childish invective. The worst examples being of the genre of the ‘debunking’ article or video of the statement of the facts of the Nazi party, with most beginning with vitriol unworthy of a 5-year-old. In many cases their circular logic has devolved down to there is no reason to debate those of us on the pro-liberty right because we are essentially wrong.

A debate on the biggest historical lies in modern history does bring forth a question in why the left overreacts to the discussion. Why do they care about the base ideology of a group of socialists that were only around for a mercifully short time, over 70 years ago? Are they terribly worried that the Nazis will be correctly identified as part of an ideology that has oppressed and deliberately murdered millions of people, thus tarring their reputation?

Leftists never directly explain why certain groups are ‘right-wing’

While they will often assert that fascism is some manifestation of extremism of the political right, they fail to explain why this is the case. They simply assert the presumption and quickly ‘move-on’ to issue further insults against the pro-liberty right. The best they can offer is that ‘fascist states practiced business-friendly economic policies’ or that certain people voted for them. Or it’s the shop-worn ‘rivalry’ talking point often trotted out by the left. The problem for the left is that none of those items even come close to proving the case no matter how many times they repeat them.

This is after all, the biggest lie in modern history and a complete reversal of the meaning of common words. Those kinds of extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but leftists never even get up to the starting block. Leftists begin with the presumption that the Nazis were ‘right-wing’ and they simply repeat the charge ad nauseam, despite not having any to proof this is the case. It could just be a coincidence that historic falsehood just happens to absolve their side of the political spectrum of the worst horrors of WWII.

Leftists presume the Nazis were ‘right-wing’ since they were ‘right-wing’, simply because they were ‘right-wing’. With the magic of circular logic, anyone can be ‘right-wing’ because they are said to be ‘right-wing’. Start off with a one-line editorial and simply build on the presumption, never mind proving the case with facts.

Why does the Left tar their opposition as ‘right-wing’ no matter how it defies basic logic?

Stalin was the originator of casting his political opponents as fascists and supposedly ‘right-wing’ despite a dearth of evidence. So it’s not without the least bit of historic irony that one of the ‘reactionary’ articles on the issue makes the stunning revelation that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under good old Uncle Jo was in fact a ‘right-wing terroristic totalitarian regime’. Yes indeed, in an article on the admittedly leftist site ‘Wrath-Bearing Tree’ in a piece entitled: No, Nazis were Not Leftists: Or, How to Debunk Right-Wing Propaganda. The author makes this stunning revelation – without evidence –overreacting to an article on the subject in The Federalist.

For those who shout “What about Stalin?!”, the answer is that the Soviet Union, especially under Stalin, was also a right-wing terroristic totalitarian regime, despite the supposed “leftism” of Communist ideology that could be traced back to said Enlightenment values. The Soviet Union was never really Communist in anything but name, but from the beginning governed as just another kleptocratic oligarachy much more authoritarian than any Tsar ever dreamed of. Vladimir Nabokov, in his memoirs, calls the Bolsheviks (who assassinated his father, by the way) “fascists.” So the answer is that the Nazis weren’t “leftist,” but that the Soviet Union was actually “rightist.”

[our emphasis]

It would seem that the nation’s socialist-left doesn’t tire of going to the well in trying to foster the ‘that wasn’t really socialism’ lie. A lie, they insist on maintaining with the socialist nation of Venezuela.

Who knew that Bernie Sanders was ‘Right-wing’?

Lest anyone consider those previous revelations to top the heap of the illogic of the Socialist-Left, we present this piece from World Socialist Web Site entitled: Bernie Sanders silent on Assange, vocal in promoting nationalism at Michigan, asserting that socialist Bernie Sanders is really ‘Right-wing’:

Seeking to attack Trump from the right and outdo the president’s appeal to chauvinism and xenophobia, the Vermont senator declared: “The NAFTA treaty that Trump renegotiated with Mexico will still allow companies like General Motors to send our jobs to Mexico.

Sanders’ silent support for the persecution of Assange and his promotion of nationalism arise from his pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist political orientation. These right-wing positions demonstrate that his real aim is not, as he claims, to lead a “political revolution” against the “billionaire class,” but to misdirect, disorient and suppress opposition among workers and young people by channeling it behind the corporate-controlled, pro-war Democratic Party.

