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Border wall is not worth DACA



There’s a lot of talk about a DACA deal in Congress. Trump supporters are left wondering how true to his campaign promises he will stay. It seems as though conflicting reports come out every day now about Trump’s stance on immigration reform.

Still, most of the Trump supporters I see have faith in Donald Trump and a number think he’s playing 4D chess. Spoiler alert, he’s not. Donald Trump is actually handling resistance and stagnation in Congress. And it appears a compromise is in the works. It’s not 4D chess, it’s choosing what ground you are willing to concede and what goals you prioritize achieving.

The Priorities

The GOP side seems split on the priorities. While a border wall is the most known, Trump is very concerned about ending chain migration in favor of a more merit-based system.

The supposed DACA Deal will likely weigh one of these priorities over the other, especially as Democrats oppose both. The Democrats have been campaigning hard on DACA, which shows that this is their practical priority. They believe there is enough public pressure to cause Republicans to bend on DACA.

This is to say that for the time being, Democrats likely aren’t going to push for amnesty. Trump would be committing political suicide to his most rational supporters if he were to favor DACA and amnesty for a border wall and merit-based migration. That being said, Democrats will likely wait until they have the Whitehouse to make that push, or they conveniently won’t support it like DACA during the Obama years.

The Willingness

Some Democrats have expressed great willingness to build a “high tech” wall in exchange for DACA. However, I think the greatest resistance to such a deal will come from Ted Cruz and a band of followers. They won’t be willing to compromise on DACA so easily. The far-far left will likely feel the same way, unwilling to compromise on a border wall or an end to chain migration, let alone any deportations.

So it will likely depend on all of the Senators in the middle, and I haven’t even gotten to the House yet. If Paul Ryan is on board, then he can swing a lot of leverage, however, this might be bad for him in the primary. In similar fashion, Democrats are boasting about taking the House back in 2018. Republicans who compromise on immigration may not receive as much support come November.

The Trump

By the looks of it, Trump is dangling DACA over the heads of Democrats trying to get their support for his legislation. Trump had enough sense to decline whatever deal came his way. I’ve seen criticisms about Trump wanting to sign any immigration bill, but it appears this claim is so far unfounded. That’s good that Trump does have some principled priorities but they don’t seem the exact same as the ones he campaigned on. He still seems a little shaky on his staunch stance. All indications show that Trump is more than willing to cave to Democrats wishes on DACA for his own political gain.

The Votes

Democrats are consistent in their policies. If the unborn could vote, abortion would be abolished. If the “Dreamers” are explicitly given the right to vote, they will more than likely vote for those who gave them that right. It’s the same reason why Democrats push for amnesty. It’s all about securing the votes of groups, identity politics. This is what the Democrats want. If you think they genuinely care about these people, just look at how much voting blue accomplished for predominantly black inner cities.

The Acceptable Deal

If Republicans are so desperate for votes, they’ll seek to concede a little on DACA. The only acceptable deal is one where voting is off the table. Legal status but no citizenship or right to vote. But because they will have domicile, their children will have the right to vote through birthright citizenship. That is as much as Republicans should be willing to give in order to gain a new merit-based immigration system and a wall. That’s a fair deal if you want all that Trump wants.

But honestly, I’d take the wall off the table, for DACA to be off the table. We need a new immigration system. We also need to deport illegals because of how much of a financial drain they’ve become on the taxpayers, safety also being a concern. To me, these should be the conservative priorities.

The Takeaway

Trump campaigned on a wall so he should negotiate for one or risk losing support. Any deal with DACA is likely a bad one that will give Democrats votes for elections to come. But the Senate has 100 members as opposed to the House’s 435 yet moves abysmally slower. Odds are nothing gets through the Senate with regards to immigration, just like healthcare. There’s always 2019 though when the GOP will likely have a few more members. No guarantees though.




Which Democratic candidates denounced Antifa? Some didn’t know who they were.



Which Democratic candidates denounced Antifa Some didnt know who they were

Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization that spreads violence and vitriol to otherwise peaceful events. When they have their own events, they get even more violent and spew even more vitriol. President Trump has denounced them unambiguously to the point of threatening to declare them an official terrorist organization. What do Democratic candidates for President think?

The folks at Turning Point USA are often too kind. They granted checkmarks to candidates who generally denounced hate, which is a cop-out response to a very specific question. But so be it. If they thought Jay Inslee, Joe Biden, Andrew Yang, and John Delaney’s generalized opposition to violence qualified as denouncing Antifa, it’s their video and their team’s effort that was put into tracking down the answers. Tulsi Gabbard gave the only non-generalized response saying, “I have denounced Antifa.”

Arguably the most concerning aspect of the video was seeing how many candidates needed to be told who Antifa even is. It’s not quite as egregious as Gary “What’s Aleppo” Johnson’s lack of awareness in the 2016 election, but anyone running for President of the United States should have acute awareness of the violence committed by Antifa, especially considering all of them love to condemn violence that comes from the right.

