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Pro-Trump media voice upset conservatives are leaving the GOP



“When an anti-Trump voice in the media announces he’s leaving the Republican party but no one’s there to read it, does it make a sound?”

This pathetically lame attempt at humor was the opening salvo in a pro-Trump opinion piece written for the pro-Trump Washington Examiner over the weekend by Eddie Scarry about Republicans in the media who are leaving the party.

The trigger for Scarry’s opine was an article written by Max Boot for the Washington Post—one of Trump’s favorite targets in his war against freedom of the press. By the way, the owner of the Washington Post is Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon which also happens to be one of Trump’s favorite targets.

Despite Scarry’s careless and lazy interchangeable use of the words conservative and Republican—they’re not the same thing—he claims that Boot and others like him should be ignored because “It isn’t newsworthy when a conservative in the media hates Trump” and that “hating Trump in the media comes cheap.”

Using a style all too common whenever #Cult45 defends Trump, Scarry fails to address the reason why Boot and others like him are lining up to leave the GOP. Instead of defending the track record of GOP successes—a tough task since there isn’t one—Scarry uses the tactics most often employed by the man in the White House by attempting to discredit Boot as someone “most people don’t know.”

Besides the fact that I know who he is, Max Boot is a Senior Fellow in national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, has been an editor for Christian Science Monitor and The Wall Street Journal, and has authored several books including a New York Times bestseller. Scarry, for the record, used to cover media and politics for and recently authored a pro-Trump masterpiece entitled, Fraud and Fiction: The Truth behind Fire and Fury.

But here’s the ultimate pro-Trump clincher: Scarry claims that Boot and those like him didn’t leave the GOP; they “left it behind when Trump transformed it.” Scarry also boasted how “[Conservatives] didn’t quit the GOP. The GOP’s voters fired them for contributing nothing valuable to the party since at least 2010.” An ironic claim when you realize that it was conservatives and the TEA Party that gave the GOP control of the House in 2010 in a landslide.

I’m thinking that the non-contributors since 2010 are the Republicans in Congress, not the Republicans in media. But, hey! That’s just me.

As growing numbers of conservatives and Republicans—they’re not the same thing despite Scarry’s sloppy interchangeable use of the words—rush the fire exits to avoid being destroyed in an inferno started by the political arsonist in the White House and fueled by the GOP establishment, the Scarrys, Ingrahams, Coulters, and Hannitys of the so-called conservative media have chosen the wide gate leading to the pro-Trump echo chamber. It’s their right to do so, but they will have no one to blame but themselves when there’s nothing left of the GOP but a pile of ashes.

A parting thought. According to Scarry, Trump has transformed the GOP, meaning that the Party no longer exists. If true, why does he feel the need to discredit those who choose to leave something that he says no longer exists? Could it be that he is disappointed that his sellout to Trump’s brand of faux-conservatism isn’t panning out as he had hoped?

Which reminds me of a line from the 1980s classic movie, The Princess Bride. In the Age of Trump, Mr. Scarry probably needs to…

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With ‘collusion’ out and ‘racism’ in, legacy media scrambles to write the anti-Trump narrative



With collusion out and racism in legacy media scrambles to write the anti-Trump narrative

There are things that are often so obvious to me, I actually ignore them as stories to consider reporting when in reality they’re big news. It’s part of the myopia journalists often get when their days are spent researching and analyzing a topic so much, we assume certain things are common knowledge when they’re not. Case-in-point: The fact that legacy media establishes narrative plans to achieve goals that promote their agenda.

It took my wife’s aghast response to learning the NY Times was setting up a gameplan to attack President Trump from now until the election. I asked her what she thought newsroom’s did. After all, she knows I used to sit in meetings about how to cover particular topics, and affecting the 2020 election is obviously something newsrooms will try to do. But to her (and probably a lot of our readers), it’s assumed journalists aren’t crafting stories based on a playbook but are simply taking each individual piece of news and spinning it as they see fit.

Nope. That’s not how it works. We’ve seen comical examples of media coordination to push very specific narratives that often match the talking points of Democrats. This isn’t new. It’s as old as journalism itself. Propaganda isn’t a rare occurrence. It’s an ongoing battle to appear to be unbiased while conveying bias subtly. But today, there’s no longer subtly involved. Both progressive and conservative news outlets unabashedly spin stories to suit their agendas.

The latest example came from a leak of a NY Times staff meeting transcript that detailed how the Russian collusion narrative was a dud and they needed to go after the new Trump narrative, that he’s a racist. I saw the story yesterday and myopically assumed, “Duh, it’s obvious. This is a nothingburger.” But as my wife pointed out, there are plenty of people who don’t realize this is how newsrooms in every major outlet operate.

