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Guns and Crime

Concealed carry nonsense



Concealed carry nonsense

It was a tough crossing. I couldn’t just wait for the light to turn green. I had to make certain that I was under cover so I wouldn’t be shot by all those concealed pistols around me. After all, Florida had become Dodge City in 1987, and no one would ever be safe again. If I stuck my head out, I’d be a target.

At least that’s what the Left wanted me to believe. And that’s what the Left wants us to believe if the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act that just passed the House becomes law.

The facts are, shall we say, slightly different from that picture. On two major counts. The first is historical. The “Wild West” wasn’t so wild. Careful examination of Aurora and Bodie, Nevada, two “Wild West” mining towns, paints a different picture.

These towns had a host of bars and brothels, with a fearsome homicide rate. Single, transient young males (today’s gang members?) shot each other after microaggressions (Chicago, anyone?). But other crime was virtually nil. Robbery was less than 1/15th of New York’s current rate. Burglary was 1%, and rape was unknown. One resident of Bodie did “not recall ever hearing of a respectable woman or girl in any manner insulted or even accosted by the hundreds of dissolute characters that were everywhere. In part this was due to the respect depravity pays to decency; in part to the knowledge that sudden death would follow any other course.”

Put bluntly, in the wildest part of the Wild West, private carry of firearms kept the peace, and no ordinary citizen had anything to fear.

Returning to my home state of Florida, thirty years of experience shows that “shall issue” concealed carry does indeed result in Dodge City. But it’s the Dodge City of reality. There is less than one criminal event per year related to concealed carry in a state of twenty-one million people. Most of those are misdemeanors. Concealed carry holders are convicted of crimes at one sixth the rate of sworn police officers. It’s simply not a safety issue, at least in the negative direction. And violent crime overall has steadily declined.

Florida does indeed have crime. The Orlando area, where I live, is home to several key tourist destinations. There used to be a lot of crime against tourists. When rental car bumper stickers and license plates were removed, much of that stopped. The bad guys couldn’t tell who was an unarmed tourist anymore.

This same dynamic has been shown numerous times. Burglars prefer to enter unoccupied homes, and when they do go into an occupied dwelling, they prefer an unarmed occupant, not one with a gun. It seems that they value their skins.

But there are still crimes. Within ten miles of my home Omar Mateen shot up the Pulse nightclub, killing forty-nine and wounding fifty-eight. Did I mention that it was a “gun free zone?” By Florida law, if alcohol is served and I go in, my gun stays out. He had a free field of fire. He knew his victims would be disarmed.

This event, the Sandy Hook massacre, and others suggest, but don’t prove that private carry of guns would reduce crime. But that question has been definitively answered by Professor Gary Kleck and others. Guns in private hands are highly effective in preventing both injury and property loss. Bad guys simply do not wish to die in order to steal your stuff. Millions of lives are protected annually by private citizens with guns. A month ago, a private citizen ended a massacre in Texas. Yesterday a woman with a gun protected a police officer. Other examples are legion.

Before we listen to the Lefty scream about… well… whatever… remember that what they are saying fits the answer Tommy Smothers gave when Dick asked him if he knew the Russians had a ballet company.

— Bolshoi!!!

We do not need to refute the counterfactual arguments of those who call us “Neanderthal racist gun lovers.”[i] They have no facts on their side.

If we study the history of the Second Amendment, we find that a large part of the concern was ultimately about the individual’s inherent right to defend himself from the highwayman. This right of self-defense was a widely accepted natural right of the individual, not a right somehow granted by the state. If it did not exist, safe society could not exist. And the application to the larger question of the militia was an extension of this basic right.

This right extends throughout the entire United States. When some states attempted to limit the natural rights of citizens, the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified. Through it, the Supreme Court has now “incorporated” all of the rights in the Bill of Rights to every point in the country. But a handful of jurisdictions have refused to accept this fact.

Illinois, California, New York, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia are the most notable holdouts. They have made private ownership of firearms very difficult, and often have imposed severe restrictions on who may carry a gun. In 1977, I got a concealed carry permit from the Sheriff of San Bernardino County, California. In 1978, when I tried to renew it, I was told I didn’t have an adequate reason to exercise my Constitutional right, and my renewal was denied.

