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Good news: Dems admit ethanol mandate failed – Bad news: Trump promised to save it



During the 2016 GOP presidential primaries, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took a political gamble leading up to the Iowa caucus when he called for major changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program, including a call to end ethanol subsidies. Meanwhile, Donald Trump praised ethanol and called for raising the standard in an attempt to curry enough political favor in the Big Corn state to beat Cruz. Despite the reality that most of the corn used in ethanol production came from Iowa, Cruz beat Trump.

Created as a means to combat so-called climate change, the RFS required that ever-increasing amounts of ethanol be blended into gasoline. And despite documented evidence of ethanol’s damage to consumers and the environment, the RFS became little more than another taxpayer-subsidized, crony-capitalist, corporate-welfare program where the federal government picks the winners (Big Corn) and the losers (everyone else).

In a sort of good news/bad news announcement last week, key Democrats behind the biofuel push contained in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 announced that they had “made a mistake” with the ethanol mandate, and they introduced new legislation to fix it.

“The law hasn’t worked out as we intended,” said former California Congressman and Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Henry Waxman. Following a joint call with reporters, Waxman joined current members of Congress, Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) and Sen Tom Udall (D-NM), to introduce legislation that will phase out corn-based ethanol. Speaking for the group, Welch said:

“We’ve now had more than a decade of experience with it, and it had the best of intentions. But it has turned out to be a well-intended flop.

“It actually doesn’t cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, it expands them. It’s had a significant impact on overplanting in fragile areas of the corn belt. It has had significant impacts on small engines. And it’s also had a significant impact on feed prices … and there is a lot of evidence it has increased the cost of food.”

So, that’s the good news. The bad news is that Trump promised to protect corn-based ethanol and he, along with a host of ethanol-loving Republicans from red state producers of corn, wants the RFS to stay.

It was just a few months ago that Trump caved to Big Corn when he overruled an effort by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to make major modifications to the RFS following heavy resistance from a gang of Midwestern Senators led by Chuck Grassley. And with his reelection campaign officially launched, Trump will be in campaign mode for the rest of his first term as he prepares for Iowa in 2020.

Trump promised in 2016 to protect ethanol mandates, a promise that he’s already bragged about keeping. And even though he’s demonstrated a propensity to break his promises when politically convenient, it’s very likely that Trump will continue to keep his ethanol promise to Iowa.

Not because it’s good for America, but because it’s good for his campaign.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.

David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is nationally syndicated with Salem Radio Network and can be heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and Facebook. Subscribe to receive podcasts of radio commentaries: iTunes | Stitcher | Tune In | RSS

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  1. Matthew Frihart

    March 12, 2018 at 9:44 am

    I gotta say on this one, trump is wrong. Hopefully he’ll get more info and come around.

  2. Dogood

    March 12, 2018 at 10:12 am

    This is one promise I hope Trump doesn’t keep, but I’m afraid he will. Yet he’s deregulating as much as he can via executive actions.

  3. Larry Folds

    March 12, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Trump is only a little better than a democrat president. He has totally blown up the gun rights people in favor of gun control, not common sense control, just plain gun control. He has signaled the anti-gun lobby to go after the NRA and us, the gun owners. He told Feinstein to put her dream list of guns to ban and Marco Rubio is helping her. Cornyn is showing his anti-gun colors by depriving 18-21 year olds of their rights, may as well take their voting rights away if we can’t trust them to carry a gun even to go hunting. Roberts of KS is showing his anti-gun colors and on and on it goes all because Trump call them the cover to do it. FL and IL has already banned whole groups from purchasing weapons to defend themselves. Trump is a traitor and I will not support him in the future. Yeah, he made nice with the NRA but his dog whistle has already blown and now he tries to distance himself so he can have his cake and eat it too.

