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To sell the tax plan, the GOP should just say it’s Bernie’s plan



These videos are extremely predictable. Producers cherry-pick the best responses that suit their premise and put together a 2-5 minute video showing, “see, Americans are stupid and would love what our guys propose if they only opened their mind beyond partisan biases.”

They’re made for entertainment. The minuscule cross-section of people they get on video tell us nothing about the actual sentiment of America. With the premise in Ami Horowitz’s latest attempt to prove a point is most likely very true. Much of the opposition to the GOP tax plan is based on the fact that it’s a GOP tax plan promoted by President Trump and embraced by the dreaded “1%” who are allegedly only out to keep the working man down.

Horowitz took to the streets of the East Village, or “Liberal Mecca,” as he calls it. What he shows is a sad reality that all the Republicans need to do in order to get people on board with their plan is to invoke “Obama-era” and, of course, Bernie Sanders.

H/T: Moonbattery