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NYT opinion: Punish gun shops and owners for following the law



Purdue University Associate Professor and New York Times opinion columnist Roxane Gay is calling people to rise up and finally take a stand for gun control. Gay however, can’t really make a statement that truly sticks. If she did, people like me will truly call her out on it.

You know what she is calling for: To hold the gun business accountable for what one of their customers did, and severely punish them for someone else’s sin

Opinion | No More Shootings That Follow the Rules many others in the United States, I gave up hope of seeing any kind of effective gun regulation in this country after the murder of 20 children and six teachers and other workers at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. But each time there is another mass shooting, I wonder if there is a tipping point, if there is, indeed, a tragedy grotesque enough for the callous politicians who are willing to take money from the National Rifle Association while offering nothing more than their thoughts and prayers to victims.


Does Gay really want to punish gun shops who follow the law, when one of their customers alters the product that they buy? The only thing they can do is slap a disclaimer telling their customers not to alter their weapons; force them to have legal contracts of sorts with the customers forcing them to change the weapons in any way shape or form or they shall be punished by law. That, on top of the current state and federal laws and FBI background checks.

Otherwise you know what she is calling for: To hold the gun business accountable for what one of their customers did, and severely punish them for someone else’s sin. She would be fine imprisoning the managers and/or owners of the gun shop and closing down the business. She does not say this, but I honestly think that is what she is implying.

She points out how certain things are regulated “for the greater good.” Nobody is saying that we should not have reasonable regulations and rules regarding driving speeds, food preparation, medical practices etc. Guns are heavily regulated but it’s never enough for Gay. Just say it lady, “we should not have a right to own guns and protect ourselves as private citizens.”

Gay says that the concert-goers should have a right to survive. OK, how do we do that? I say we allow law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. She would prefer to have only law enforcement (especially those who will eventually that will answer to progressive and/or tyrannical masterminds) bear arms.

No surprise Gay had to bring up the NFL players and her support of their phony protest. She says that we are treating the Constitution like “a malleable document they can shape to suit their political interests.” Please, take a look in the mirror. Tell me who is selective about the rules to follow? The “political will” however, right now sadly favors this Purdue University professor.

The Takeaway

I have talked a lot about abortion/baby murder in the past few days, but I would bet you she also favors lighter regulations (or none at all) on that industry. Abortion Rights: Good. Gun Rights: Bad. It all comes down to this. Disarming the people and having absolute control over them, including the Government’s “right” to eventually murder certain people for “the greater good.”

Someone who wants to be a voice for liberty and freedom. Telecom (Radio/TV) Pikes Peak Community College 1993-1998, BS Journalism, minor Political Science, Colorado State University-Pueblo 1999-2004

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