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ACLU ‘useless’? Please, they loved Communism and hated Christianity for a long time.



I can only hope that Amanda Prestigiacomo is being sarcastic when she says the ACLU is “useless.”  Inconsistent would be the correct statement.  But that is why the Alliance Defending Freedom lawyers is defending Jack Phillips, and the ACLU (being the radical leftist monster that they are) is defending a gay couple and their right to force Christians (and others of faith) to submit to affirmation (including their use of their skill sets) of what the God of Abraham called an abomination.

In the end it’s not about hurting Jack Phillips, it’s about mocking and hurting God and challenging his authority.

Useless ACLU: No Free Speech Defense For Christian Baker Who Refused To Bake Gay Wedding Cake | Amanda Prestigiacomo, Daily Wire“This is not the first time a business open to the public has sought to avoid an anti-discrimination law by invoking the First Amendment,” reads the ACLU brief. “It imperils everyone’s freedom by crushing dissent instead of tolerating a diversity of views. We are all at risk when government is able to punish citizens like Jack just because it doesn’t like how he exercises his artistic freedom.