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Guns and Crime

The Second Amendment is the solution, not the problem



It didn’t take long for the Second Amendment coming under fire. In wake of recent massacres, the gun control rhetoric is hot, yet liberals keep insisting that they are not calling for confiscation. America perhaps has as many guns per citizens; however the numbers on this subject are a decade old dating back to the Small Arms Survey of 2007. One need not look far to find liberals holding the position that gun ownership is part of the problem. Former president Barack Obama made it clear in his tweet.

Reducing the “weaponry in our midst” could very easily be interpreted as confiscation or voluntary forfeiture. What we can still be assured of is that America has a lot of weaponry in our midst. In this statement, Obama asserts there are two problems, violence and guns. Not just violence which is what conservatives argue. Not gun violence, an invented distinction used by gun control advocates. Guns and violence.  What Obama said placed inanimate objects in the same category as voluntary acts, almost as if the guns themselves committed these acts.

However, the more we learn about this case, the more it appears gun control outside of confiscation would have done nothing to prevent this issue. Indeed, many on the left are advocating things that already exist. Dan Bongino said it better than I.

Background checks already exist, straw purchases are illegal, domestic violence offenders cannot buy firearms, nor can someone dishonorably discharged from the military. The laws on the books should have been enough, but alas the government failed to follow their end. The government also didn’t respond in time. This is not to blame the police, but to simply acknowledge their limitations. 911 response times aren’t always impressive and the wasn’t a police officer already there. Devin Kelley had time on his side. But that all changed when the church neighbors responded. Indeed a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun from killing more.


Man who fired shots at Texas gunman shares his story 40/29TV

Stephen Willeford shot and chased the man who killed 26 people in a Texas church on Sunday. He spoke to 40/29 News in an exclusive sit-down interview on Monday.

Willeford was at home when his daughter came into his bedroom to tell him she heard gunshots at the First Baptist Church nearby.

Willeford, a former NRA instructor, got his rifle out of his safe while his daughter looked outside again. She ran back in and told him she saw a man in black tactical gear shooting up the church.

“I kept hearing the shots, one after another, very rapid shots – just ‘pop pop pop pop’ and I knew every one of those shots represented someone, that it was aimed at someone, that they weren’t just random shots,” Willeford said.

Chicago Tribune Air Force failed to alert FBI of Texas church gunman’s past, allowing him to obtain guns

“Initial information indicates that Kelley’s domestic violence offense was not entered into the National Criminal Information Center database,” Stefanek said in a statement released Monday. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein have directed an investigation of Kelley’s case and “relevant policies and procedures,” she said.

Firearms retailer Academy Sports also confirmed Monday that Kelley purchased two weapons from its stores after passing federal background checks this year and last. It remains unclear whether those were the same weapons used in Sunday’s massacre, but his ability to purchase guns at all highlights the Air Force’s failure to follow Pentagon guidelines for ensuring certain violent offenses are reported to the FBI.

While military law does not classify crimes as felonies or misdemeanors, Kelley’s sentence was a functional felony conviction, said Geoffrey Corn, a former Army lawyer and professor at the South Texas College of Law in Houston. A separate law prohibits violent offenders from purchasing body armor, which Kelley was seen wearing during the rampage.

Ben Shapiro- RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE: Texas Shooter Cracked Infant Stepson’s Skull, Punched A Dog, Stalked Women

1. He Tried To Date Underage Girls. Very Underage Girls. According to The New York Post, Kelley dated a 13-year-old when he was 18 and later reportedly “suggested she live with him and his wife as a topless maid.” That then-13-year-old also claimed that Kelley essentially stalked her.

 2. He Was Court Martialed For Domestic Violence. More specifically, Kelley reportedly was convicted for fracturing the skull of his infant stepson and assaulting his then-wife. She divorced him; he remarried.

3. He Was Arrested For Animal Cruelty. According to El Paso County Sheriff’s Office records, Kelley was arrested at a Colorado Springs RV park for punching a dog, throwing it, and dragging it. He was given probation after an hour-long standoff with police resulted in his arrest.

Final Thoughts

Everything we are learning about Devin Kelley suggests that he was the human embodiment of fecal matter. Ben Shapiro is right, he should be in jail, but the system failed. In no way should he have had a gun. But criminals don’t always follow laws, as we know. But that isn’t the point or lesson here. The lesson from this tragedy is that gun culture may be the best way to prevent or mitigate these tragedies in the future. The Second Amendment succeeded in preventing more death where the government has ultimately failed. Gun control peddlers are intentionally being blind to this because it hurts their end game. Their end game, as Obama hinted, is to target citizen ownership of firearms.