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Why the consequences of Roy Moore’s loss will be short-lived



Why the consequences of Roy Moores loss will be short-lived

In truth, Roy Moore was a very flawed candidate, who was too senile to adequately defend his pedophilia allegations. However, this was only a special election, meaning the Senator-elect, Doug Jones will not serve a whole six years. In due time, Jones will likely lose reelection prospects. Candidate screwups are oft unforgivable, and Roy Moore losing such an easy race is worse than Todd Akins blowing the 2012 race with his legitimate rape comment. However with Jones likely leaving the Senate in 2020, things aren’t looking good for Democrats yet in 2018.

Democrats moving left on abortion

Democrats did what they could to help Roy Moore by nominating a candidate that was extremely liberal. A more centrist candidate would have slaughtered Moore. That says a lot about the state of Democrats. As the Democrats move to push pro-lifers out, they risk alienating potential voters. The race was a sinking Titanic with Doug Jones and Roy Moore fighting for the door to float on, all because of abortion. In 2018, running on a staunch pro abortion campaign is a losing strategy for Dems, but they are shamefully too blind to realize it.

Democrats reliance on out of state funding is not scalable

Since 2016, there have been a handful of elections. And in majority of these elections, Democrats well outspent Republicans. Why? Money crossing state lines. Because the focal point of the political landscape was on a limited amount of elections, Democrats could consolidate a lot of resources to maintain their ground and gain a seat in Alabama… Logically speaking, it’s impossible and unreasonable to apply this style of campaigning all over the country. There are too many races and each state’s respective Democratic Party is going to have to pull the weight. The Democrats are in essence going to have to reacquaint themselves with the grassroots if they want to win.

Democrats still have more to lose in 2018

Reminder, the Senators up for election in 2018 are the ones that won in 2012. The Republicans sucked in the 2012 election, courtesy of Mitt Romney and weak Senate candidates in Missouri and Indiana. Mathematically and realistically speaking, Democrats have more to lose than Republicans. Ballotpedia reports 13 competitive races for the Senate, and only two are Republican held, Flake and Dean Heller out of Nevada. It may be Trump’s mid-term but it’s Obama’s wave that’s on the line.

Races to watch

United States Senate Competitive Races
State Incumbent Rating
Arizona Republican Party Jeff Flake Battleground
Florida Democratic Party Bill Nelson Battleground
Indiana Democratic Party Joe Donnelly Battleground
Maine Grey.png Angus King Race to watch
Michigan Democratic Party Debbie Stabenow Race to watch
Missouri Democratic Party Claire McCaskill Battleground
Montana Democratic Party Jon Tester Battleground
Nevada Republican Party Dean Heller Battleground
North Dakota Democratic Party Heidi Heitkamp Battleground
Ohio Democratic Party Sherrod Brown Battleground
Pennsylvania Democratic Party Bob Casey Race to watch
West Virginia Democratic Party Joe Manchin Battleground
Wisconsin Democratic Party Tammy Baldwin Race to watch

Off the top of my head, West Virginia, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Indiana all seem like they could flip with ease. Furthermore there is also Minnesota, and the stain of Al Franken and New Jersey with the tainted Bob Menendez could be interesting if a good candidate appears.

No Moore hearing about Roy

Because of the Democrats’ victory in Alabama, beating the dead Roy Moore horse (not the one he rode to the ballot) won’t be an effective strategy, especially since people know sexual deviants are on both sides. But as we move on from Roy Moore’s disastrous campaign, we can celebrate the fact that we won’t have to hear about it any more. One loss is not the end of the world. That’s what petty “Get out the vote” people want you to think. In truth, the elections that are most consequential aren’t as obvious as one may think.