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Frank Luntz denies being source of Omarosa’s claims about Trump’s use of N-word



Frank Luntz denies being source of Omarosas claims about Trumps use of N-word

The political world was frantic today as former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault claimed President Trump is a racist who repeatedly used the N-word. At least one source for her claim, pollster Frank Luntz, denies to have heard it spoken by the President.

Omarosa claims that there is more evidence, including a tape, that proves Trump is a racist.

Omarosa claims Trump is a racist, used N-word on ‘The Apprentice’ Trump is a “racist” who regularly used the “N-word” on the set of “The Apprentice,” claims Omarosa Manigault Newman, who starred on the show and then followed the president to the White House.

The future US president was caught on mic uttering the racial slur “multiple times” during the making of his reality TV show, and there are recordings that prove it, according to Newman, who offered no proof of her accusation.

Such claims are not new. There have been rumors of outtakes from The Apprentice that prove Trump is a racist since the election. Those associated with the show such as producer Mark Burnett have all denied the rumors but have also put strict measures on the release of any unauthorized tapes from the show.

Long-time Trump foe Tom Arnold puts much of the blame on them.

Bottom line

Until there’s a tape that is released, this will all be he-said-she-said. It will not have an impact on the upcoming election or the President’s reelection chances because the vast majority of people are already in their camps. Either they think the President is racist or not and Omarosa’s claims won’t sway them. They’ll help her sell more books, though.