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American Atheists: Just skip church, it’s all fake news



American Atheists Say Just skip church its all fake news

Atheists have nothing to worry about.  They are winning, for their worldview slowly but surely is prevailing right now.  We have become more pagan than ever, so much that a baker with Christian convictions has to go the highest court in the country to fight to keep his conscience clear.  These same atheists would love to throw that man in a prison or make us compromise or renounce our faith altogether.

New billboard along I-25 calls church ‘fake news’’s only been up for one day, but a billboard along I-25 in Albuquerque already has a lot of people talking.

It says, “Just skip church it’s all fake news.”

“I think it’s terrible because Christmas is almost here for one thing and that’s not the way I wish to celebrate the holidays,” said Connie Lindsay.

The important thing is that these people can be free to control their fates and more important those who have the power can exploit others for the greater good, and never be held accountable for it.  But they are being “good without God.”  Because God does not understand what the heck is good.  Kids, a statement like that is mocking God.

Paganism has and always will be in conflict with God.  Regardless if it takes the shape of the Roman Empire, a bullgod, or Atheists who are part of today’s Progressive cabal.  For it not only elevates man above God, it also makes the kingdoms of this world greater than God as well.