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After calling an idiom racist, Frederica Wilson says the White House is ‘full of white supremacists’



Frederica Wilson White Supremacists in the White House

It seems that some Democrats are stealing plays out of President Trump’s own playbook: When you’ve gone too far, go farther, faster. That’s what Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is doing following her easily debunked claim that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is racist for calling her an “empty barrel.” She’s taken it up a few notches, saying now the whole White House is “full of white supremacists.”

It’s not a new narrative from the left, but it’s uncommon for an elected official to level such a personal and ridiculous attack on the White House itself. As noted earlier by Michio Hasai, the phrase “empty barrel” is not racist despite ignorant claims to the contrary. Instead of apologizing to Kelly for mischaracterizing him, she decided to expand her racist claims to include multiple members of the White House.

“The White House itself is full of white supremacists,” she told the New York Times on Friday.

Inflammatory claims hurt the cause

Let’s put aside the obvious idiocy of the statement and address how this damages those who are truly fighting against bigotry and hatred. Those of us who are actually against white supremacy would never casually make such an accusation. It reduces the impact of the label itself when it’s tossed around for political gain the way Wilson is using it. There really are white supremacists in this country who deserve to be opposed. Lumping in people like Kelly, Ben Carson, and others on President Trump’s staff (many of whom are “bleeding heart liberals”) with true white supremacists is absolutely shameful.

Frederica Wilson is an embarrassment to Congress, the Democrats, Florida, and the United States. Unlike her claim, mine can be backed up by the actions and words she’s chosen to embrace. This was her 15-minutes for a woman whose only prior claim to fame was her choice of hats. She’s a weak legislator and a poor representative for her district.

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Frederica Wilson escalates feud with John Kelly: This White House is ‘full of white supremacists’“They are making themselves look like fools. They have no credibility,” she added. “They are trying to assassinate my character, and they are assassinating their own because everything they say is coming out and shown to be a lie.”

Kelly claimed during a press briefing Thursday that Wilson had said “she got the money” for a new FBI building during a ceremony in 2015 honoring the heroism of FBI agents killed in a shootout with bank robbers in Miami. Kelly also criticized her reaction to President Trump’s condolence call to a Gold Star widow this week.