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Trump promotes himself and his make-believe economy at Ohio rally



Trump promotes himself and his make-believe economy at Ohio rally

Trump attended a rally in Ohio this past weekend to support Troy Balderson for Congress talk about himself ahead of the last special election for Congress before November. The vacant seat Troy Balderson hopes to win has been held by the GOP since the 1980’s, and he’s in danger of losing it.

As is always the case when speaking to his cultish followers, Trump regurgitated a list of “look at me” talking points used since the beginning of his 2016 campaign. Trump repeated his “Fake News” spiel as he praised Trump Pravda (FOX News) while criticizing unfavorable news coverage from other media. At one point, Trump referred to networks such as MSNBC as elite, but then seized the mantle of elitism as his own, apparently unaware that elitism isn’t considered a virtuous trait for a president to possess.

“They’re more elite than me? I have better everything than they have, including this,” Trump said while pointing to his head.

After bragging about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Trump used the nomination to brag about his own popularity with Democrats and the “nice things” they say about him.

“A couple of them compare me to some of the greats. They talk about Abe Lincoln, Honest Ave. I tell the people it’s wonderful that they’re saying nice things, but they’re never going to give us the vote.”

Trump also renewed his “seriously low IQ person” attack on Rep. Maxine Watters and, of course, he continued his attacks on the Mueller investigation.

But then Trump suddenly remembered why he was in Ohio, so he returned to supporting Balderson using GOP talking points about how he needed more Republicans to keep the economy going. But alas, once again the focus returned to Trump as he went off script to make a host of bloviating claims about how his administration brought us “the greatest economy in the history of our country.”

Back in Washington, Trump renewed his bogus claims about the economy in a tweet yesterday:

Despite his claims to the contrary, Trump’s economy misses the mark when it comes to being the best ever.

In May, unemployment “dropped” to around 3.9 percent. But as I reported at the time, that number is was created using the same rigged methods used by Obama where the government simply stops counting people once they stop looking for work or drop out of the workforce. Under Trump, the labor-participation rate has continued to fall which is the reason why unemployment went down.

Additionally, hourly wages have barely kept up with inflation, rising 2.7 percent (they grew at five percent in the 1990’s), and GDP is averaging a little over two percent (we had five percent growth in the 1960’s and early 1970’s).

Clearly, Trump’s economy is not the best ever.

Trump and the GOP claim that their economic policies are working and that only by voting Republican can we keep the economy strong. Unfortunately, trade wars, excessive government spending, and made-up economic data proves that their claim is nothing but an election-year lie designed to hide the truth that Trump’s economy is no better than Obama’s.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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Dear America: The GOP tax cuts have helped nearly all of you



Dear America The GOP tax cuts have helped nearly all of you

It really shouldn’t be the job of a small news outlet to tell the American people they are saving a lot of money because of the tax cuts the GOP enacted last year. It also shouldn’t just be us reminding people that job growth, pay increases, and those unexpected bonuses they’ve been receiving have been a response by corporate America to the tax cuts.

Unfortunately, one of the Republican Party’s biggest weaknesses is rearing its ugly head with two weeks left before election day. Their inability to educate the people about something as basic yet important as tax cuts is the second biggest reason (hatred by the left for President Trump is the biggest) a blue wave may be on our horizon. I’m leaning away from believing the blue wave will manifest anywhere near the degree that many analysts are anticipating, but the fact that there’s a potential for a blue wave at all is a direct result of the GOP not knowing how to explain tax cuts to the American people.

The tax cuts were far from perfect, but they had a dramatic effect on many aspects of the vast majority of American families. This was the thunder the GOP needed for these elections and they’ve squandered them. The saddest part is that their quiet roll out last year was because even Republicans underestimated the impact. They downplayed it all because they didn’t know corporate America’s response would be so powerful.

Roll back the clocks. It’s a month after the tax cuts were signed and at that point dozens of major companies had announced some variation of “giving back” to their employees. Some gave bonuses. Others gave raises. It was a welcome bit of extra cash just before the holidays. Mainstream media couldn’t help but report most of it because they were that significant.

