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This is why Kamala Harris failed the Bar Exam



American jurisprudence will never be the same after the injury Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris did it with just one tweet.

This is the result of a childhood spent shuttling between Berkeley, to Montreal, Canada, then back to Washington, D.C. and finally back to California. Harris thinks government is only for public health, public safety and public education. Funny thing: none of these things are mentioned in the Constitution. Immigration, taxation, justice, defense, war powers, and spending are all in there, but Harris thinks those are all extraneous.

No wonder she failed the bar exam and had to take it again, saying “It’s not a measure of your capacity.” Capacity for ignorance, she meant. That’s pretty obvious, given her tweet.

Twitter wasted no time correcting her.

Final Thoughts

Like all good socialist Democrats, Harris really meant that government is what she says it is. Over 200 years of a Constitutional Republic isn’t good enough for her, so she would simply ignore it. And this is one of the front-runners being considered for the Democrats to run in 2020. Trump should start planning his next inauguration now.


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