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Roy Moore says it’s Mitch McConnell who should step aside



Roy Moore says its Mitch McConnell who should step aside

Early Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called on Roy Moore to step aside from his bid to represent Alabama in the Senate, citing “I believe the women” in the Washington Post bombshell article from last week. Shortly after McConnell’s announcement, Moore responded…

The article in the Washington Post claimed four women have come forward against Moore with accusations of sexual misconduct ranging from dating underage teens to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old when Moore was 32. Since then, another accuser has come forward.

McConnell has been an outspoken adversary to Moore since the former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice announced his candidacy for Senate. McConnell twice backed Luther Strange, first in the primary and then in the runoff. His super PAC spent a great deal of money trying to discredit Moore, but it wasn’t until after Strange lost that the fruits of McConnell’s labors were realized in the Washington Post article. Now, it seems he’s so against Moore that he would rather see the Democrat win the seat.

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