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There is no “libertarian on the issue.” Legalizing marijuana is the conservative position.



You hear a lot of Conservatives say that when it comes to marijuana legalization, they are “libertarian” on the issue. It’s a common expression even used by Ben Shapiro.

However, the linguistic choice of the word “libertarian” implies that legalization of pot is not a conservative position. Traditionally, this is true. Not many Conservatives in the past have supported this notion. To make matters more complicated, many Conservatives have argued in favor of a “law and order” approach to the issue.

Notably, an increasing amount of young Conservatives favor legalization while older Conservatives tend to side with the “law and order”. Conservatives are often free to disagree because Conservatives are not some mob of conformity. If that’s what you want, there’s a camp called leftism, but I should warn you, you’ll ever be woke enough.

Conservatives are free to disagree on methods, but underlying principles of a limited government following through on its enumerated powers remains a consistent platform for us to unite.

However, on the issue of marijuana, there is a right and wrong position for Conservatives to hold. Bearing in mind a limited government, the Conservative movement would be most correctly aligned with its principles if it advances the legalization of marijuana, foregoing the law and order approach.

Acknowledging Government Failure

At the Conservative camp, we often talk about how government is the problem, not the solution. And when the government gets involved in things, a worse outcome results. The obvious example of healthcare is a drop in the bucket in the vast ocean that is government failure. For more failures, we can point to souring college tuition prices. It was the government that turned a depression into the Great Depression. We can look at occupational licensing hurting lower-income people. Likewise, the current marijuana rules augmented a stoner population.

Ronald Reagan said in his ingratiation:

Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden. The solutions we seek must be equitable, with no one group singled out to pay a higher price.

The government has royally blundered trying to curb recreational marijuana usage, and to continue down the current pathway is to meet the definition of insanity. The Conservative worldview sees the individual, not the government as the solution to cultural problems. Government solutions so often prove to be failures.

Personal Distaste Leads to Hypocrisy

Conservatives too often argue for marijuana to be illegal based off of rather weak points. I’m going to specifically address John Hawkins from Townhall seeing as this article was referenced in a NOQ Report article back in January. The article titled “5 Reasons Marijuana Should Remain Illegal” details five weak points that I will address.

Marijuana is addictive for some people

If I accept the premise that marijuana is addictive(it’s not), by what precedent are addictive properties cause for something to be illegal. Here we find a logical disconnect in the argument. Alcohol is addictive. Tobacco is addictive. Both legal. Oreo’s have been studied to be addictive in mice as cocaine. Still legal (the only lines I do). If we’re not talking about only drugs, porn is legal. Sex is legal. Hoarding is legal. Video games are legal. They made a show about strange addictions. Human beings are creatures of worship; therefore it is a tendency for people to fall into addiction. This is no reason to make something illegal.

It’s not woking well in Amsterdam

This was an incredibly weak reason because it’s based on the Dutch being horrified that their children have access to pot. That is already the case here in the US. Legalization wouldn’t change this, while it being illegal hasn’t stopped this. The arguments against marijuana legalization that invoke children present a false consequence. And it makes us seem like hypocrites when we give our children medication as a substitute for discipline.

Mental and Physical Health(2 reasons)

It would be foolish to argue against marijuana’s medicinal benefits. However, I do acknowledge that it is fair to bring up the negative side effects. In this area, a person should take responsibility for their own health. Individual responsibility is what our culture needs not a nanny state protecting us from harm in every direction.

That being said several dangerous things are legal that if used irresponsibly could have a negative impact on mental and physical health. I could list them but you get the idea. The government is a poor arbitrator when it comes to protecting the citizens from their own choices.

Marijuana decimates people’s lives

We’re back to the “protecting people from themselves” argument. This is not logic that a conservative should use. Conservatism strives for a free market capitalist system whereby the individual is responsible for their own outcome in life. Protecting people from their own poor decisions is not the role of the government. There are things that destroy people’s lives that merit being illegal, but marijuana is not one of them. Millions of Americans use it whether in the slums or the penthouse. The lack of inherent or predictable negative consequences to potheads does is insufficient reason for keeping marijuana illegal.

At the end of the day, Conservatives only oppose marijuana legalization out of personal distaste. When we let our taste buds dictate our policy instead of our principles, we become hypocrites with power. Our personal distaste for marijuana is contradicting Conservative principles that would be most aligned legalizing the plant for recreational use. In this, we become seen as hypocrites. When we distaste something, our response should never be to make it illegal claiming some sort of cultural benefit.

