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Jarrett Stepman on the pronoun wars



Jarrett Stepman on the pronoun wars

The various social movements have put many people at odds with the 1st Amendment and our right to free speech. These “social justice warriors” in American society and around the world are only interested in free speech that elevates how they want us to speak. Any arguments to the contrary are quashed.

Daily Signal editor Jarrett Stepman put out a wonderful piece that goes into detail about what we face in the “pronoun wars.” He refers back to the Constitution and our founders (as we should always do in situations like these) and highlights one important truth:

“One of the greatest gifts that the First Amendment and the culture of free speech has given the United States is our ability to deconstruct lies through free debate and dissent.”

In the Pronoun Wars, Be Thankful for the Founding Fathers individual rights of citizens get curtailed, but the social pathology continues. The worst of all worlds.

Government control of speech in relation to gender has perhaps even deeper implications in the transgender debate, as some Western countries have taken to passing laws that effectively force citizens to use the pronoun of a person’s choice under the threat of fines, or even jail time.

One of the most far-reaching of these laws was passed in Canada earlier this year. It threatens people who refuse to use preferred or gender-neutral pronouns with legal punishment.