  4. Steve in Missouri

    March 12, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    The corn or grain alcohol mandate not likely to be overcome. Going by these enormous ethanol factories in corn growing areas on roads and highways, they are enormous buildings and grain storage bins on the plains. I had gone by them in Kansas, but they are all over in the corn growing areas, they have turned farm communities into factory, industrial centers. I’m sure it will be enormously difficult to change now that it’s been instituted on a widespread scale.
    Definitely politics, and electoral college politics are involved. Thousands, if not millions of jobs are involved.
    International fuel alcohol programs are widespread as well. I think Brazil has an enormous sugar cane industry, nearly 600 million tons of sugar cane, much of it converted to ethanol to supply vehicle fuel, while biomass is used to produce electricity.
    Even with that, due to sugar being produced from the sugar cane and being more cost effective than alcohol, Brazil has at times imported ethanol for vehicle fuel from the US.

    • Charlie Peters

      April 9, 2018 at 1:24 pm

      Ethanol Waiver for Clean Air & Clean Water

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Culture and Religion

Intellectual ammunition: Mythology vs Facts of ‘gun control’




Intellectual ammunition Mythology vs Facts of gun control

This multipart series eviscerates some of the Left’s biggest lies and fallacies of Liberty Control

In the first of a new multipart series, Gardner Goldsmith @gardgoldsmith of MRCTV addresses the issues surrounding Liberty Control, destroying some of the prevalent mythologies in the process.

He begins demolishing the myth that increased Liberty control results in lower violent crime rates.

Places with strict controls on freedom with high crime rates – that the Left doesn’t like to talk about – that are prima facie indicators of this absurd fallacy.

Worse yet, laws that are supposed to keep people safe have the opposite effect, since they only serve to disarm the innocent to the advantage of criminals and the government. The edged weapon attacks in China show that it’s not an issue of issue of guns nor one confined to the states. Or the attack in Crimea or the recent tragedy in a state with the strictest Liberty control around.

He cites the specific case of the mythology that gun confiscation ‘solved’ the problem of gun violence in Australia or the UK:

As I noted for MRCTV in February of 2018, contrary to the claims of pop media swamis, violent crime actually increased in Australia for three years following its vaunted 1996 gun “ban” and mandatory “buy-back”. This spike included an increase in gun-related violent crime, and the violent crime did not return to 1996 levels until more than ten years later, when many civilians had resorted to the black market to rearm themselves.

And, as I observed in the same article, violent crime, including homicides and gun-related violent crime, increased in the UK following its government “banning” most firearms in 1997.

Further on in the video and the accompanying article he also destroys the fallacy that Prohibition Works.

This is simple. As the experience of the United States during the “Prohibition Era” has shown, statutes don’t stop people from obtaining the things they demand. I teach economics, and this is an economic axiom. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that if the zones of “prohibition” are widened beyond the crime-ridden-yet-gun-banning cities like Chicago and DC, and applied to all of the US this will stop criminally minded people from obtaining firearms. Prohibition doesn’t work.

But this does not stop gun-grabbers from pushing their proposals, or even misreading the US Constitution to justify their threats to curtail your inherent right to self-defense.

Knowing the propaganda methods of the Left, if there were a real location where their ideas actually worked instead of endangering people, they would tout this ‘gun-free’ domain 24/7. We shall call this mythical realm: ‘Unitopia’ from the combination of the words ‘Unicorn’ and ‘Utopia’, which literally means ‘no place’.

If it truly existed, ‘Unitopia’ would feature broadcast studio’s for every major media source so they could talk about it 24/7. One can easily envision a video feed with the announcer intoning ‘We now go to our anchor in Unitopia – the one place that gun control has kept people safe – to discuss the news on…’. It would be the go-to locale for the discussion of Liberty and self-defense.

Part 2 Will discuss the Constitution and Founders. Their words on the common sense human right of self-defense, as well as detailing the point that only individuals can have rights.

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Guns and Crime

Nancy Pelosi’s anti-gun agenda is supported by Trump and the GOP



Nancy Pelosis anti-gun agenda is supported by Trump and the GOP

As the Democrats prepare to take control of the House from their #UNIBROW counterparts on the Republican side of the aisle, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who plans to make another run to become Speaker of the House, has begun laying out some of her priorities.

Unfortunately, she will likely be successful because many of Pelosi’s priorities are the same priorities Trump and the GOP have been promoting over the past two years.

We already know that Pelosi considers last week’s victory a mandate to save Obamacare and Medicare and that Trump is already on board with doing the same. Now, in the aftermath of the recent shooting at a California bar, Pelosi announced that she will make gun control a top priority for the new Congress.

