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Using ‘diversity’ to divide and conquer



Back in 1948 Harding College (now Harding University) based in Arkansas,  collaborated with John Sutherland Productions to produce several animated short subjects about Americanism.  The best known short of all of these cartoons is “Make Mine Freedom.”  It talks about how America is many things to many people and how advancing freedom and free market capitalism made these many things (Freedom of Religion, Main Street, Wall Street, right to vote, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press etc etc).  It also point how those who preach and/or allow disunity (in the case of this film, a snake oil salesman) try to pit people against each other based on their wealth, faith, or skin pigmentation with the end goal of stealing all of the people’s freedom.  Which in turn allows them to control their lives if not destroy them as they see fit.  However too many wannabe tyrants can’t see the forest through the trees and their dreams of being the next Caeser, Nero, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez etc.

The tyrants of the Roman Empire felt that diversity would be “their strength.”  Today’s the contemporary Democratic Party and the useful idiots in the Republican Party who feel that ‘celebrating diversity” will led to great power for these progressive tyrants to be.  Buying votes, lever pullers, hello?  That is why is they want you and me to be ‘Celebrating Diversity.’  Because Ted Kennedy said so (Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 although Hart–Celler get the nickname credit ).  It is also why they are putting people into groups not only based on class, religion, and race, but on sexual preferences as well.  The tyrants to be are more interested in conquering American and not realizing that their disunity could lead to the next great fall after Rome.

Great piece about this likely possibility from John Hawkins.

Diversity is a Weakness, Not a Strength – John Hawkins fact, diversity is often a huge minus. The new black employee may claim you discriminated against him, even if he’s fired for legitimate reasons. The woman may sue for sexual harassment after seeing a swimsuit calendar on some random guy’s wall. The Satanist you hire may call it religious discrimination if you don’t offer him a goat to sacrifice to Lucifer on Halloween.