This is guaranteed: If President Trump had given any answer other than Gabbard’s in response to the same question about a white supremacist group, the press would have been relentless in their accusations of his implied support. Where’s the media calling out Julian Castro for replying to the question with “thanks”? Why aren’t journalists hounding Bernie Sanders for pretending he didn’t hear the question? Shouldn’t tough guy Cory Booker be held to account for his unwillingness to denounce the group when asked a direct question about them?

The truth is Democrats don’t really dislike Antifa. Some of them quietly support them. And that means mainstream media’s walking orders are to avoid discussing Antifa at all costs. They only make the news when they can be portrayed as a counter-movement against white supremacist groups.

By progressive standards, nearly all of the 2020 candidates support domestic terrorist group Antifa with their unwillingness to directly denounce them. Thanks to Lauryn Gray and TPUSA for bringing this information to light.

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Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib: The anti-Semitic intellectual terrorists in Congress



Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib The anti-Semitic intellectual terrorists in Congress

The constitutional republic that our founding fathers envisioned was as close to being perfect as any man-made system in history. But its effectiveness was predicated on the idea that Americans would be active participants in governing. It takes sober, cognizant American voters to hold our representatives accountable. We must be aware of who we put in office and what they’re doing for – or against – the people and the nation.

But that’s not happening enough in America when it comes to Congress, at least not to the degree that it should. Instead, we have tribal warfare going on between the two major political parties which enables people to sit back and stop paying attention. All they know is they’re going to vote blue or red. Many have no idea who they’re actually voting for when they go to the ballot. They simply look for the letters (D) or (R) next to a candidate’s name.

If there’s anywhere that this practice needs to be reversed immediately, it’s in Michigan’s 13th District and Minnesota’s 5th District. These are the places that voted for Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. It’s understandable as they’re reliable Democratic strongholds, but at the very least they need to get people who don’t hate America to run as Democrats against them. Getting them to vote for the Republicans would be nice, but even sane Democrats are better than these two clowns.

Their latest foray into the realm of complete disregard for the truth happened today at a press conference in which the dynamic duo systematically dismantled reality. Their lies were so thick and so obvious, it’s the type of publicity the representatives themselves hope their constituents don’t hear. Their targets weren’t their home districts that they’re serving so poorly. Their target were the rest of the nation and the nation of Israel. They want their hatred to be known as long as it doesn’t hurt them in 2020.

It’s time to make their constituents aware of the blind hatred and unhinged rhetoric coming from these two Congresswomen’s mouths.

Commentaries like this need to reach the masses, particularly the Congressional districts that voted for these representatives. This is why we push so hard for financial contributions to this site. Getting messages like this in front of the right people is imperative if we’re going to keep our republic. Your donations directly contribute to educating the people who need to hear this the most.

The best way to categorize people like Omar and Tlaib is as “intellectual terrorists.” That is in no way a jab at their religious beliefs; the phrase can be used against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, David Axelrod, Saikat Chakrabarti, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, or anyone who essentially firebombs the truth for the sake of promoting their political agenda and pressing a false narrative.

Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” The left is always talking about words being violent. If so, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are clearly terrorizing America.

Here are some reactions to their tirade:


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Can Lacy Johnson beat Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis?



Can Lacy Johnson beat Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is one of the bluest major cities in America. The race for the Democratic nomination for the MN-5 district is essentially the general election because Democrats have held the seat belonging to Minneapolis since 1963. The closest a Republican has come to winning the district in this century was Alan Fine in 2006 who “only” lost to Keith Ellison by 34.3%. Oftentimes, the Democrat wins by over 50 points.

But Republican Lacy Johnson seeks to make history. He’s not making the attempt by being a moderate RINO trying to coax the people of Minneapolis into believing he’s basically a Democrat. His platform is boldly conservative and includes a balanced budget amendment, school choice, and a bear-hug embrace of President Trump’s economic policies.

Growing up with nine siblings in modest circumstances didn’t make him feel poor. It did make him realize it’s his responsibility to support his family as an adult and not rely on government. This is exactly the type of mentality we need more of in Washington DC. It’s the kind of mentality that will serve Minneapolis well.

Under normal circumstances, even being a strong candidate isn’t enough in Minneapolis when you have the letter (R) next to your name on the ballot. But in 2020, Johnson has one major advantage that should give the GOP hope. He’s going up against Ilhan Omar, the “Squad” member who has been nothing but an embarrassment to herself, Minneapolis, and the United States of America. Despite accomplishing essentially nothing outside of Twitter in her brief tenure, she still walks the halls of Capitol Hill as if she’s a diva rockstar. That’s part of the charade her “Squad” members portray; they’re a shame even to Democrats but because they’ve gained nationwide popularity among radical progressives, they’ve been allowed to keep playing their games. For now.

But even as Omar struts around Capitol Hill, she’s ignoring the people who put her in office in the first place. To Omar, Minneapolis is merely a place where she’s forced to campaign. We can see this based on her actions; literally nothing she has done in DC has even come close to affecting Minneapolis residence. That’s uncanny, even for a Democrat.

The people of Minneapolis may finally vote red for two reasons: (1) Lacy Johnson is a winner with great ideas, and (2) Ilhan Omar has been nothing but an embarrassment, absent from Minneapolis since her election. President Trump should endorse him.

Image source: Facebook.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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