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Hannity’s MAGA crew blasts left’s ‘Happy Dance’ over Las Vegas massacre



What happens when Sean Hannity has Sebastian Gorka and David Clarke on his show to discuss liberal reaction to the Las Vegas massacre? Answer: they achieve critical MAGA mass.

This time, President Trump didn’t need defending–his answer was perfect. However, what Trump didn’t do was attack the Left for its nearly gleeful engagement on gun control–and Hannity, Gorka and Clarke took on that responsibility with serious resolve.

Gorka: I would just like to make one correction. You said that individuals are playing politics. It’s worse than that. People like Bernie Sanders, people like Hillary Clinton are actually trying to profit politically from atrocity, from tragedy. The bodies are still warm and people are exploiting this for their own partisan gain. It is worse than disgusting, it is the swamp at its very, very worst and it’s fundamentally un-American. We need to come together. This is when people in Nevada are being asked to donate their blood now. It’s not about politics, it’s about helping our fellow Americans. Some politicians don’t get that, it’s reprehensible. 

Hannity: The blood is red. The blood is red. I don’t care about your politics. Look at these pictures, Sheriff Clarke. You’ve got a field, everybody scattered and the only people left have blood all over their bodies. Look at people racing, running pretty use the images of people literally getting people out that are injured. You can see an image of a woman pushing a man in a wheelchair. You see a group of young people — there’s the wheelchair picture, a young man trying to protect their girlfriends or parents trying to protect their young children. You see all of this in the midst of the worst — I remember this on 9/11, in the midst of the worst moment. You’ve got the police, that’s right. The ones that are so criticized so often by the left in this country. Running upstairs while everyone was running downstairs. Listen to this police scanner video, sheriff. How they went up to the 32nd floor, knowing there is a guy up there firing a machine gun, not knowing if they would be the next victim, listen to this.

Clarke: Without a doubt. Those are gut wrenching photos and audio is just very chilling, unbelievable carnage that happened in Las Vegas last night. When you talk about the left and their automatic default is to go to gun control. Instead of pulling out a Kleenex and maybe wiping a tear from their eyes over the grieving people in this moment, they pull up their political scorecard and they try to score, as you said, some cheap political points. Look, that’s an automatic default, like I said. The fact that they break into a happy dance over something like this because there is a chance to politicize this thing really shows their true nature. About the president did a very good job this morning consoling this nation. He used the right tone, he chose just the right words to help this nation through a period of time such as this. But the worst thing that we can do, and this is what the left and Democrats don’t understand. The worst thing you can do without having all the information and when everybody is still in the state of shock, to overreact and to come up with some idea that might make the situation worse but again when you were a politician at your resort political behavior.

The Left always overplays its hand. And they’ve only got one card: grab the guns.

Scarlett is a mom and a friend. She blogs for a living but really prefers to read more than write. She writes mostly about politics, but occasionally delves into book and movie reviews.

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