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Cruz energizes 21st century grassroots campaign



In a brilliant new ad that speaks solely on the issue of protecting our borders, Erin Cruz (R-CA), candidate for US Senate, shows that in the age of Donald Trump, you don’t have to have millions of dollars to get your message out.

With new media like YouTube, grassroots campaigns have as fair a shot as they’ve had since before radio. With millions of people surfing YouTube, it is likely that add like this will get value disproportionate to their cost.

The Cruz ad isn’t perfect in its production, but it comes off as authentic in that way, not like a fake Hollywood production. That is likely to be an advantage in a time when many voters have made it clear they are more interested in the Trumpian model of speaking from the cuff and the heart than a script and filled after a multi-take filming.

It will be interesting to see how various grassroots campaigns do this election year.