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Ron Paul on the economic upturn being an illusion



Ron Paul on the economic upturn being an illusion

Former Congressman Ron Paul is no stranger to criticism of U.S. economic policy. He’s been just as averse to what the Republicans do as he is towards machinations of the Democrats. One might think the current positive trend of the economy might be a bright spot to Paul, but his alarm bells are going off even louder right now.

Ron Paul: A Popular Libertarian Candidate in 2020 Is ‘Very Possible’ called the economic upturn this year “a bit of an illusion,” and said U.S. monetary policy benefits those connected to government, creating the most pernicious form of “inequality.”

“It’s a bubble economy in many, many different ways and it’s going to come unglued,” said Paul, who has previously blamed the Federal Reserve for what he sees as a bitcoin bubble.

The former Republican presidential candidate has returned full-on to his Libertarian roots and feels the party could put up a strong candidate to challenge President Trump in 2020.