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A collective yawn about Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks



Donald Trump Jr

The liberal media is having a field day with Donald Trump Jr.’s DMs with Wikileaks on Twitter. However Trump Jr. struck back by publicizing the DMs. It is important to note that these DMs were ironically leaked. Many on the left are using this to further the Russian Hoax. However, Wikileaks appears thirsty for Trump’s attention and in no way was this communication equally maintained by both sides. Trump Jr. responded a total of three times despite the numerous messages he received. And ever since, they occasionally sent him messages to which they received no response.

By tweeting this information out, he effectively minimizes the media’s role in hiding the details of the story from the public, while also showing this isn’t a story at all. In fact, this is rather embarrassing for Wikileaks. If there was truly any real collusion going on between Trump and Wikileaks, surely it would have taken place outside of the Twittersphere. Instead all we have are desperate Twitter DMs.

The resistance appears to be celebrating these revelations for two fallacious reasons

  1. They believe the DNC was hacked
  2. They believe Wikileaks is a Russian operative.

If you believe these two things, then of course you would think this is a bombshell, but newsflash, it isn’t. Wikileaks published a lot of dirt leaked from the DNC. The Trumps were simply capitalizing on it.


WikiLeaks sent Twitter DMs to Donald Trump Jr. for 10 months Jr. might not have responded often (although he did a few times in the beginning), but he tweeted and shared some of what WikiLeaks was feeding him, including a link to the trove of emails that he was sent in a DM from WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks used very familiar language with Trump Jr. In one DM it wrote, in part, “Hiya, it’d be great if you guys could comment on/push this story.”

And it seems the WikiLeaks info made its way up to Donald Trump occasionally. This tweet was sent 15 minutes after his son got a DM from WikiLeaks in October 2016.

What Don Jr.’s conversations with WikiLeaks prove – CNNPolitics October 12, WikiLeaks messaged Don Jr. this: “Hey Donald, great to see your dad talking about our publications. Strongly suggest your dad tweet this link if he mentions us” with a link to an archive of its work. Fifteen minutes later — 15 minutes!!! — Donald Trump tweeted this from his account: “Very little pick-up by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by WikiLeaks. So dishonest! Rigged system!”

If that isn’t coordination, I am not sure what is. I suppose you could say it was mere coincidence that Trump tweeted about WikiLeaks 15 minutes after the organization asked his eldest son for him to do just that. But, that would be one hell of a coincidence given the timing of the tweets and the fact that we know from the Atlantic’s reporting that Don Jr. let the senior staff of the campaign know that WikiLeaks had made contact back on September 21.

What these latest revelations do show is that there is even more smoke in an already very smoky situation. Huge amounts of smoke don’t always equal fire. But, they require further investigation into whether or not fire is present. Which is what special counsel Robert Mueller is in the process of doing.


Final Thoughts

People are saying that this DMing is criminal, but the rhetoric is just over the top. There is nothing criminal or even noteworthy about Donald Trump Jr. receiving a DM. It assumes the lie that Wikileaks is a Russian front. It’s entirely ironic that liberals are hating Wikileaks considering their favorite “woman” Bradley Manning stole US documents for Wikileaks. This goes to show that Wikileaks is only bad when it’s happening to the your side. This story is a nothingburger and no amount of partisan rhetoric changes that.


Jim Acosta is building his own celebrity, not seeking the truth



Jim Acosta is building his own celebrity not seeking the truth

The press shouldn’t be part of the news. It happens from time to time based upon proximity; because they have to be close to situations, they occasionally get drawn in. What a good journalist should never do is intentionally insert himself into the news, but that seems to be exactly what CNN’s Jim Acosta is doing.

He doesn’t care about reporting. It’s as if he now enjoys being the news. That’s the only logical conclusion one can come up with when viewing his actions over the past several months. Once an obscure media figure during the Obama era, Acosta has found true celebrity status by going after the President and his staff.

He tasted blood and he liked it. Now, it seems he’s addicted to it.

The latest “outburst” against him came from the President himself. It happened during an event with the President of Kazakhstan in which Acosta asked an unrelated question:

‘OUT!’ Trump orders CNN star Jim Acosta to leave Oval Office after reporter’s newest outburst“Did you say that you want more people to come in from Norway? Did you say that you wanted more people from Norway? Is that true Mr. President?” Acosta frantically shouted.

“I want them to come in from everywhere… everywhere. Thank you very much everybody,” Trump responded as Acosta continued to bark questions.

That’s all acceptable, albeit slightly inappropriate considering the reason for the event. Acosta took it up several notches with his followup question:

“Just Caucasian or white countries, sir? Or do you want people to come in from other parts of the world… people of color.”

This was intended to insert himself into the news once again. It’s a ridiculous question to ask and embarrassed the President and the nation on an international stage. “Journalists” like Acosta are willing to harm the country and its people as long as they can harm the President at the same time.

I’ve treated the President fairly since he was elected. When he pushes a big-government agenda, I voice my concerns. When he does well, I give praise. I would never attempt to shame him (and the nation as a result) with petulant outbursts of absurd questions. Jim Acosta apparently doesn’t hold such standards.

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Rich Lowry on Dick Durbin’s desire to make a DACA deal work



Rich Lowry on Dick Durbins desire to make a DACA deal work

Based upon Senator Dick Durbin’s actions the last few days regarding President Trump’s “s***hole” comments, one would think his intention was to derail talks and have a valid reason to blame Republicans in general and Trump in particular. If he really wanted a DACA deal, wouldn’t he have handled it differently?

JD Rucker had some thoughts on this:

Trump was wrong to say what he said. Durbin was wrong to reveal it. crossed that line. He took comments that paint the entire country through the President himself in a way that harms our ability to work with other nations. He wasn’t championing the nations Trump spoke out about. He had a single intention: harm.

Will this help with negotiations? Possibly, but at what cost?

National Review’s Rich Lowry wasn’t quite as accusatory, but he did question Durbin’s motives and whether or not he really wanted to make a DACA deal happen. Perhaps he was just greatly offended. Then again, perhaps he was just being a politician. Here’s Lowry’s quote:

“Everyone seems to think that Durbin really wants a deal, which makes it weird that he has gone out of his way to blow up the s***hole meeting.”

Read all of his comments:

Trump’s “Shithole” Comments, DACA & Political Fallout benefit of a merit-based system is that it would move us away from special ethnic pleading in immigration policy. The visa lottery began as affirmative action for Irish immigrants. My understanding is that Dick Durbin said in the meeting that he wanted to preserve the visa lottery in a slightly changed form because the Congressional Black Caucus wanted it. This is not how we should be making decisions about who comes here and who doesn’t.

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Rand Paul defends President Trump’s sentiment



Rand Paul defends President Trumps sentiment

On an interview today with Chuck Todd, Senator Rand Paul defended the President’s sentiment in his infamous “s***hole” comment. While not defending the language, he noted that if the language itself had been more politically correct, the sentiment of what the President said was true.

He also turned blame on the media and Democrats for derailing immigration talks by focusing on the President’s comments.

“I do want to see an immigration compromise and you can’t have an immigration compromise if everybody’s out there calling the President a racist,” Paul said.

My Take

For the most part, the Senator is correct. This has become a distraction and a roadblock to important talks. The incessant desire to discredit the President has the rabid media keeping us focused on how the President talks rather than his actions.

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