[Our Emphasis]

Leftists will brand anyone they consider to be the opposition as ‘right-wing’ at the drop of a hat, just as they will overreact to any challenge to their ‘That wasn’t really socialism’ mythology. They maintain these tactics and outright lies for two closely related reasons. This is to protect their base ideology, and to balance out the butcher’s bill.

Protecting the ideology of socialism

An ideology based on ancient ideas enslaves, oppresses and has deliberately murdered over 100 million people with a track record of 400 years of failure somehow tends to get a bad reputation. So it only follows that its current votaries in trying to foist it on a new generation would seek to make it sound like something other than what has brought on the horrors of the past. It’s akin to a car dealership that at one was called Robert Francis O’Rourke’s used cars is now Beto’s better deals in trying to take in a new class of suckers.

Balancing out the butcher’s bill

Even worse than keeping their base ideology ‘pure’ by insisting that it’s never really been implemented correctly is their use of these lies to try to absolve its blood soaked history. The presumption being that even though various sundry Communists have killed millions, they can point to the Nazis in one of history’s more perverse forms of ‘whataboutism’.

It is for this reason that the national socialist left overreacts with such vehemence to the recitation of the truth. Given these facts from history, it is clear that the organized evil of the modern age redounds mostly to the left. They are the one with blood on their hands, even though they attempt to project it on others.

The Dangerous mystique of Nazism

There are two very dangerous effects of leftist attempts of constantly trying to rewrite history. One is that it provides a certain level of ‘mystique’ to the Nazis, Lending itself to those of a certain disaffected status to emulate this horrid ideology. This would be far less likely if the truth about this party wasn’t undergoing constant obscurement by the nation’s socialist-left.

Shedding some of the dark side of socialism

This leftist mythology also keeps the full horror of the record of socialism under wraps. Leftists will always insist on the ‘that wasn’t really socialism’ lie. But with the Nazis as part of their own, they can’t palm off some it horrors on the ‘right wing’. Thus new adherents aren’t repulsed by the horrific past of the left’s base ideology. There would be far fewer new minted socialists if they were apprised of the full truth of the collectivist ‘faith’.

The Takeaway

There is a very good reason the national socialist-left overreacts to anyone daring to bring up certain historical facts. While it’s a part of the ‘that wasn’t really socialism’ lie, it also provides them with a convenient excuse for the deprivations of those nations that are at least for now acknowledged as leftist by the left. Soon enough they will try to work their magic in rewriting history to somehow term failed socialist nations to be somehow ‘right wing’. So at least in their minds, their base ideology will be left unsullied by oppression and deliberate mass murder.

For everyone else, the truth is becoming manifest, that the myriad variations in collectivism have all failed with horrific results for millions of people. We have reached the end of the age of experimentation in government. Those predicated on individual liberty and economic freedom are vastly superior to those based on collectivism and economic slavery. The truth of the matter will bare this out, leaving the socialist-left out in the cold as they deserve.

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President’s prediction of Biden or Sanders as his opponent is wishful thinking



Presidents prediction of Biden or Sanders as his opponent is wishful thinking

Yesterday, President Trump Tweeted the names of the two candidates he believes will be battling it out head-to-head at the end of the Democratic nomination process. Both happen to be the early leaders in the polls. Both are also the idea candidates for the President to take on next November.

Most polls show Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) leading former Vice President Joe Biden with the rest of the pack far behind the two. But polls this early are meaningless. As 2016’s presidential election showed us, polls may be meaningless regardless of how close they are to the election.

More importantly, we haven’t actually seen the inevitable movement in the polls and popularity of the candidates. Just as Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Ben Carson had their turns at the top of the leaderboard in 2015, so too will we see candidates rise and fall for the Democrats this year. That’s the nature of the beast of politics, especially when it comes to presidential elections.

There’s something notable about Biden and Sanders that would make them ideal candidates to go against the President, at least from the President’s perspective. They’re both older Caucasian males. One of the challenges the President will face if neither of them win the nomination is that most of the other candidates have some degree of presidential uniqueness about them. Many are women. Some are minorities. One is homosexual. They all pose a stark contrast with the President.