Trump and the GOP have had gun control on their radar over the past two years, but it began picking up speed in 2018 after they joined forces with the Democrats on the issue.

Based on his endorsement of Pelosi for Speaker, and his anti-Second Amendment track record, Trump will likely work with her to build a bipartisan brood of blockheads bent on blowing up the Bill of Rights.

After the Florida shooting back in Feb. this year, Trump openly promoted a punch list of Democrat-friendly, anti-gun measures, including: raising the age to 21 to buy a rifle (a goal of Dianne Feinstein), expanding background checks (a Chuck Schumer priority), and banning bump stocks “with or without” Congress (ala Barack Obama).

In a “bipartisan” meeting held at the White House to discuss gun control after the Florida shooting, Trump responded to a suggestion from VP Pence that due process rights needed to be protected by saying that police should be able to take guns “whether they have the right, or not” and that the government should “take the guns first, go through due process second.”

Seizing guns without due process (Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments) has become standard operating procedure under a Constitution-shredding law growing in popularity across America known as the “Extreme Risk Protection Order” (ERPO). ERPOs allow people to anonymously petition the court to issue an order allowing the police to remove all firearms from people deemed to be a threat to themselves or others … by force if necessary. No warrant. No arrest. No charges.

So far, the clearly unconstitutional use of ERPOs has been limited to the states. But earlier this year, Trump’s newest BFF, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) teamed up with Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) to create the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Act, a law that would federalize ERPOs by giving federal courts jurisdiction over the states.

When Trump and the GOP passed an omnibus spending bill back in March, it included another bill introduced by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) known as the Fix NICS Act. This bill gives the government power to deny gun rights to individuals for something as minor as a traffic ticket, and it laid the groundwork for the creating of an FBI database of every gun owner.

On the subject of gun databases, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) introduced the Crime Gun Tracing Modernization Act earlier this year, a bill that will require the federal government to establish a “searchable, computerized database” of all records pertaining to the sale, importation, production, or shipment of firearms.

While the results of Nelson’s re-election are still unknown, his opponent, ex-Governor Rick Scott is an equal threat to the Second Amendment based on his strong anti-gun position taken following the Parkland, FL, high school shooting.

Democrats in the House also introduced legislation after the Florida shooting to ban so-called assault weapons, an idea supported by Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL). Equally disturbing is polling conducted at the time showing huge majorities supporting additional gun-control laws across the board, along with majority support for a complete ban of certain weapons.

What could Nancy’s “common sense” gun control look like?

Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act over the summer. This bill would prohibit gun ownership without a license and would require a valid firearms license to transfer or receive a gun. The bill would also require the US attorney general to maintain a “federal record of sale” tracking system for every gun purchase made in America.

When Republicans ran the whole show in Washington, they favored extreme gun-control measures, so any legislation Nancy comes up will probably be a Second Amendment-killing slam dunk.

Originally posted on


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and Facebook.

Subscribe to receive podcasts of radio commentaries: iTunes | Stitcher | Tune In | RSS

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Rick Scott accuses Bill Nelson of fraud



Rick Scott accuses Bill Nelson of fraud

The Florida Senate, Governor, and Ag Secretary elections are all still up in the air nearly a week after the election. Corrupt election officials have stalled, obstructed, and skipped around court orders as they try to swing the election to the Democrats.

Now, current Florida Governor and Senate candidate Rick Scott has accused Senator Bill Nelson of fraud.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace seemed skeptical. He continued to badger the Governor over his allegation. Scott would answer, then Wallace would continue asking how Nelson was committing fraud.

“Somehow they came up with 93,000 votes afterwards. Chris, how did they do it? We don’t know,” Scott said. “Bill Nelson is a sore loser. He’s been in politics way too long, 42 years. He just won’t give up. And he’s saying if you’re not a citizen your vote ought to count. He’s saying fraudulent ballots ought to count. That’s wrong.”

There are clearly strange and dangerous things happening behind closed doors in Florida election offices. Only a “party above country” Democrat could defend their actions. Unfortunately, there are plenty of them in mainstream media today.

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