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Worst mass shooting in US history: Killer slaughters dozens in Las Vegas, wounds hundreds more



WARNING: Graphic Content

I woke up to horrific news this morning. A shooter has killed more than 50 people in Vegas and sent over 400 others to the hospital. I lived in Vegas for 20 years. I have many friends that still live there, including my best friend, Michele Fiore. No word on her safety yet. I wept when I heard the news and then just went numb. This is going to be a rough day for a lot of people.


A man named Stephen Paddock, 64, checked into the Mandalay Bay on Sept. 28th. He had all of this well-planned. Paddock had at least ten guns with him. He also had cameras that would alert him when the police arrived. From the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, he shot into a crowd of 40,000 attending a country music concert last night. There was nowhere to hide and no way to get away fast enough. It was a shooting gallery. Disturbing video and scenes are coming in after the shooting. I think it is fair to say that Las Vegas will never be the same after this.

Witness reports

Descriptions are graphic: “Holy f–k this girl just got shot in the f–king head,” professional poker player and Instagram star Dan Bilzerian said. “So f–king crazy…So I had to go grab a gun, I’m f–king heading back…Some kind of mass shooting…Guy had a heavy caliber weapon for sure…Saw a girl f–king get shot in the face right next to me, her brains f–king hanging out.”

Paddock had lived in California, Florida, Reno, Henderson and Mesquite. His girlfriend is Filipino, Marilou Danley, but was out of the country during all this as I understand it. He was using her credentials and credit card. I know one police officer was wounded, one was sent to the hospital and two off-duty officers were killed. This is the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Paddock committed suicide in his room before SWAT could get to him.

Trump tweets

President Trump has tweeted out his condolences over the shooting. The gunman’s brother, Eric Paddock, told reporters outside his Florida home early Monday “an asteroid just fell on us” and he has no history of mental illness. Paddock said his brother is “just a guy” and he “freaked,” and had retired to Vegas because he liked gambling. But these are not the actions of a disgruntled gambler. This was well-planned and methodically carried. out.

People thought the pops at first were a speaker problem, then they thought they were fireworks. Shooting would splatter, stop and then resume. People panicked and many got down as if that would protect them. Kodiak Yazzie, 36, said the music stopped temporarily and started up again before another round of pops sent the performers ducking for cover and fleeing the stage. “It was the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Yazzie told the Associated Press. “You could hear that the noise was coming from west of us, from Mandalay Bay. You could see a flash- flash- flash- flash.”

Motive unclear

There is no word on motive, religious affiliation or if he left a manifesto behind. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Las Vegas, especially those touched by this nightmare. I can’t imagine the horror that is the Strip today.

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