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It’s time to grow NOQ Report’s social media presence



Its time to grow NOQ Reports social media presence

Social media is the most powerful communication tool available right now when it comes to empowering individuals and small institutions to get the word out. We’ve always had a decent following on our TNA Facebook and Twitter accounts, but we’re just getting started with NOQ Report’s own social properties.

We had the option of just renaming the original accounts when focus was placed more on the unique content on NOQ Report over aggregated content on The New Americana, but we chose to start fresh. Now, it’s time to get the newer accounts the following they need.

Please follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook. This will keep you up to date with the latest happenings in politics, religion, culture, and pretty much any other big stories affecting Americans. We don’t just post our own content, either. When we see great stories the people need to read posted on other sites, we share them as well. It makes sense to use social media to spread a conservative and/or Federalist message regardless of the source.

Mainstream media doesn’t fight for the truth. They fight for their agenda even if it goes against the truth. NOQ Report has an agenda that’s tied directly to the truth. That’s the beauty of promoting federalism and conservatism. We can stand our principles while delivering the best news and commentary.