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Is American Christianity at an all time low?



There are a lot of doomsday articles on the state of Christianity in the present day. Why not? So many professed Christians don’t know where their Bibles are, don’t attend church, and don’t believe in the fundamental doctrines of Christianity(ie. existence of Hell and Satan). There are disturbing public opinion polls on religion, in that, people identifying in the Christian faith holding views that are clearly opposed to Biblical teachings. The amount of professed Christians viewing abortion and homosexual marriage favorably are alarming. The amount of Christians watching porn and fornicating is alarming. The moral state of our nation is in decline. However, when was there ever a point in human history where the Church did not feel this way? The Church needs perspective and not just self proclaimed doomsday prophets in sackcloth.

A deeper look into Church numbers

Church attendance has been declining. Less than 20% of Americans regularly attend a church. This number comes after factoring for Halo Effect and better data gathering. But aggregate church attendance is highly misleading. We need to break it down. There are several denominations. Catholics, Orthodox, Anglican/Episcopalian, and the most interesting distinction is between Mainline Protestant and Evangelical. Mainline refers to older denominations that have adopted liberal or, more accurately, progressive theology, not necessarily liberal politics, but social leftism is a plague in these churches. Evangelicals refers to more traditional and conservative theology. So if the numbers are broken down by denomination, a much different picture emerges. Keep in mind that the technically-not-Protestant Church of England rooted Episcopal Church is considered Mainline.

Decline Is A Choice


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Broken down, these aren’t the worst numbers the Church could be seeing. And this is merely younger people. As a whole Church decline is a lot more broken down than oft preached on Sunday.

Not all denominations are in decline. A more The Church in America isn’t parachuting with churches falling at different rates. In fact the denominations impacted by social leftism are the ones facing the most membership loss. For churches, social leftism is a deliberate stray from the teachings of God’s Word. Consider Paige Roger’s words on the Episcopal Church’s attempt to strip God of masculinity.

To claim God is not masculine is to claim he is not The Father, and it is to claim Christ a liar.

We have a name for that.

It is called blasphemy, sacrilege, heresy, apostasy, irreverence, desecration, impiety, profanation, imbecility, deception, evil, false teaching, vituperation.

To let this blasphemy stand unaddressed, unrebuked like so many other heretic controversies before, inevitably signals the future acceptance and inclusion of this sacrilege into Episcopal “doctrine.”

And this is precisely why good people – like myself – are fleeing the Episcopalian “church.”

Aggregate church attendance fails to tell the whole story of what’s going on in Christianity in the United State and around the world for that matter. If Christianity is “smaller” in America today, it’s likely stronger. So when Gallup asked Americans why they do go to church, it wasn’t for the music.

How did we get here?

While things may seem bad, we need to look at the current situation bearing in mind historical contexts. Every generation of Christians tends to think that the people are falling away from God. And the truth is, people usually are. So the question remains, is now worse than any other time in our nation’s history? The decline of Western Civilization is certainly a new presence that did not exist, say a hundred years ago. But many churches today refuse to embrace cultural decline. Above I used the term Evangelical to classify Protestant denominations that hold a more literal and contextual theology. However, the history of Evangelism is more recent than you might realize.

As you know, America was founded by people who wanted religious liberty. Soon after our country’s birth, we found ourselves in a drought of faith. In response, we had the 2nd Great Awakening. At the start of the 1800s our country saw many revivals and at the peak, anti-slavery became abolition. Yes the two are related because Americans largely stopped viewing salvation as exclusive. But not long after the Civil War we saw the rise of liberal theology. In the modernist era, humans thought they could solve all of the world’s problems. The modernist sought to replace Christianity with science and reason. So modernist theology became prevalent in the Church. They started preaching the historical Jesus. They denied the Resurrection and the virgin birth. In this liberal theology, the Bible became metaphorical and not literal. As we know, humans learned that modernism didn’t perfect us. In fact, it created terrible working conditions, evil ideologies, and could prevent no avoidable wars.


This is a term often thrown around by opponents of Christianity. But it has a real meaning rather than it’s modern day misuse. Fundamentalism is consolidated Christianity. It was a response to modernist liberal theology. Christians saw what was happening in the church. People preached on the “historical” Jesus rather than the actual Jesus. People believed that they could create utopia and that science and reason were substitutes for God. They were high up didn’t stop outside of the church walls either. Liberal theology was well-funded with even JD Rockefeller backing heretical churches. Liberal theology was so pervasive that many Christians consolidated their theology and viewpoints. The fundamentalist shut out anything to do with or associated with liberal theology.

The fruits of the fundamentalism weren’t desirable. The liberal theologians had a great emphasis on social issues while fundamentalism rejects things of the world. For this reason both the liberals and the fundamentalist participated in the temperance movement leading to the 18th Amendment. We also had embarrassments such as the Scopes Trial. Internationally, the church was too weak to deter nations from unnecessary war. Majority of World War 1’s belligerents had no business declaring war. Throughout the 1930’s, the church in Germany was weak enough to allow Nazism to thrive. If ever there was a low point for Christianity, it had to have been in the earlier twentieth century.

