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Two-party power politics has led to creeping socialism



For those who were able to catch JD Rucker’s interview with Steve Deace on his September 28, 2017 program, I found the interview quite refreshing and a message that needs to be heard. Not because Rucker founded NOQ Report and The New Americana or the fact that he is a leading voice of the Federalist Party, which is honestly trying to break the Republican/Democratic Party lock on our nation; but because Rucker is “right about the fight”…period.

Background: Thank a Frenchman, Maurice Duverger

Believe it or not, a lot of creeping socialism has been accepted by many Americans whether they know it or not. Some of the biggest ideals that have slowly crept into the political world are indeed out of situational ethics. The biggest one is that of “voting for the lesser of two evils,” and out of that a philosophical law espoused regarding how a two-party political system anywhere on the planet forces weaker factions to join stronger factions in order to win power in elected office…but it also disallows the good candidates (based mostly on character) not to run for office and get behind a candidate is that most likely to win (regardless of the candidate is of character or morally corrupt).

Wonder why you find it a challenge to get rid of the Bush Family (when it comes to elected office) and their associates like Karl Rove? What about getting rid of a John Boehner, John McCain or a Mitch McConnell, only to be replaced with someone similar, or not at all and is rewarded with more power? Well you can thank a Frenchman named Maurice Duverger (political sociologist, and politician and above all a socialist if not a Marxist) and his correct observations about how people would act in the world of politics if they did not have a moral compass and focused only on in the words of the fallen actor Charlie Sheen; “winning.”…even if some of our founders like Thomas Jefferson did not believe in the miracles of Jesus Christ but understand that we needed the Law of God even in our Government.

Duverger: The Electoral System

The Technical Factor: The Electoral System To these socio-economic and historical factors a technical factor must be added: the electoral system. I expressed its effects in 1946 in the formulation of three sociological laws: (1) a majority vote on one ballot is conducive to a two-party system; (2) proportional representation is conducive to a multiparty system; (3) a majority vote on two ballots is conducive to a multiparty system, inclined toward forming coalitions. The brutal finality of a majority vote on a single ballot forces parties with similar tendencies to regroup their forces at the risk of being overwhelmingly defeated.


The so-called Establishment in both parties have stayed in power in part because of Duverger’s Law. Not too many people have the money and time to actually form a political party to actually challenge the Republican/Democratic paradigm like the Republicans did originally back in the days of Lincoln and making the Whig Party a footnote in history. The Whigs would rather cut a deal and eventually give what the Democratic Party wanted (back in the day, it was more slavery…hey follow the money).

In that example, certain people made strong sacrifices in order to abolish the act of slavery. They did things to actually protest against slavery and win power through the use of the grass roots and accomplish the goal of abolishing slavery, rather than get behind some charismatic personality or someone in the elite. Many followed those who offered prescriptives that Person W only can do it and therefore must win office to do it. Yet in the long run Person W either couldn’t and didn’t do it and eventually bore false witness to his base (as in “lied”) in order to maintain trust and loyalty. In those days it was slavery, today it’s pre-born baby/child-killing (aka abortion).

The Takeaway

While it’s important to win elected offices, it’s also important to do a little housekeeping from time to time as well. The third parties of today (Libertarian, Constitutional, America’s Party) are nothing but small protest movements. Protests actually get things done–but being small is not enough. Thus we come to JD Rucker and The Federalist Party. They want to be more than just a protest against what the Democrats and Republicans claim to be the ONLY CHOICES on the ballot.

To be continued…

Someone who wants to be a voice for liberty and freedom. Telecom (Radio/TV) Pikes Peak Community College 1993-1998, BS Journalism, minor Political Science, Colorado State University-Pueblo 1999-2004

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