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‘You’re all going to die’: A Las Vegas witness says the shooter’s companion taunted concertgoers



This is bizarre and very concerning. A witness to the shooting, who did not attend the concert, overheard a woman who met the description of Marylou Danley, the suspected shooter Stephen Paddock’s companion, taunt concertgoers.

“She had been messing with a lady in front of her and telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die,” the witness said to local news reporters. “They escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people, but none of us knew it was going to be serious.”

The witness described the Hispanic couple as looking like “everyday people.”


Did the Companion of the Vegas Shooter Give the Crowd a Chilling Warning? was about 45 minutes before the shooting began, according to the witness.

Was this woman Marilou Danley, or somebody completely unconnected?

Witness Describes Being Warned Before Attack: ‘You’re All Going to Die’ – Leah Barkoukis witness, who was there for her 21st birthday, described the woman and man as a Hispanic couple, both short, who looked like “everyday people.”

She and her friends just made it back to their room as the gunfire began.

Final Thoughts

As with all investigations, police will follow up with witnesses and piece together a timeline, while trying to determine a motive. That has been complicated by the fact that Paddock was killed in an attempt to apprehend him. If the killer and his companion were roaming around the Las Vegas strip taunting people they were about to slaughter, that is indeed a nightmare of chilling proportions.

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