In 2013, Shaneen Allen of Pennsylvania was stopped by a traffic cop in Atlantic City. For the officer’s safety, she did what we’ve been taught to do, and informed him of her pistol’s presence. She faced a three year prison sentence. Only a pardon by the governor saved her. We could go on.

State concealed carry laws are a hodge-podge. But one thing is very clear. Concealed carry permit holders are the safest law-abiding citizens that exist. They are safer than the police. And they make the mean streets safer.

No state requires anyone to get its own state driver license while visiting. They all honor your home state license. But motor vehicle accidents cause over three times as many deaths (ca. 37,000) as all firearm homicides (ca. 11,000). When concealed carry holders are the safest of all citizens, and private gun use saves lives, why would states resist national reciprocity?

Their arguments are clearly without merit. If it’s illegal to bring a gun into a bar in Florida, the fact that you are from Kentucky doesn’t change that. But if I can carry in Florida, reciprocity will mean that I can also carry anywhere it’s already legal to carry in New Jersey. I just don’t have to get a New Jersey license. I’m already vetted. I passed the test, just like I passed my driving test.

The next time someone argues that it’s OK for New York to make a criminal out of me for exercising my natural right to self defense with the most useful implement for that task, I want to be able to tell that prosecutor that it’s also my Constitutional right to do so, and Congress has made it clear that he isn’t allowed to take it away from me.

And the next time someone tells you that national reciprocity will turn the whole country into Dodge City, simply say, “You’re right!”

[i] Arlene Eisen, Guns: In Whose Hands? A Portrait of Gunowners and Their Culture, 7 Inj. Prevention Network Newsl., Winter 1989-1990

Ted Noel MD is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with 36 years of experience. He produces a video blog on current political subjects weekly at

Culture and Religion

A Memo to the Liberty Grabbers of the Left from the Pro-Liberty Right.




Hat Tip: Nazis Are Socialists (Meso)

A dose of reality for you Leftists opposing freedom on behalf of the gun owners of America.

Seeing that we gun owners been your rhetorical punching bag for several weeks, there are a few things we would like to point out to you folks opposed to the most essential of Liberties. You’ve spent all manner of airtime talking down to us, dictating what we ‘need’ with regard to our basic human rights. So now it is time for you to listen to a couple of brutal truths in the matter. These aren’t going to be ‘politically correct’, by any means, but such is usually not the case with cold hard reality.

From your ever so self laudatory language, you Liberty grabbers on the Left like to think of yourselves as noble warriors, out there ‘changing the world’ for the ‘Common good’ [Gemeinnutz in the German vernacular]. Fighting for Socialister. Social ‘Justice’ and all manner of flowery folderol [Cue mournful violin music]. Yes, you think of yourselves as ‘sacrificing’ for the ‘the children*’ no matter what that entails. Whether it’s all manner of fame on Youtube or Facebook, to endless praise from your echo chamber, there are no limits as to your willingness to signal your virtue to everyone.
*Unborn children excluded

Well, sorry to break it to you, but in the words of the Marchers: “We call BS!”

The fact is there is nothing more selfish than demanding that others be deprived of their ‘essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety’ for yourselves. You want others to sacrifice their freedom for some mythical gains in your perceived security. It would be one thing for you to give up your Liberty, but that isn’t the case is it? You are marching to demand that the basic human rights of others be stripped from them, that is self-centred in the extreme.

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves” ― Abraham Lincoln

Empathy is a very important human quality, so perhaps you should consider giving up some of your essential liberties to understand what is at stake for those of us on the Pro-Liberty side of the aisle. Maybe you should demand that you be stripped of your First amendment rights? Or perhaps Liberty Grabbers groups should be licensed before they can demand that others be deprived of their rights?

Oh, what’s that you say? You have a Constitutional right to free-speech or freedom of the press? That those rights ‘Shall not be infringed’? [to coin a phrase] Or that the slightest amount will lead to a slippery slope towards the loss of them all. Welcome to our world, where every time a Leftist lunatic decides to go on a mass murder spree, our Constitutional rights are suddenly on the chopping block. With it just being a question of how much of those rights we’re going to lose – if not everything.

