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Did the Nazis start X-Mass?



Did the Nazis start X-Mass

According to a Pew Research survey and pointed out in Kevin Swanson’s final Generations podcast before Christmas Day 2017, only 32% want “Merry Christmas” to be uttered, while 68% prefer “Happy Holiday” and/or “Happy Holidays.”

There is a debate regarding the origins of Christmas, and while Swanson says that Christmas is becoming more pagan, I say the paganism was always there (and Swanson knows it).  It can be argued about how cutting down the tree and decorating it with silver and gold was a sin and then some.  Now, we don’t worship the tree but we bring gifts to the tree and decorate it with silver and gold.  The treehuggers of old used to kill trees around the winter solstice, but the Catholic Church decided to bring in Christian elements and ushered in Christ-Mass.  Now we have shorted it to Christmas.  Even our Protestant reformers continued to honor the church calendar and recognize the Christmas season.  Oh, and let us not forget that Advent comes before Christmas.

Now the Nazis attempt to take Christmas back to its hardcore pagan roots, and Swanson points out a History Channel program that documents this.

I am not a Grinch by any means.  As I stated before, I love certain Christmas music, and the fact that certain standards from Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, Perry Como, and Andy Williams are still holding up; even if my generation and those that follow don’t know their year around stuff…or care.   We really don’t know when Jesus Christ is born and while it was not a cold winters night when he was born, I admit that I love “The First Noel.”  However, let us promote the reason why we are celebrating Christmas in the first place.  Keep your feelings to a minimum, and let your focus on Jesus be your priority.  Talk about being humble.

Oh and I like to combine Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas.  The British and the Irish have done this much longer, and George Michael preferred this when he wrote and recorded his holiday standard “Last Christmas.”  John Lennon and Yoko Ono were on the right path, but they wanted to spell Christmas with an X.  Larry Norman however, did remind us that Jesus Christ “saved our necks.”  Let us shout out Christ’s name more than ever in an age in which our government wants to tribalize us and then force us into their army that wants to take Christ and his Father out, and they will not do so…but try they shall.  Getting into the after-life (which they claim they don’t believe in) without payment of sins is far more important.

“Happy Christmas!!!”

How The Nazis Started X-Mass, 68% of Americans want to use the term “Happy Holidays” or “X-mas” or something besides Christmas. Where did the modern trend towards paganizing Christmas start? We take a look at Adolf Hitler’s attempts to remove Christ from history and from Christmas. Then, we talk to Christian families about avoiding the wrong emphases, the wrong symbols, and the wrong way to handle the holidays.