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What if Masterpiece Cakeshop’s owner had been Muslim?



What if Masterpiece Cakeshops owner had been Muslim

Opinions have been flying back and forth about whether or not Jack Phillips from Masterpiece Cakeshop should be compelled by the government to bake cakes whose purposes go against his religious convictions. He’s known as the “Christian Baker” and many are calling him a bigot for declining to bake a cake celebrating an anti-Biblical same-sex marriage.

Throwing out hypothetical situations isn’t normally my style, but I have to wonder what the reaction would be if the situation was a little different. What if he wasn’t a Christian baker? What if he was a Muslim baker instead? As with Christianity, Islam also disapproves of same-sex marriages. Would the people attacking Phillips over practicing his faith be willing to issue the same attacks against a Muslim who chose to do the same thing?

It isn’t often that we see these types of discrimination actions taken against people of other religions. Does that mean they don’t exist? Unlikely, considering the penchant for adherence to religious practices held by millions of non-Christian Americans. What’s more likely is that when the alleged discriminating actions are taken by people of other faiths, a blind eye is turned by those who would normally pursue them. Whether it’s the ACLU or any other legal group who often pursues cases against Christians, they rarely see the same opportunities when it’s another religion’s practices being called into question.

Just food for thought.