For example, take transgenderism. Conservatives often distaste this practice. But no one is arguing to make being a transvestite illegal. What you do in your spare time is an individual liberty. Only based off of researched negative effects would any Conservative argue that the surgery should be illegal for a consenting adult. For children, it’s practically child abuse, therefore necessary for the state to step in because there is no absolute right of parents. If you want to, as a consenting adult, mutilate your body and get plastic surgery, most Conservatives wouldn’t stand in your way unless taxpayers are paying for it. What Conservatives are strictly opposed to is the state forcing its citizens to acknowledge transgenderism as real and punishing “misgendering” someone. Forcing a person to participate in a mentally ill person’s self-image is a violation of individual freedom.

There is a Conservative way to oppose something that you find distasteful. It is not to make said thing illegal, but instead to get the government out of the issue as much as possible. The “Law and Order” crowd have created a needless rift between Conservatives and Libertarians. The difference between the Libertarian and Conservative worldview was so well articulated by Konstantinos Roditis but these differences in worldview should come to the same result on marijuana. Though Libertarians focus too much on plants, Conservatives in their distaste for marijuana became hypocrites making an activity that isn’t inherently evil a crime. It’s long past time Conservatives remind themselves of what makes them Conservative and reexamine their position on marijuana because legalization is the Conservative stance.

A Note About Comparing Marijuana to Opioids:

Opioids have a far worse and predictable outcome for users who don’t stop. So for that reason, the arguments for marijuana legalization don’t apply. The state should intervene when negative externalities arise. The negative externalities for marijuana are baseless, in comparison. Although for an interesting perspective on this issue read our article here



Hunter Biden’s interview a strategic move ahead of the Democratic debate



Hunter Bidens interview a strategic move ahead of the Democratic debate

Hunter Biden went on ABC News this morning to answer questions about his tenure on the boards of Ukrainian and Chinese energy companies. The jobs have been a source of campaign fodder for President Trump while also prompting the current impeachment inquiry by Congress after the President asked Ukraine to continue their previous investigation into Biden’s company. But the timing is conspicuous.

It was a strategic move, regardless of what former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign says. They claim the timing wasn’t up to them and ABC had a tight schedule. That’s a lie. If Hunter Biden walked into the studio in the middle of a news broadcast to do the interview there and then, they would have let him. No, this was a very clear and blatant attempt to hijack part of tonight’s Democratic Debate and establish up front one important campaign narrative.

They want Joe Biden to be the victim. They want this established at the beginning of the debate so they can set that tone ahead of anticipated attacks by fellow candidates. And most importantly, they want it to be clear that President Trump is going after Biden exclusively because he’s the one the Trump campaign fears the most.

In reality, he’s a weak candidate. It won’t be apparent until after the nomination process is over if he does win it, but currently the general consensus about Biden within the Democratic Establishment is that he’s still the best bet to take on President Trump. He’s the one who can lure Independents and moderate Republicans, by the DNC’s reckoning. He’s the safe bet.

Whether that’s true or not is for a future discussion. Hunter Biden is the topic of the day, bringing the spotlight onto him and his father ahead of the debate and insuring there will be questions posed to Joe Biden early. It’s a perfect setup for Biden who is great at playing the victim card. He’ll passionately defend his son, probably lobbing out an attack or two against President Trump’s children like, “I’d trust Hunter in a situation like he’s been in before I’d ever trust one of President Trump’s children.”

It will also allow him to point out how scared the Trump campaign allegedly is about a Biden nomination. He’ll say something like, “The President is hoping someone else gets the nomination because the one thing he can’t compete with is common sense.”

The radical progressive wing of the Democratic Party will be on the attack all day on social media. But his competitors on the debate stage will be very careful not to use any of the President’s talking points about Biden, including his attacks on Hunter. Such things are anathema for candidates.

The Democratic debate is going to be interesting. Tom Steyer will be introduced to many who have no idea who he is. Tulsi Gabbard will attack someone. But the Hunter Biden interview adds a new dimension. Will Joe Biden be able to make a move as a result?

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Foreign Affairs

Time to hit Turkey with more sanctions



Time to hit Turkey with more sanctions

U.S. sanctions against Turkey were just announced yesterday. Some may believe this means we wait to see if Ankira will do anything different in Syria. Nope. It’s time to hit them with more sanctions. Why? Because they didn’t blink. They didn’t respond. They didn’t immediately call off their invasion while on the phone with Washington DC asking for sanctions to end.

In fact, the Lira actually rose as the world is essentially doubting the sanctions will have an effect. Therefore, it’s time to hit them with harsher sanctions immediately. There’s no reason to wait and see what Turkey does. They’re still heading down the same path.

Turkish lira up as Trump tariff threats are less serious than expected — Turkish assets are breathing a sigh of relief after tariffs threatened by President Donald Trump over Ankara’s military offensive in Syria came up less serious than markets had expected.

