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Guns and Crime

Race baiter Tariq Nasheed called Stephen Paddock a ‘suspected white supremacist’ because he shot white people



More than 36 hours after 64-year-old Stephen Paddock rained death on the unsuspecting crowd of innocent concert goers and his motive for doing so is still unknown.


The police and FBI have raided his home and found nearly 20 guns, in addition to the almost 2 dozen he had in his hotel room. No information has yet been released as to what might have caused him to murder innocent people he had never met.

We do know he is a white man. That’s all it took for those who make their living by causing racial division to decide that Paddock was some kind of white supremacist.


I guess Nasheed doesn’t realize that after the NRA was formed for training purposes, some of its earliest legislative lobbying was making certain freed slaves could protect themselves from the KKK.

Anyone who has seen even half a dozen Tariq Nasheed tweets knows that all someone has to do to be a “suspected white supremacist” is… be white, and can’t be proven to be the Left of Mao. He’s a professional race baiter who’s worst nightmare would be for all Americans to see beyond the color of their skin and just see the content of their character. It’s his nightmare because he’s become irrelevant and he’s have no way of making money anymore. It’s in his own interests for hatred between races to continue, which is why he continually stirs it up.

Just an abstract thought: Who usually likes country music? That’s right. White people. Anyone who said “white people” is correct. So why would a “white supremacist” shoot up a country music concert full of white people? The logic there is non-existent.

Yesterday I pointed out how faux-black guy Shaun King blamed Paddock’s whiteness on him not being labeled a terrorist. Terrorists tend to do things for political motivations. If it was politically motivated then yes it was terrorism. This was a spree shooting right now. I’m a criminologist by education, I know what I’m talking about. King is looking for a reason to complain and make money in the process. If it’s turns out Paddock was a Bernie Sanders supporter, will King still want him labeled a terrorist?


There is nothing further removed from the Las Vegas shooting than the issue of race. And the fact is if the shooter had been anything other than white these guys would have been saying the same thing. They certainly didn’t care when a black man shot up a predominately white church in Tennessee a weekend before. However, Paddock was white, and therefore thugs like King and Nasheed see an opportunity to water the seeds of discord they have sown for so long.

Race has nothing to do without this, and the attempts to make this shooting (and so many other things) but there has long been an industry that turns a profit off of the manufactured outrage of people who have nothing to complain about. Until people stop listening to the Tariq Nasheeds and Shaun Kings of the world, we can’t start undoing the regression in race relations that’s has been done by the intentional damage of the Obama Administration and the unstable leadership on the issue thus far by the Trump Administration.