Can we dictate what you ‘need’ in exercising your Rights?

Can we demand that you justify the keeping of your liberties? Can we arbitrarily decree that certain modes of speech are ‘Militaristic’ in style? Do you really ‘need’ to appear on the Tele 30 times a day? Do you really need a ‘high capacity’ smart phone? Do you really need to fire off 5 tweets in a minute just to kill off a basic human right?

Hypocrisy on parade: Liberty Grabbers have guns to protect themselves while denying that right to others.

Please note that the people in the Liberty Grabber movement you idolize are also complete hypocrites in that while they work tirelessly to take away our property and our Liberty, they are safe and secure surrounded by ARMED security. Yes, think about it, the people who rail against guns have no problem being protected by them. Were they to be true to their words, they would disarm their security details. If Citibank and Bank of America didn’t care to be hypocrites they would dismiss their armed security and announce it to the world. Oh, they have to deal with threats? So do the rest of us – and yet they want to make everyone else vulnerable to those threats while they stay safe and secure.

Here’s a hard dose of reality for you: We gun owners protect everyone, even you Liberty Grabbers.

The truth is that while you uselessly virtue signal your inestimable magnanimity, it is those of us on the Pro-liberty side who work to keep you people safe. This may come as a shock, but if you live in one of the states or localities that value Liberty, you are around concealed weapons every time you go out in public. Yes, you might find this to be too scary to think about, but every day you are protected by the deterrence effect of ordinary folks just like you [aside from their cherishing freedom that is] carrying around *Gasp* Firearms hidden from view.

Consequently, you don’t know who might be carrying a gun…. and neither do the criminals. Thus the value of an armed citizenry. They don’t know who may have the means to defend themselves, so they don’t know who to victimize, therefore everyone is protected.

The exception being The “Gun-Free” zone, that vestige of the Utopian fantasy world of the Left. Most mass shootings take place where the innocent are denied their basic human Liberty of self-defence. So what does that mean for you Leftists of the so-called “Party of Science”? It means that your absurd idea that a sign will stop a mass murder results in dead children. That is what you want everywhere, how does that even reach the threshold of rationality?

If you aren’t going to thank us for keeping you safe, could you at least leave us alone?

So why is all of this important? Because the people you have demonisd for weeks are the ones keeping you safe. Those you label as terrorist, splattered in blood are the people providing for your security. How is that for irony?

  • We’re the ones who take the time endure the draconian hurdles put in the way of our basic human rights.
  • We’re the ones who take the time to select the proper firearm and holster to carry concealed out in public.
  • We’re the ones who practice with our weapons in case an emergency arises.
  • We’re the ones who carry a cellphone and extra magazines for that potential emergency.
  • And We’re the ones who will most likely have to deal myriad legal problem and legal fees for merely protecting ourselves, our families and even you people should it be necessary.

Now, we don’t expect you people to grateful for this protection you are afforded. Goodness knows you wouldn’t lower yourself to talk to those of us on the Pro-liberty side. But could you at least acknowledge the effort and perhaps stop obsessing over taking away our Liberty that keeps you safe?


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Culture and Religion

It’s ‘official’ now, the Left has become the party of Gun Confiscation.




The nation’s Socialist Left wants to deprive the people of the most basic of Liberties, so much for their claims of being Liberal.

We already knew the often repeated line: “We’re not talking about confiscating guns” was a blatant lie of the first order. Almost every day brings another Leftist entity coming out from the authoritarian closet demanding a variation on the theme of Gun Confiscation. Many of the signs from the March against Liberty movement spoke on this theme, with this easily confirmed from the many videos on the subject.

Now this has been confirmed by a recent Quinnipiac poll that had Democrats with 33% Support for the question: “Would you support or oppose repealing the Second Amendment, also known as the right to bear arms?”

Interestingly enough, the support totals are greater at 21% for the 35-49 yr. age group while it’s only 12% in the 18-34 age group. So much for this being a ‘youth movement’.

Still further, while support for stricter gun laws in the United States peaked at 66% on Feb 20, 2018 it has already dropped down to somewhat normal levels (56%) as of Apr 11, 2018. No wonder the Liberty Grabbers work fast in ‘Rahming’ [As in “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel.] through whatever they can get in the emotion of the moment.

