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GOP in 2018: If you can’t earn the vote, buy it instead



GOP in 2018 If you cant earn the vote buy it instead

As we learned in the article I wrote yesterday, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives is about to embark on its annual August recess — a time when politicians who haven’t done their job campaign at taxpayer’s expense begging to keep their job.

In that piece, I wrote about how the GOP, after establishing a lengthy track record of broken promises, would attempt to leverage Trump’s tax cuts and economic policies into a success story worthy of another term in office, even though his policies are failing to deliver as promised.

However, the GOP isn’t putting all its eggs in that one Trumponomics basket. As the Washington swamp is prone to do when it lacks a successful track record to run on, Trump & Co. are getting ready to tap the taxpayer once again to literally buy as many votes as they can heading into November.

Yesterday, in what was essentially an admission that America is losing his “easy to win” trade war, Trump announced that he would incorporate a bit of creative bookkeeping to buy votes in America’s heartland. Speaking for the administration, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue stated that $12 billion of taxpayer money would be used to bribe farmers and ranchers into voting Republican:

“This is obviously a short-term solution that will give President Trump time to work on a long-term trade policy and deal to benefit agriculture as well as all sectors of the American economy.

“The programs we are announcing today are a firm statement that other nations cannot bully our agricultural producers to force the United States to cave in.”

Translation? Trump can be bullied and forced to cave, but this bribe will keep that fact under wraps until after November.

Meanwhile, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is pushing Trump’s favorite big-government agenda item: spending billions of taxpayer dollars to create so-called jobs rebuilding America’s infrastructure. You remember the “shovel ready” infrastructure jobs swindle under Obama, don’t you? I guess this is just one more way Trump is continuing Obama’s policies.

For those of you wondering how a government that just announced a trillion-dollar deficit for next year will pay for these infrastructure projects, rest easy. Trump and the GOP plan to take back those so-called tax cuts they just gave you.

GOP Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Bill Shuster (PA), is proposing a 15-cent-per-gallon tax on gasoline and a 20-cent-per-gallon tax on diesel, along with a cornucopia of other new taxes. These taxes will increase in the future because they will be indexed for inflation, but the good news is they will phased out after 2028.

Stop laughing. It could happen. Yeah, right.

By the way, Trump fully supports these new taxes to pay for his infrastructure scam.

So, get ready America. In the 2018 election, Trump and the GOP plan to try to buy your vote. And get this . . . they’ll do it using your money. Trump calls that “winning.”

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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Stench of impeachment must stick to Democrats in 2020



Stench of impeachment must stick to Democrats in 2020

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has one goal. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not impeachment of the President. She’s supporting it now because she has to for various reasons ranging from a revolting left within her own caucus to acting as a smokescreen to protect Joe Biden and other Democrats (possibly including herself) who have engaged with the previous corrupt government of Ukraine. But it’s not what she wants because she knows it will fail in the end.

Her actual goal is to clear the stink of impeachment off the Democrats before the 2020 election. Yes, it’s going to stink. Thanks to the antics of Adam Schiff and others, it’s already stinking pretty badly and it hasn’t even had very much time to rot in front of American voters. She wants to get in, check off the impeachment box on her list of “accomplishments” as Speaker, and move onto the next component of obstruction that she’ll hope to ride into the 2020 election.

We cannot allow that to happen. This stink must remain firmly attached to the Democrats who support impeachment all the way through to election day next year. They need to wear impeachment like an albatross of shame around the necks, and they must not be allowed to shed it until they’re ousted from office.

This is important. The press is going to help them “move on” after it’s done. But conservatives must keep pressing it. We cannot allow it to fall off the radar as we’ve done so many times in recent elections. Benghazi should have sunk President Obama, but he was let off the hook. The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation debacle should have helped Republicans expand their control of the Senate, but it was old news a month after his confirmation just in time for the 2018 midterm elections. Time and time again, Democrats hand Republicans something that stinks, and Republicans fail to capitalize on it during elections.

If former FBI Director James Comey had let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her email scandal a month earlier than he did, she might have won the 2016 election. That’s how bad Republicans are at capitalizing on Democratic mistakes. Impeachment is such a mistake, a huge one. And if Republicans don’t handle it right, they’ll let it slip into the history books instead of letting it carry them to big gains in the House and Senate.