Turkey’s lira rose in Tuesday morning trading on the back of a statement by Trump promising a 50% tariff on Turkish steel imports and a halt to trade negotiations between Ankara and Washington — penalties that analysts are calling “window dressing.”

The dollar was down 1% against the lira for the session, with the Turkish currency trading at 5.8628 per dollar at 8 a.m. London time on Tuesday.

This is not a situation in which we can try to wait them out. We don’t have time to let the sanctions percolate and degrade the Turkish economy. We need their economy to lurch as a result of U.S. actions. Anything short of an economic punch in the nose is meaningless and will only embolden Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even further.

These sanctions amounted to a diplomatic love tap. Yes, they’re a NATO ally. Yes, we have two important bases there that include 50 tactical nuclear weapons. But right now we’re looking like paper tigers, even on the economic front where we’re supposed to be the ominous masters of the world. This is unacceptable. We need to hit them much harder if we want to get anyone’s attention and stop this invasion from escalating unnecessarily.

Turkey is laughing at us following the first round of sanctions. Yesterday’s move was not the economy-crushing blow that would dissuade Turkey from continuing their rapid invasion of Syria. It was barely a warning shot. We need to hit them much harder immediately.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Gavin Newsom’s agenda for illegal immigrants will spread across America if he’s not stopped



Gavin Newsoms agenda for illegal immigrants will spread across America if hes not stopped

For years, Democrats across the country but particularly in California have attempted to control language as it pertains to legal and illegal immigrants. They’ve used terms like “undocumented residents” instead of the prescribed term in the U.S. code, “illegal aliens.” But lately, they’ve changed their preferred phrase to simply “immigrants.” This is conspicuous in its meaning and devious in its purpose.

California Governor Gavin Newsom and Democrats who rule over the progressive state are pushing the term “immigrants” to blanket anyone who enters the country despite legal status because doing so is the fastest pathway to their ultimate goal of de facto citizenship. This is why the state continues pumping out new laws that blur any distinctions between legal and illegal immigrants, granting anyone in the state illegally the same rights as those who go through the proper legal process of entering and remaining in the country. Their latest batch of laws signed this week are the most obtuse yet.

California extends new protections to immigrants under laws signed by Newsom legislation signed by Newsom also expands California’s college student loan program for so-called Dreamers, young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children, to include students seeking graduate degrees at the University of California and California State University schools. Undergraduate Dreamers already are eligible for those loans and in-state tuition. The new laws take effect Jan. 1.

The legislation signed by Newsom also expands California’s college student loan program for so-called Dreamers, young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children, to include students seeking graduate degrees at the University of California and California State University schools. Undergraduate Dreamers already are eligible for those loans and in-state tuition. The new laws take effect Jan. 1.

This strategy shift is one designed to blur lines. Instead of calling for amnesty, they’re essentially eliminating the need for amnesty. The only reason an illegal immigrant would want to be granted amnesty and a pathway to citizenship is to enjoy the benefits of such events. But California’s goal is to erase the distinction and allow illegal immigrants to have the same rights as legal immigrants, and thereby the same rights as American citizens.

What’s the point of trying to attain U.S. citizenship if making it across the border is enough to enjoy the same rights?

This should be a grave concern to all who value our citizenship. As a legal immigrant myself, it’s a slap in the face knowing what it takes to go through proper channels, only to have California Democrats dismiss efforts of those who chose to come to America the right way. But it’s more than just an insult. It’s a risk to an already-stagnant economy in a state that should be flourishing. California is the fifth largest economy in the world with a higher GDP than Great Britain or India. High taxes generate such tremendous revenues, it’s impossible to imagine the state can experience budget deficits, and yet here we are.

The state’s poor fiscal management will only be exacerbated by allowing illegal immigrants to participate in even more social programs. From education to healthcare to access to welfare, it is no longer challenging to come to California illegally and live off of American taxpayers. In fact, it makes perfect sense. Why would anyone want to make meager wages in a Central American nation when they can come to California and make more money for doing nothing?

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be isolated to California for long if Democrats continue to take power in states and in DC. These policies are popular among radical progressives and based on the direction of the Democratic party nationally, the radical progressives are gaining more control. Their agenda of socialism, open borders, gun control, abortion-on-demand and cultural Marxism will drive this nation into the ground as the left follows California’s lead.

And Gavin Newsom is at the center of it all.

The push to recall Gavin Newsom is going strong, due in large part over his incessant push for radical progressive policies. Supporting illegal immigration is at the top of his list. Californian’s have a duty to America to stop his extreme agenda.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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