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From 2015: Walter Williams talks about free market capitalism



You have to love Walter Williams. He is one of the few African-Americans (only with Thomas Sowell) who understands what our free market capitalism is all about. In his Prager U video that he did back in 2015, he truly breaks it down in a language people can understand but yet it does take some critical thinking to understand what Williams is trying to convey.

If you don’t believe that free markets don’t punish corporations (unless our government steps in and saves a few like GM and Chrysler), think again. Whatever happened to TG&Y, ALCO Stores, Montgomery Ward, Circuit City just to name a few. All of them went under, although Circuit City and Wards have poised to make comebacks in as online and very brick and mortar of some kind. Currently in 2018, Toys R Us and KMart have been on the ropes and are likely to go under themselves.

Don’t listen to a media that is more interested in pushing Marxism and ushering it in America. The result of that will be the same in other nations. A Fabulous Disaster.

One store I miss personally is the Warner Bros. Studio Store.