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Liberal media, it’s time for you to take down Bill Clinton



Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, Louis C.K., George Takei, John Travolta. This is a hefty list of very powerful men in Hollywood, the media, and politics who have been accused of or taken down by the new wave against sexual assault. I’m certain there is much more to come, and I have no problem with it. Let’s clean out all the rat’s nests. But wait… aren’t we missing someone? Isn’t it curious that absent from this list is one very major public figure?

Before you go making excuses about statutes of limitation or letting elders live out their remaining years, let me remind you that Cosby’s assaults happened in the mid 60’s. Juanita Broaddrick’s story happened in 1978. Let me also remind you that Broaddrick’s rape allegation sounds a lot like a Harvey Weinstein tale: He asked her to come up to his hotel room, multiple witnesses corroborated her story, and he used power and intimidation to keep her from talking to authorities. Why then, hasn’t President Clinton been publicly shamed like all the others? Who is protecting him?

To the media on the Left

The motivation to bring down one of your biggest champions should be to prove that nobody is above the law in a civilized society, especially when it comes to sexual conduct. But because he is so revered, let me offer you this carrot instead: If you take down Bill, you can take down Donald.

How we got here

Here, where giants like Cosby, Weinstein, and O’Reilly can be brought down but sitting presidents cannot, was established in 1997. The precedent was set by the liberal media when they gave the most powerful man in the country a free pass when Kathleen Willey first alleged sexual assault while Clinton held office in 1997. Now that we are dealing with similar circumstances from the Republican Party, they want to renege on that free pass. I do too. But it starts with righting the first wrong. It starts with their side taking down Clinton before the public will take them seriously.

Going forward

Think of it this way, news media… You established the strike zone back in 1997. Bill Clinton was at bat. He already had two strikes against him from Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones. But when Monica Lewinsky threw a fastball that caught the inside corner, you called it a ball and let him walk. Now that Donald Trump is at bat, you want to call strikes on the inside corner again. While we agree those are strikes and should have always been called as strikes, you can’t start calling them strikes again until you call them on Clinton first. It was you who established this strike zone. It’s up to you to make it right.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Don McCullen

    November 14, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    I agree, but I am not holding my breath either.

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Sean Hannity responds incoherently to Roy Moore’s open letter



Sean Hannity responds to Roy Moores open letter

Fox News host Sean Hannity called on Roy Moore to respond to the sexual misconduct allegations that have dominated the news for a week. Moore sent an open letter, which Hannity read on the air Wednesday night. He then responded and essentially said nothing.

It’s not that he didn’t speak words. He spoke many. It’s that Hannity sounded borderline incoherent. The transcript of his response reads like a President Trump off-the-cuff statement.

“The people of Alabama, they need to know the truth, and they’ve got to have all the facts that they need,” he said. “And that means that the Alabama voters can make an educated, informed, inclusive decision for their state when they go to the polls.”

If you just read through it casually or hear it passively, it might sound somewhat normal. Read it more carefully and it’s really not saying much at all. What is an “inclusive” decision?

It got worse:

“And if that means whatever it means to get to the truth, if it means more time, I believe the governor according to Greg Jarrett has the ability to make that decision. The Alabama people deserve that. Greg Jarrett said the governor can delay the race if need be. Now, the people of Alabama deserve to have a fair choice, especially in light of the new allegations tonight.”

Look, I’m not trying to pick on Hannity. This is a tough situation considering he’s backed Moore. But he failed to respond to the substance of Moore’s letter. He made the demand for an open letter, then didn’t discuss it. Instead, he gave a passionate plea for… fairness? Delaying the election? Inclusive decision-making?

Hannity drew a huge audience who wanted to hear him respond to Moore’s letter. Instead, he applied doublespeak to say as little as possible. It was as if this was his exit plan to distance himself from Moore in case more heat comes down, which will likely happen whether the allegations are true or not.

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Ben Shapiro on Roy Moore: “Of course he needs to go”



Ben Shapiro on Roy Moore Of course he needs to go

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro hit Fox News’ “Outnumbered” this morning and spoke out against Alabama’s controversial Senate candidate Roy Moore. He said the allegations seem credible, but more importantly he believes Moore hasn’t done enough to refute the claims.

“Of course he needs to go. He has not provided any explanation as to why the allegations are false.”

Source: Fox News

‘Of Course He Needs to Go’: Ben Shapiro Slams Roy Moore Over ‘Highly Credible’ Sex Allegations | Fox News Insider Shapiro said anyone still considering supporting Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore must ask themselves whether they believe someone with child molestation allegations against him should be sitting in the U.S. Senate.

Two women have accused the GOP nominee for Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat of sexually assaulting them when they were underage and he was a district attorney in his thirties back in the 1970s. Moore has denied the allegations, but the stories kept coming last week, including one that he had been banned from a mall for trying to pick up teenage girls.

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Guns and Crime

Gun confiscation bingo




Gun confiscation bingo

Hey boys and girls, it’s time to play the hottest new game for fun and fabulous prizes.* The lie from the Left has always been “We’re not talking about taking guns away from people”, while they talk about taking guns away from people.  So the trick now its to find one of them who HASN’T demanded gun confiscation by the process of elimination.

The rules are simple – List out the major media outlets of the socialist–Left around the nation in these categories:

  • National political figures of the socialist-left.
  • Major print outlets of the socialist-left.
  • Major media outlets of the socialist-left.
  • National media figures of the socialist left.

Then each player must search and find an instance of a gun confiscation demand by these media outlets or person of note. The two at the top of this piece from ABC news and the Boston Globe are freebies, and the odds are 5 minutes after this is published there will be many more.

Points will be awarded for the type of demand as well as completing a card in a particular category, so there are two ways to win – by points and by category. The one who completes all categories will win the grand prize!*

How Points are Awarded:

  • Five points for each instance of an outright demand for gun confiscation.
  • Four points for each instance of the demand for an offer gun owners can’t refuse‘Australian’ style gun confiscation.
  • Three points for each instance of a demand for the outright banning of guns.
  • Two points for each instance of a demand for the repeal of the 2nd amendment.
    Note: Only one point will be awarded for each instance of a demand for the banning or confiscation of ‘Assault Weapons’ since this happens so often it’s not even sporting to dig them up and there is no real definition of that term.

Bonus points will be awarded for cases of a Leftist media outlet detailing it’s plans to confiscate guns via Intergalactic Background Checks and registration. [Yes, they are out there – extra points for digging them up!]

In some cases we must restrict the total number of points available for certain national print outlets of the socialist-left [e.g. The New York times] given that those outlets come up with new ways of demanding gun confiscation almost on a weekly basis. Please note that with the progression of time, it will be that much easier to win the game – particularly after another “Serious Crisis” brought on be the Left’s insistence on indoctrination in the precepts of cultural Marxism.

So everyone grab your gun.. confiscation bingo cards and start playing, it’s fun for the whole family!
[*no prizes will be awarded – sorry].

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