Most Republican law makers and analysts said, “See, told ya so!” Unfortunately, they moved on. They fell into one of two camps with their assumptions. Some thought the American people were aware because the news they were watching was filled with talks of the tax cuts’ effects. The others assume the American people will never really understand it.

Both were wrong. They’re always wrong when it comes to understanding what the American people know and how to make them know more.

Now, we’re two weeks away from the election and many Democrats are actually running on REPEALING the tax cuts.

Tax cuts a bust for Republicans in midterms“Had they done what the Bush guys did by making it advance-able and giving everybody a ‘Trump check,’ then maybe people would have had something a little more tangible,” said one Republican on condition of anonymity. “Otherwise, it’s like, ‘Take a look at the third line down on your paycheck every other week.’” And Democrats, to the surprise of some, remained unified against the law.

They’ve pilloried the cuts as a gift to the rich and to corporations. Even an internal Republican National Committee poll leaked last month to Bloomberg News conceded has been effective at shaping perceptions of the law as a giveaway to the rich.

There were many ways to educate the people, but they lost the “information war” to the Democrats. Now, tax cuts are being painted as a gift to corporate America with no benefit to the people.

The GOP expected people would understand the benefits of cutting their taxes. They thought they’d look at their paychecks and see a difference. They thought the people would attribute job growth to the tax cuts. They even through people would read the news thoroughly and properly translate quotes from obscure CEOs.

Some Republicans gave the people too much credit for researching this on their own. Others didn’t give them enough credit and didn’t even attempt to explain the tax cuts. Both groups have failed their party and left Americans in the dark.

Whether through direct increases in take-home pay or through trickle down effects of business growth, the tax cuts have helped Americans and the economy. If the GOP knew how to communicate that, talk of a blue wave would have died from the start.

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PragerU: What’s wrong with government-run healthcare?




PragerU Whats wrong with government-run healthcare

This latest video from PragerU details how another vote-buying pipe dream from the Left can never work.

A new video from PragerU features policy expert Lanhee Chen from the Hoover Institution at Stanford, who explains how ‘Free Healthcare’ can never work in the real world. As is the case with most Leftist vote-buying schemes, the ‘The Medicare for all’ fiction is long on promises and short on how it will be funded. The tax burden for such a scheme would destroy the economy and would have to be levied on almost everyone. This kind of national socialized healthcare would also take away the incentive for innovation, which has made for the best healthcare system in the states and the rest of the world.

One often suspects that these assurances of freebies are never meant to operate as promised. Witness the much vaunted Obamacare that was supposed to eliminate the uninsured, but did nothing of the sort. Such is also the case with their push for Liberty control, since it never works as advertised.  In most cases, it should be apparent that the Left doesn’t care if their schemes will work or not. If they did actually care, they would try something else, something that actually works.

For the Left, their ‘Ends justifies the means’ mantra extends to most of their agenda. It doesn’t matter if their system of societal slavery works or not, only that it brings them the power they crave.

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Wayne Dupree on cutting entitlement programs



Wayne Dupree on cutting entitlement programs

When the truth goes against the narrative, it’s hard for many to swallow. Entitlement reform, which has been on the Republican platform for decades, has been in the perpetual state of always getting promised but never getting delivered. The reason it keeps getting kicked down the road is because it’s simply too hard to take away things that millions have gotten used to receiving.

At least President Trump was honest enough to say from the beginning that he wasn’t touching entitlements.

What Democrats don’t want you to know and what Republicans only want you to remember on election day is that entitlements are crippling the economy. We can no longer say they’re going to hurt our children and grandchildren. It’s now to the point that we can’t make fiscal decisions as a country without considering the huge chunk that encompasses entitlements.

Conservative Radio Host Wayne Dupree has been fighting this battle for a while. He rightly contends that the pain we’d feel today if entitlements were cut is small compared to the pain we’ll feel in the near future and beyond if they’re not cut.

Yes, it’s hard to make cuts to something that supports millions of Americans, but there are ways to reform the system and still protect the most vulnerable. Kudos to Wayne Dupree for fighting this unpopular battle.

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