Now that the Shroud of Gun Control has Fallen we need to be aware of the threat and what to do about it.


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Guns and Crime

“Gun clingers” aren’t the ones with a gun problem



Guns are a bit of a hot topic in our country and unfortunately, the issue isn’t relenting as quickly. The facts are with Conservatives while the social left has most of the momentum.

People talk about a gun problem and assume Conservatives are the ones with it.

This month began with a viral video of a man being shot on Facebook Live. The video shows Devyn Holmes being shot by Cassandra Damper while she is pretending to be all gangsta. A few critical details arise from watching the video. Holmes does not appear to really know Damper. Damper was told by “Cadillac Coleman” that the gun wasn’t loaded prior to her cocking the pistol and shooting Holmes. Many have speculated that this was a setup to make shooting Holmes seem like an accident.

I cannot blame these people and would second that Damper and Coleman should be charged with crimes as severe as attempted murder first and second degree.

As a followup, Devin Holmes by most recent reports is recovering. Damper was initially charged with tampering with evidence but is now wanted for skipping bail after new charges came up. It seems police may also believe the video was a setup.

Enter Brenna Spencer

Brenna Spencer posted this photo that got a lot of attention and controversy. And what’s controversial about it? A young attractive educated Trump-supporting conservative woman celebrating concealed carry?

While this is exhibit #4825358 for the case of conservative women being hotter than feminists/socialists, it isn’t all that provocative. Yet leftists are losing their minds! Leftist want to shame those on the right for celebrating the 2nd Amendment. Just recall the outrage over running/yoga pants being made for concealed carry.

Young leftists readily confess that they are unfit to purchase a firearm, yet this college student defies their outcries. The celebration of the right to own and carry a firearm is under attack. Leftists want to shame us for celebrating freedom from their safe spaces. And they will not relent.

When the gun control crowd sees people celebrating this freedom, they associate this demonstration with mass shooters. There is no logical comparison but most of their side, on this issue, is without a basic understanding of that which they speak about. We are basically debating straw men, but it’s not our fault. They want to believe that celebrating gun rights is somehow correlated or contributing to mass shooting and a “gun problem” in our country.

NRA to the rescue?

There are problems associated with firearms but the tools themselves are not it.

A number of leftists decry the NRA as a terrorist organization, absent of facts. However, the NRA teaches gun safety. Tools require safe use, and the NRA provides this need. If Cassandra Damper had learned gun safety, a sincere accident would have been avoided (a premeditated homicide not so much). She would have known the difference in weight between a loaded an unloaded handgun.

She would have assumed a round in the chamber. She would not have pointed it in someone’s face in any situation. And she certainly wouldn’t have played with the trigger. Gun clingers know this. To us, this is common sense gun control. Brenna Spencer isn’t the one with a problem. Those who celebrate thug culture’s disregard for human life’s inherent value are, as usual, the one’s with a problem.

Enter Youtube

Youtube was recently the victim of vegan jihad. A PETA member shot them up because they demonetized her account. She retaliated violently against Youtube censorship. No one dare calls PETA a terror organization. Yet, how many conservatives are demonetized by Youtube?

PragerU gets censored by them, and many conservatives rely on creating their own subscription revenue because advertising revenue isn’t reliable. Gun videos are censored. Basically, anything that doesn’t promote what Youtube believes in is subject to censorship. Yet despite the greater severity in which conservative accounts are targeted by Youtube, it wasn’t a conservative who violently responded.


What appears to be the case is that there is consistently a higher regard for human life on the right as opposed to the left.

Consistently, mass murderers were registered Democrats and very few came from a “gun-clinger” environment. Yet “gun clingers” are the problem to the leftists?

But even with their gun free tech headquarters being shot up, they don’t consider that maybe the celebration of gun rights is completely unrelated to the problems with guns and homicides in our country. Or else an NRA member would have been a culprit at one point in time.

Could it be that the NRA promotes the value of human life? Absolutely. But I would also raise that many of those who cling to guns also cling to bibles. What better source material on the value of human life exists in the world?

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