Rise of Evangelism

Where fundamentalist sought separation from the world, evangelicals sought to win the world. Not all Christians back then were fundamentalist. CS Lewis certainly wasn’t. A famous Christian who comes to mind is Dwight L. Moody who sought to reach the masses. Following in his footsteps was Billy Graham. Chrsitanity Today notes:

As Graham’s prestige and influence grew, particularly among “mainline” (non-evangelical) Christians, he drew criticism from fundamentalists who felt his cooperation with churches affiliated with the National and World Council of Churches signaled a compromise with the corrupting forces of modernism.

Billy Graham helped pave the way for the church in America and globally, to switch from defense to offense. World War 2 taught the capitalist side of the world that modernism failed to deliver on all of its promises. Billy Graham united Christians across denominations on the key doctrines of Christian faith and with that the goal of baptizing peoples of all nations. Billy Graham was also a key religious figure during the Civil Rights Movement. We lost a great man earlier this year. It’s a shame, but he left the church better than when he found it.

Much of what fundamentalist had considered sinful, evangelicals utilized to reach people. Believe it or not, the most overtly Christ-glorifying sport I’ve ever seen is mixed martial arts. Christian music is commercially viable, and faith based movies have made a quality comeback, most recently with I Can Only Imagine outperforming box office expectations. Fundamentalism is still alive today, but is laughable and largely irrelevant to the advancement of the church.

Current Flaws

While things aren’t as bad as they were 100 years ago, the present day church is not without flaws. Hot topic issues, like abortion and homosexuality, help weed out the liberal and progressive churches, but not all apostate churches are separated so easily like sheep from goats. One of the country’s largest “churches” is helmed by Joel Osteen, the prosperity gospel preacher. From the fall of modernism came forth post-modernism. Post-modernism contains an emphasis on feelings and experiences with rejection of absolute truths. In the current age people like talking about grinding and hustling to achieve what you want in life. There are endless motivational speakers and cliches. False churches are preying on this. Too many pastors are motivational speakers first and bible teachers second. Many churches focus more on entertainment and metrics.

The church is also struggling to stay the course in the midst of the Trump wave. An alarming amount of church-goers put their faith in Trump over God. While there is a larger Christian presence in the Whitehouse than in the previous administrations, Trump is by no means a devout man of faith. To much extent, Trumps rise is a blow to the church’s credibility, even without him being a follower. Still, God allowed Trump to be President. And since Jesus hasn’t returned we still have work to do.

Billy Graham managed to help bridge the divide between protestants and Catholics for a time, but that largely went away with the ascension of Pope Benedict XVI. The Catholics are now in the hands of Pope Francis, who denied the existence of Hell, committing the heresy of annihilationism.

Wrap Up

Christianity to today is not without faults and challenges. However the Church is gaining ground in China and Iran even as Western Civilization spirals downward. As our culture reaches a tipping point I find there to be no question that the Church in America today is better equipped to do what God calls them to do than 100 years ago. Christianity is not at an all time low; however, the Church’s trajectory in the United States is hard to predict. The outcome will largely depend on our trust and steadfast stewardship

God bless! And Happy Easter!



Culture and Religion

Does Bible prophecy point to climate change ALARMISM as the real existential threat?



Does Bible prophecy point to climate change ALARMISM as the real existential threat

There are many apostasies happening in the modern western church today. Christians are being pulled in every direction away from proper Biblical teaching, whether through the prosperity gospel, the rise of church-based social justice warriors, or the coexist movement that tries to homogenize the various religions into Christianity (and visa versa). But one topic that is hot in the news today while quietly creeping into the church is climate change alarmism. You may be hearing about it in your church today. If not, there’s a good chance you’ll hear about it this weekend.

It’s a topic that has made theologians and faith-based scientists struggle to find the right response. Man-made climate change is being indoctrinated into the minds of many, especially our youth, as a tremendous threat to our world’s future and many churches are buying into the hype. They often justify doing so by invoking our status as stewards of this planet, saying it is our responsibility to keep God’s creation clean and flourishing for all life. They refer to verses in the Bible in which God grants humans dominion over life on earth, which they translate as stewardship (dominion sounds too obnoxious, or something). Therefore, they created the 11th commandment, “Thou shall be good stewards over the earth and all life on it by cutting carbon emissions.”

I tend to believe in dominion as a requirement because God said it. But I also believe doing so must be within the boundaries of lucid examination of the situation followed by common sense solutions. I am in favor of men and women making the conscious, personal decision to use the resources we have properly, to seek solutions to death and famine that can be solved with proper collection and distribution of potable water, and to generally make the world cleaner.

Climate change alarmists aren’t interested in solving these problems the right way or applying common sense to them. They have one of two agendas that drive them. Most are following the existential threat agenda by buying into clearly political “science” that has been saying we only have a decade to solve the problem. They’ve been making the same claim for four decades. They’ll likely continue making the claim in future decades. By their reckoning, eventually they’ll be right.