Sanders and Biden are demographically identical to the President and therefore wouldn’t pose as much of a threat as one of the other candidates would.

The best thing that could happen for President Trump’s reelection efforts would be for him to go head-to-head with Caucasian male who’s older than he is. Whether that’s Biden or Sanders, it behooves the President to root for them.

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Culture and Religion

Reparations: Why the push now?



Reparations Why the push now

Democrat presidential candidates have launched the debate of reparations (back?) into prominence. The idea is that the government will compensate black people for the sins of slavery over a hundred years ago. There are no specifics in regards to rich black people, mixed people, or African-American immigrants. Nor is there a dollar amount specified. The vague notion of free money always has its appeal to the recipients. However what are the motivations of these promises? Are the Democrats shamefully pandering? Or are the Democrats corralling?

There have been recent incidents of Democrats overtly pandering like AOC having a blaccent which is hardly different from Hillary Clinton  or Joe Biden when they pandered to black people. The entire border crisis is a Democrat ploy so that they can drastically shift America’s electorate in their favor by pandering to the illegal immigrants whom they help vote already or intend to give citizenship so that they will vote someday.

So before answering the three questions posed in the beginning, it must be determined, the reason the Democrats pander. Steve Deace, on a recent “Blaze Roundtable” discussion, which is a must-watch, described the Democrat electorate according to a NY Times study. The study found a gaping disparity between Democrats on social media and Democrats in real life. The discussion concluded with Steve Deace explaining how the Republicans are a coalition and the Democrats are a confederacy (just like old times). Democrats are a confederacy of identitarian politics: blacks, hispanics, gays, Muslims etc. So, pandering to keep this confederacy alive is blood flow for the party.

But not all pandering comes in equivalent degrees. The recent push for reparations is an aggressive pander that can literally be construed as buying votes. “You give, I give.” It makes for a good campaign promise like canceling student debt (that was voluntarily assumed.) However, when it comes to Democrats pandering to black Americans, one needs to notice clear trends.

The first trend is increasing racial tensions. Much of this came from the Obama years beginning with events like the death of Trevon Martin by the hands of a hispanic man. However, when Daron Wilson defended himself against Michael Brown, the media and police misrepresented the situation, culmulating in riots that could have been avoided. Several other false martyrs were raised, and occasionally there were wrongful deaths. People’s racism kept them from treating every person’s hashtag as an individual case. Nor did they care for rule of law in the matter. In Baltimore, the Freddie Gray trials featured a blatant instance of a social justice jury that hanged the first (black) defendant. He was charged with various homicide and reckless endangerment charges because he didn’t put a seatbelt on Freddie Gray. The rest of the defendants chose bench trials to their own acquittal. Baltimore is a worse place as a result. This led to people like Kaepernick and various rap stars perpetuating victim ideology, despite their success. This year the Grammy’s gave “This is America” Song of the Year. The song features talentless repetition of the phrase “Get your money, Black man.” This is in stark contrast to the black comedy Barbershop which lampooned the idea of reparations and even having the (arguably) most thuggish character deliver the monologue. Control the culture and you control the policy is a widely believed sequence. Well, the culture is going downhill, as evident by the Grammys and our uncultured society. Thus, this creates a breeding ground for free money policies. This would indicate that the Democrats are simply pandering to pander.

The second trend is Blexit. Donald Trump, for all his statements, won more of the black vote than Mitt Romney or John McCain. Kanye West and Chance the Rapper stated that black people do not have to vote Democrat. I’ve been largely critical of Candace Owens; however, her function in the Conservative movement is a necessary campaign to break the hegemony of the black Democrat vote. After all, the Republicans have pandered hard to Jews. Hispanics tend to vote more Republican with each generation. The confederacy of the Democrat Party if unraveled would spell the doom of the socialist movement in America. Perhaps the Democrat push for reparations is a tactical maneuver to maintain their most secure voting block. It’s very possible this hegemony is more fragile than ever but the gift of free money can forestall eventual disaster.

Final Thoughts

As for the three questions posed in the beginning, come to your own conclusion. The goal of this column was to generate consciousness as to why this policy suggestion is having an aggressive push.

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