Leaked Transcript Of NYT Staff Meeting Reveals Leadership’s Plan For Reporting On Trump For Next Two Years

As revealed in the leaked transcript, Baquet began the meeting by referencing the paper’s “significant missteps” and then explaining how these “missteps” stem from “something larger”: the paper’s approach to reporting on Trump. “This is a really hard story, newsrooms haven’t confronted one like this since the 1960s,” said Baquet. “It got trickier after [inaudible] … [it] went from being a story about whether the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia and obstruction of justice to being a more head-on story about the president’s character.”

Baquet then admits that the Times had “built our newsroom” around covering the ultimately debunked narrative that Trump “colluded” with Russia. “We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well,” said Baquet in comments highlighted by the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York. “Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story.”

As early as it may seem in the election cycle, this is actually crunch-time for journalists with an agenda, which is essentially all of us. The narratives take time to stick, and so if progressive media is going to get enough Americans to believe their racism narrative, they need to be hammering it today and all the way through until the election.

Their plan has three steps:

  1. Paint Trump as a racist
  2. Paint the whole GOP as either racists or enabling racists
  3. Make voters believe that if they vote for Trump and/or Republicans, they’re racists as well

If that sounds familiar, it’s because you’re paying attention as the narrative unfolds before our eyes. They realize the President hasn’t said or done anything that’s racist. They can attach the race card to certain comments he makes, but even then it’s a stretch. But they need to hold this as their message because his policies tell a completely different story. Black and Hispanic-American unemployment numbers are at all-time lows while prosperity is spreading to minorities faster than ever in our history, including (especially) under President Obama.

The left will try to divide us and then claim President Trump is the great divider. They want to draw distinct lines between those who support him and those who may be willing to oppose him. Then, they’ll do everything in their power to pull people on the fence over to their side. What they can’t understand is why things are working, why the economy is humming, and why violence seems to be coming more from the left than the right. That’s not what they expected to happen. Many assumed his presidency would be so bad so quickly, he’d never be allowed to finish his first term. But as it becomes increasingly likely he’ll get a second term, they’re scrambling to derail him.

The progressive narratives in legacy media are 100% intended to subvert the 2020 election and remove President Trump from power. The best thing conservatives can do is continue to point out their complete journalistic hypocrisy.

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Kirsten Gillibrand wants to confiscate guns



Kirsten Gillibrand wants to confiscate guns

Senator and failing Democratic candidate for president Kirsten Gillibrand wants to confiscate your guns. The former “conservative” when it was politically expedient to be one in upstate New York has now gone the way of most her new party. She’s a radical progressive who wants your guns.

For someone who used to have an “A” rating with the NRA, she’s come a long way to hit rock bottom by calling for “assault weapons” bans and mandatory buybacks, AKA confiscations. Oh, but she won’t actually SAY they’re mandatory buybacks. She danced around that question like a pop star.

Gun activist Colion Noir broke down a recent interview she did with CNN. It was clear, as Noir pointed out, that CNN has already weighed Gillibrand in the balance and found her wanting. They went after her to corner her on her old gun rights support and tried to get her to admit what she wants to do as president with gun confiscations.

It’s funny watching Democrats flail around trying to get attention for themselves. There are only a handful of candidates leaving a mark, and Kirsten Gillibrand isn’t one of them. But she’s still trying to do damage to the 2nd Amendment on her way out.

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The 2nd Amendment is the first target in the left’s war on liberty




The 2nd Amendment is the first target in the Lefts war on Liberty

The commonsense civil right of armed self-defense is the canary in a coal mine for the cause of liberty.

It was a little over a month ago that John Lovell from the Warrior Poet Society produced this video, but it seems longer given recent events. He expresses the thoughts of many that are becoming increasingly prescient by the day. We are witness to the fact that while those on the national socialist left like to profess support of liberty as being ‘liberal’ they are becoming ever more strident towards the concept.

While the common sense human right of self-defense is literally the tip of the spear in the defense of liberty. The people on the left who only pretend to be liberal are now branching out from this basic human right, going after other civil liberties with a vengeance. Topping their list is a concept that eviscerates several civil liberties with on fell swoop, Gun Confiscation SWATing [aka so-called ‘Red flag’ laws ]. So far they’ve done little to solve the problem and according to an article from colleague Blaine Traber: Baltimore’s homicides by firearm RISE 13% since red flag gun law went into effect. Thus, these abominations of Constitutional Liberties are not only useless for their intended purpose, they are making the situation even worse.

Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris belched forth an even more egregious example in which she expanded her ire for self-preservation to what George Orwell characterized as ‘Wrongthink’. As reported in Bearing Arms, Senator Harris proposed opening up the criteria for gun confiscation to the realm of improper viewpointsThis case illustrates that the 2nd amendment is just the first target in the Left’s war on Liberty, but it certainly won’t be the last.

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