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Abortion and Hollywood’s ‘golden age’



With so much going on at this time, I really wanted to get this story passed on.  It should not surprise any of you about who the entertainment industry really are past and present.  Seems to me that the Hollywood heads are a bunch of men that needed some…well you know.  Got to keep it rated PG around here right?  It is so hard to make things G rated in a R (in this case the R stands for Real) if not NC-17 world.   Maybe it was the forced abortion that caused Joan Crawford her to lash out against her adopted daughter Christina and then some.  It would not surprise me.  Even the more respected Lana Turner was caught up in this wicked drama.

Abortion was a tool for men in classic Hollywood to cover up sexual assault, Hollywood has a long history of treating women as sex objects who are controlled by movie studios and oppressed by those who held the keys to stardom; and abortion has been a tool for movie moguls to coverup their crimes. The sad truth is, Hollywood and abortion go way back. Detailing the secret abortions of the early and mid-20th century stars, an article in Vanity Fair asserts that “Hollywood’s production codes extended to women’s reproduction.” However, the only real difference today is that the abortions to save a career are not a secret anymore.