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NOQ Report hits Google News. Now we need your support.



NOQ Report hits Google News Now we need your support

When we first set out to build a conservative blog that embraced limited government without direct party affiliation with the Republicans, we started with a news aggregator, The New Americana. It grew nicely, but we knew we needed to expand to a site that housed original content from patriotic Americans who shared our vision of a conservative, federalist form of government. NOQ Report was born.

Yesterday, we were blessed by the unexpected benefit of gaining inclusion in Google News. With so many liberal mainstream media sites dominating the high-volume pages of one of the nation’s most prominent news aggregators, we weren’t very hopeful about our chances. Thankfully, we met Google’s strict criteria and are now available in their news section.

For months, we’ve been operating both sites at a loss. As traffic and exposure pick up, it’s time we expand. We need to start paying our editor (who has been volunteering for the last month), our current writers, and hopefully new talent coming in. We are asking people to support us through our GoFundMe page. By increasing our output, we’ll be able to become more available on Google News. Every story we get to move up helps to push leftist propaganda sites down.

We make these pushes periodically and it helps, but we really need to generate enough to make a real impact. As you can see from the sites, we keep advertisements at the bare minimum. It doesn’t even pay for web hosting, but we’ve chosen to go down this road instead of the spammy, obtrusive style that so many conservative sites have chosen to pursue. No popups, popunders, or semi-pornographic ads here. We simply refuse to tarnish the site and thereby harm the conservative and federalist movements.

As some of you know, the vast majority of my time is spent building the Federalist Party. That’s why I only post here occasionally. Steve and the team need as much help as they can get.

A couple of months ago we asked for help and many of you stepped up. We’re asking again. The incessant push to the left by government and through culture require strong, patriotic voices to be amplified. Please consider helping us keep the fire of American exceptionalism burning in as many hearts and minds as possible.