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Twain and Whitman were not as great as we think



Colorado Presbyterian pastor Kevin Swanson is not a household name among your typical best-known conservatives, but among certain progressive activist groups like Norman Lear’s People for the American Way and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC); he is a thorn in their backside. He runs a Christian ministry called Generations and is the producer of The Worldview in Five Minutes which is hosted by radio personality Adam McManus, and hosts his own podcast (also called Generations).

On his October 20, 2017 program, Swanson was not afraid to call out some of the respected names in the world of literature. He called out two authors of the 19th Century, most prominently Mark Twain and Walt Whitman. Regardless if your education curriculum is secular, Judeo-Christian, or another faith; public or private; homeschool or institutional; Twain and Whitman are respected men in literature. Swanson, however, shows no respect for the two, and is not afraid to point the authors flaws and their contempt for Christianity.

What’s wrong with Twain and Whitman?

Whitman was a deist and Twain was critical of organized churches and other religious institutions (although he was raised Presbyterian and attended church from time to time). Whitman writing was considered explicated and obscene in his time and certain poems were indeed not for young children. He was not ashamed to let people know about his issues with homosexuality/bisexuality and Whitman’s support of ‘Free Love’ long before the hippies of the 1960’s. Walt had no shame either of being in the nude while taking a swim or working on a tan.

Meanwhile Twain apparently called the Holy Bible a damnatory biography that was ever published. In Twain’s mind (and for many of us at one time or another), God just did not come to help us in our hour of need. “Alone Again, Naturally?” Eventually Twain’s “Letters from the Earth” was released to the public in 1962. The book’s main character is Satan himself writing letters to archangels Gabriel and Michael about his observations about man’s life on Earth. Twain also said (either in that book and/or elsewhere) that the Holy Bible made the Roman Emperor Nero an “Angel of Light, and leading by contrast.”

Nero was thought to be back in the day the anti-Christ foretold in the Bible. He liked dousing Christians with flammable oil and setting them on fire, and apparently was the pioneer of same-sex marriage (There was homosexuality in Rome big time). Nero was not THAT anti-Christ, but just another false Christ that would come and go (warned by Jesus himself).

Worst Fires, Worst Floods, and Worst Governments | Generations is leading the nation in just about every form of deviant legislation, and the homosexualization of the schools. As Harvey Milk is introduced to fourth graders this year in California, we ask why California parents are so appreciative of this pedophile.   The answer is obvious in that American schools have been embracing Walt Whitman as “the greatest American poet” for one hundred years.

They planted the seeds of rebellion against God

Well you can’t blame Melissia Ethridge, Barry Manilow, Ellen DeGeneres, or Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) for the acceptance of homosexuality. You have to go back even further to the people that planted the seeds before us. Even if Twain and Whitman are truly high-class literature wise, or like that “Hound Dog” song it could just be a lie. At a minim we need to point out the dark sides of these respected authors just as much as we need to expose the evil deeds of the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski.

Kevin Swanson’s biggest passion is homeschooling and raising children up with a Christian worldview based on his own understanding of God’s Word. He created a such a curriculum for Christian Discipleship that mirrors his own teachings. If you’re a homeschooling parent and would like to inquire about the Christian Discipleship Curriculum from Swanson’s Generations ministry. Please visit the ministry website at (Disclaimer: This not an endorsement, and is presented for informational purposes only)

In a future piece, I would like to go into Kevin Swanson’s comments (as well as what Dinesh D’Souza pointed out in his ‘award winning film’ “Hillary’s America”) regarding President Woodrow Wilson.