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Why the coastal elite hate Trump and the flyover voters don’t



Why the coastal elite hate Trump and the flyover voters dont

For media personalities and coastal elites, it’s always Trump and it’s always a crisis. He’s always in trouble, always a buffoon, always harming our democracy, and always an evil Nazi. But if we step away from enclaves of adolescent rage, we find a different picture.

In the minds of CNN, NBC and the rest, Trump’s a deranged lunatic facist Nazi, who’s destroying our democracy, and colluding with Russians. His Cabinet will invoke Section 25 of the Constitution, and remove him for incapacity to fulfill his duty. The GOP will never recover from what Trump’s done. Racial divides are deeper than ever, because white America elected a white racist to the Oval Office.

They look at Trump and see the contradiction to their every self-righteous thought. He’s boastful and nouveau riche, he can gauche, he pettily fights people on Twitter. He doesn’t denounce white supremacists the way they want. He doesn’t apologize for having beaten their chosen candidate. And he is unaware that his very existence is proof that progress has been stymied.

As journalist Robert Leonard has written, “This is delusional.” And how right he is.

Middle America spoke last year with a voice that was heard by all, and understood by none. We of flyover country are blamed for ‘cultural fascism’ by wanting our nation to be strong and still ours. We stand accused of being the reason why ‘Congress is irreparably broken.’

And most of us don’t care. Robert Leonard told big media, “keep up the great writing, thoughtful analysis, logic and reasoning. And fact checking. But, remember here in Trumplandia, you won’t change any minds. The cultural fissure is too deep, and relates to fundamentally different worldviews with respect to freedom and the nature of man.”

That’s pretty much the nature of it. We don’t believe in the nonsense of finding ‘root causes’ for evil, we believe in stopping it, if need be with a bullet. When Trump stands up and talks about ‘America first’ policy of strength at home and peace abroad, we like that. We like that our President doesn’t go on apology tours like the like last guy did. We admire that Trump could call out the Cultural Marxists for tearing down statues they don’t like.

Trump supporters like that he never talks down to them. Never treats them as worthless, and never calls them deplorables who bitterly cling to their faith and firearms. He doesn’t act as if we’re oddities to be examined on a cross-cultural safari, from New York City to Wisconsin or Idaho.

Trump’s not a true conservative, nor would I call him a man of Christian faith. But so long as he does good things, he has supporters.

Trump’s leadership is bringing back confidence in America, as a nation, not as a global savior. He’s helping to get the economy going, by cutting regulations. He’s cutting regulation faster than even Reagan did, according to two separate think-tank reports. Trump has stood up for our religious freedoms and our right to keep and bear arms.

Progressive leaders are free to carp and whine as they please. Their legions of foolish followers will believe them, no matter how bad the news gets for Clinton or Podesta. They’ll never understand why so many Americans support Trump, and want to see his policies succeed. And until they find a way to understand the cultural divide will become deeper and wider.