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Operation Safe City clears nearly 500 criminal aliens from sanctuary cities



Nearly 500 criminal aliens were nabbed from sanctuary cities across the U.S. this week in “Operation Safe City.” ICE used its own agents to sweep through Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Portland Ore., San Jose, Washington D.C., and all over Massachusetts.

Good for ICE. Acting Director Tom Homan summed it up.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions that do not honor detainers or allow us access to jails and prisons are shielding criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and creating a magnet for illegal immigration,As a result, ICE is forced to dedicate more resources to conduct at-large arrests in these communities.”

Most of the people arrested were bad hombres who were likely in these sanctuary cities for the specific reason that they’d be shielded from deportation by authorities. An example of the people these sanctuaries were protecting:

“San Jose: a citizen of Mexico who entered the U.S. on a visa and overstayed that visa for more than 10 years. He was previously convicted of felony possession and purchase of narcotics, possession of a controlled substance for sale, and felony child cruelty with the possibility of injury or death. He was previously released from local custody before ICE could assume custody.”

Operation Safe City: ICE Sweep Nabs 498 Criminal Illegals In Sanctuary Cities the 498 individuals taken into custody during this operation for immigration violations; 317 had criminal convictions; 68 are immigration fugitives; 104 are previously deported criminal aliens; and 18 are members of gangs or their affiliates.

According to ICE, many of the of 317 illegals with criminal convictions, were convicted of violent crimes. Note: Criminals with multiple convictions were categorized based on their most serious crime