President Trump will be fine. He’ll capitalize on it without even trying and will use it to win his reelection. Down-ballot races must do the same. Any Republican running against a Democrat who supports impeachment should use that as the anchor that sinks the incumbent into a dark electoral pit. They should hammer this debacle until their opponents’ names are synonymous with “impeachment” among their constituents.

We must help them.

If your representative supports impeachment, make certain everyone you influence knows just how bad that really is. Today, it is allegedly popular with many. But it’s going to end up stinking very badly, and that odor must stick to Democrats like glue.

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Andrew Wilkow: Elizabeth Warren’s lack of real-world experience is why progressives love her



Andrew Wilkow Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is the current frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president. I’ll admit, I never expected that to be the case until recently. I truly believed she would be in the middle of the pack before bowing out in favor of Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, or one of the other radical progressives who would take on Joe Biden. But I was wrong. She has surged into the lead and at this point, it’s her race to lose.

BlazeTV’s Andrew Wilkow explained her popularity among the progressives, and in doing so showed by I was unable to see her appeal. According to Wilkow, the difference between her and Hillary Clinton is that she’s a member of the elite academia, which progressives love. Her lack of real-world experience isn’t seen as the clear detraction that it should be. Instead, having lived in a theoretical bubble of feel-good progressive policy proposals gives her an advantage in the eyes of hyper-leftists.

In other words, she hasn’t had any real-world experience to burst her bubble, so she’s able to enact hypothetical ideas that are demonstrably bad without reality clouding her judgment. To the far-left, this makes her an ideal candidate.

How in the world is Elizabeth Warren leading in the Democratic polls? Andrew Wilkow breaks it all down for us in this eye-opening analysis for BlazeTV. She’s as detached from reality as her policy proposals, which is why the radicals adore her.

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Dear Jeff Sessions: Don’t run for Senate



Dear Jeff Sessions Dont run for Senate

I generally like former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He was an above average conservative Senator before becoming a running joke and a thorn in President Trump’s side as Attorney General. One can even argue his incompetence led to the Russia investigation, the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, and the two years of the attacks and lies the President had to face over so-called “Russian collusion.”

But other than that, he seems to be an okay guy.

From a policy perspective, he is strong. From a leadership perspective, he was pretty decent during his two decades in the Senate. But he shouldn’t run for Senate again, at least not in the upcoming election. Nevertheless, rumors are spreading that he is being “drafted” as buzz builds around him potentially joining the crowded Republican field in Alabama.

Jeff Sessions 2020 U.S. Senate Run Buzz Swirls in Alabama recent days, there has been rampant speculation that former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions could enter the contest for his old seat. Sessions held the seat currently occupied by Jones from 1997 through 2017. He gave up that seat to serve in the Trump administration until his unceremonious exit in late 2018.

If Sessions were to enter the race for the Republican Party’s nomination, he would be joining a crowded field that includes former Auburn University head football coach Tommy Tuberville, U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL), Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, State Rep. Arnold Mooney (R) and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Late last month, Tuberville secured front-runner status by receiving the endorsement of the influential Alabama Farmers Federation.  At the time and to this day, publicly available polling has shown Tuberville with a substantial lead over the rest of the field.

It’s quite a who’s-who among Alabama Republicans running for the nomination to take down Democrat Doug Jones.  Tuberville is a legend. Byrne won his Congressional district by 27 points in 2018. Merrill won his statewide election by 22 points. Mooney has made a strong name for himself in the state legislature. And who doesn’t know Moore, who lost to Jones after a teen-dating scandal from the 1970s broke in the Washington Post.

Nevertheless, Sessions has a ton of die-hard supporters in Alabama. His entry into the race would cause an upheaval in the primary and bring turmoil to an already-crowded race. It would be different if there weren’t strong candidates to run, as the GOP desperately needs to retake the seat to maintain control of the Senate. But there are. The candidates are strong enough. Whoever emerges as the primary winner will be the frontrunner in the general election.

Jeff Sessions’ time has come and gone. He made decisions that pushed him out of favor with the President, and thus out of favor with many in the Republican Party. His candidacy is unnecessary with such a strong field already running.

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