The second agenda is being driven by the puppetmasters behind the first. These forces, which I can only assume are part of the Principalities and Powers spoken of in Ephesians 6:12, stir up the masses to believe they’re going to die by man-made climate change unless we give up essentially everything immediately. We can have no cars. We can have no planes. We can have no cows. We can have no rights. This agenda can be most clearly seen in the proposed Green New Deal, an economic plan to bring socialism to America by invoking Modern Monetary Theory, open borders, and the end of most civil liberties.

The Green New Deal has very little to do with climate change, but ask an average supporter and the vast majority will say that’s exactly what the Green New Deal is about. Ask one of its creators and you may hear the truth.

Churches and individual Christians who buy into the con of man-made climate change haven’t read their Bible properly. They especially haven’t read prophecies of the end times that do not depict challenges with carbon emissions, shrinking ice caps, or floods engulfing cities. The challenges depicted in end times Bible prophecy are driven by God’s wrath, but notably it’s also driven by a world that has become desperate, apostate, and poverty stricken. Men will take on the mark of the Beast in order to buy and sell. The masses will intentionally worship a false messiah who promises solutions to their problems and peace on earth. A one world government will be in control.

The economic and geopolitical circumstance alluded to in the Bible more clearly match the results of climate change hysteria leading to the collapse of modern society. We saw today as the United Nations uniformly applauded Greta Thunberg, the rising climate change messianic figure who is being widely adored as the leader of the new environmental movement. By no means am I suggesting she’s a problem depicted in prophecy, but the swiftness in which she has been embraced is indicative of a society that is vulnerable to adhering to the new religion of climate change hysteria.

And many churches are falling in line with this hysteria.

If you are a Bible-believing Christian who believes in man-made climate change, I challenge you to read scripture more closely. One pointed to the “fires” spoken of in multiple end-times prophecies as comparable to climate change, or the sun causing men’s skin to blister as evidence of an eroding ozone layer. To them I say this: Tribulation will not come in the form of a 1.5 degree increase in global temperatures, nor will it be subdued by SPF 50+ sunscreen. The fires of the end times will be apocalyptic fires from the heavens. Burns from the sun will be unavoidable.

But perhaps the most important thing for Christians to remember is that it takes the insatiable ego and delusions of grandeur of a secular people to believe we have the power to subvert God’s will. The forces that are aligned against us in high places are not trying to raise global temperatures. They’re much more likely to raise fears of climate change to initiate radical changes that will plummet the world into turmoil. When economic chaos spreads and the masses of the world struggle to survive day-to-day, then we will be most vulnerable to the offerings of the Beast, the false prophet, and the Dragon.

The fight of the church must be to bring people into the covering of salvation, not to slow the consumption of beef or to get more people to drive a Prius. Climate change fearmongering is infiltrating the church. The Bible tells us to be wary.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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The two reactions to Greta Thunberg



The two reactions to Greta Thunberg

16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg spoke before the United Nations today at the 2019 Climate Action Summit. Her passionate plea for action and condemnation of capitalism has been widely shared on social media and the hot takes have been as opposite as reactions can possibly be. There may be many perspectives about the nuances of her speech, the scientific claims she makes, or the general topic of climate change itself, but there are only really two camps on how to view Thunberg herself.

These camps were broken down nicely by Princeton Professor Robert P. George:

George’s assertion is playing out perfectly on social media as the heated debates about Thunberg as a person, a child, and an activist seem to head in one direction or the other. Climate change activists are enthroning her as the hope their movement needs. She;s the new child-leader who represents a generation that has the most at stake since many activists will be gone while Thunberg is left “fighting the good fight.” Climate change skeptics see a girl who is being used by people as a political prop, a well-spoken and likable pawn to help them push their radical agenda.

The ironic part is both perspectives are currently correct. Thunberg really is the near-future of the climate change movement, and being enthroned creates a self-fulfilling prophecy in which she will lead because the people are desperate to follow her. Simultaneously, her ascension to this level of reverence is a sad testament against the religious zealotry of the climate change movement that seems to have found the artificially inflated messiah they’ve been seeking.

Here’s the video of Thunberg’s speech:

Here are some responses from both sides of the aisle:

Climate change activists have the superhero they’ve always wanted and skeptics have further proof of the indoctrination of children into a radical ideology. Greta Thunberg is effectively proving everyone’s point for them.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Many in Hollywood have gone all-in for an occult transformation in America



Many in Hollywood have gone all-in for an occult transformation in America

There was a time not so long ago when the biggest worry from Hollywood was leftist indoctrination and the occasional heretical subliminal message they’d work into their productions. Today, the world of the occult is in full-swing in many of Hollywood’s most popular offerings. It’s not subtle. It’s overt and in many ways the most dangerous trend happening in modern media.

A perfect heinous example is the movie, Midsommar, from acclaimed horror director Ari Aster. He crossed the line with his occult-friendly film, Hereditary, and went far beyond it with his most recent release. It’s a blatant attempt to not only highlight occult practices but to mainstream them by including the audience in a participatory role.

In this video from Truthstream Media, they take a deep dive into the horrific messaging and attempts at normalizing the values within this deeply disturbing movie. Whether you’re considering watching it or not, watch this video first.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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